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Created: 2003-02-25 09:26:53
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The peasant wandered across what used to be his land, now it was nothing but a husk with every green thing stripped from the ground and all life taken from the region but his own.

“Why?” he called out. “Why do these raiders come to torment us and strike us down? We have never harmed anyone!” In what seemed to be a response to his question the wind came up and blew a fragment from a scroll into his hand. He looked down at the paper and began to read and soon to cry. Apparently the note was an explanation, from and to whom was unknown, both ends had been destroyed but the body remained legible and filled him with dread.

Why after all he had endured would this scroll appear in front of him? It wasn’t fair! With that thought the man collapsed and released the note to continue its journey. If it’s creator had known that his note had caused an extra death a smile would have been brought to his face.

and on that scroll…
Darden was created with a bowl in his hand and the Eyes of Fear and Flame seek to fill that bowl. Each act of violence committed, each peasant driven from his land by fear, and each lord overthrown into chaos helps to fill the bowl of misery. For it is said that when the bowl overfills he is forced to drink of it, turning darker in his nature. We do this to help him complete his transformation. Given enough time this bowl would fill with or without it being someone’s goal, so it seems obvious to us that Darden was not created in his complete form. We believe that it was done this way so that a chosen group could distinguish themselves to Darden by completing his power. Once he drinks enough from his bowl he will achieve the true potential of his power and this strength will allow him to take control as the only god. His dark intellect will enthrall the world forever and the lords of EFF will take their rightful place by his side. Long live the fear and flame, long live Darden.

So lord of Darden, do you have the will to help the EFF complete its task? All the darkest souls have been assembled and our plan of action decided. We give you this one chance – join us in our cause or be swept away by the tide. All the members of EFF have received this exact letter from the Chaos Avatar and those that have accepted have been let into the assembly, all that refused have been destroyed. Make your choice.


GM: Chaos Avatar
AGM: Chaos Champion
Squad Leader: Chaos Knight
Full Member: Chaos Warrior
Member: Man of Chaos
Newbie: Disciple of Chaos


EFF kicks it old school.


Chaos Avatar(GM) - Decides when and on whom to declare guild wars and the conditions of peace.

Chaos Champion(AGM) - Any Chaos Champion can accept a guild's surrender and perform pre-approved negotiations along with making banner modifications. In addition the highest rated AGM is in charge of any strikes when the GM is not present.

Chaos Knight(AGM) – A second tier AGM, cannot run strikes or perform negotiations. Banner access is given however.

Chaos Warrior(Full Member) – Members that have proved themselves able in combat and following the building strategy laid out.

Man of Chaos(Member) – Members that have shown to be able to run a kingdom successfully but have some issues either attending strikes or building according to EFF guidelines.

Disciple of Chaos(Junior Member) – Those that have not been proven dedicated or who are on the verge of being removed.

Rules & Policies:
*EFF accepts members by inventation only.

*Communication is the key, members are expected to be available for wars and be able to enter AIM chats.

*This is a very relaxed guild; all the members have worked together for ages on end. It allows a lot of leeway hence there are few details (ie everyone who has banner permissions updates anything they see fit.) It’s expected members will do work without prodding and a lack of willingness will mean expulsion. Also, there's no need to ask for promotion, if you do more of the work you'll be raised up but no amount of asking will change your rank.

- Do not make an ass of yourself.

- Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC unless asked specifically by staff.

- Do not spam or post redundant messages.

- Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.

- Pornography, Piracy or other illegal material is not allowed.

- Do not post links or advertisements to hate or Anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.

Contact Info
GM: Groovybomb
email: don@belikeidid.com
AIM: dontimeyo
ICQ: 341384063

AGM: Das Lomin
email: daslomin@optonline.net
AIM: Das Lomin ICQ: 68049212