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The Strong Survive: Part I

Kildar was a barbarian, born into a small tribe high up in the mountains. The elements were harsh, and it was only the toughest who survived the terrible winters. Mortality rates among the new born accounted for nearly nine out of every 10 infants. It was from among these surviving infants that were drawn the ranks of the barbarian warriors. Fierce, they fought to defend their tribe from foe and animal alike.

One such warrior was Kildar. He was a young warrior, full of promise. Though he was not the best among the warriors of the barbarian tribe, he showed great potential and one day, so it was thought, he would be greatest among them.

One night, in a dream, a woman came to Kildar. She warned him that the tribe would be destroyed in a battle in the days to come. He asked her how she knew this, but all that she responded was that the battle, regardless of its outcome, ensured Kildar's greatness, and that he should never lose hope out of despair.

And so Kildar awoke. He told no one of the dream. He remained vigilant, and kept watch at night over the encampment from up high in the rocks.

A few days passed. It was night, 3 days after the night he had had his dream. He kept watch, the same as the 2 previous nights, watching over the encampment, making sure that all was safe. All of a sudden, however, forms erupted from the shadows. They were around the encampment and in it all at once. He could see them entering tents, and, just as swiftly, exiting them. He did not know their forms, but rushed down to his encampment, broadsword drawn, ready to shed blood.

A horn blast from one of the guards, rousing the tribe's warriors - the blast just as swiftly being cut off by the sword of an attacker. Though the barbarian warriors were strong and experienced, Kildar saw that it was too late. Too few remained - those who had not been murdered in their sleep - and those few that did were in precarious positions, fighting in isolated pockets of twos and threes. Kildar resigned himself to death - for, in death, was there not great glory, as the woman had spoken of?

He plunged into a group of attackers, and killed them, swinging his broadsword too and fro, slicing his opponents to bits. The blood spattered on his face; a few of the attackers managed to get through his parries and inflicted wounds upon him. He ignored them, and, in his rage, increased the fury of his attacks.

He did not know when it happened, but, after some time, he stood alone on the escarpment that marked the encampment. The enemies were dead, a great number of them strewn at his feet where they had fallen. He was the only one remaining alive - of his tribe, or of the attackers. He failed to see where glory lay.

He packed what foodstuffs he could, and wandered off. To where - he knew not. But he was determined that he would survive, so that one day, he could regain some sense of glory. He would not give in to despair. He would cling to his hope.

It was two weeks later that, not having eaten in days, that he wandered into another barbarian camp. The leader was summoned to decide what to do with this trespasser.

"Who are you?" the leader of the barbarian tribe asked.

"Kildar," he responded.

"Of what tribe?" the leader insisted.

"Of no tribe."

And with that, the discussion was ended. He would be executed, as was law among the barbarian tribes. Those exiled - it was assumed he was exiled, being without tribe - would never find a home among any tribe - such were the ways. But Kildar would not resign himself to this fate.

"Leader of this tribe, I hear you and respect your decision. But I wish that you would grant me some reprieve. My tribe has been destroyed in an attack, and I am my tribe's sole survivor. May that I challenge one of your men to combat, that I might prove my worth."

The leader saw some of the grief that was in the man's eyes, and reluctantly agreed, though he - and many watching this display - doubted this man, so obviously bereft of strength from his long journey, and lack of nourishment.

A warrior from among the ranks of this barbarian tribe was chosen, and the two stepped into a circle no more than 20 feet wide. The rules were clear - they needed no explanation. The first dead, or to step outside the circle, was the loser. Stepping outside the circle meant that you forfeit life. And so Kildar drew his broadsword.

The fight lasted no longer than a minute, and, though Kildar was weak, it was not he, but his opponent, who fell from a mighty blow by Kildar's broadsword.

The crowd was astonished.

The leader of the tribe raised an eyebrow.

"That was one of our most experienced warriors, Etlen. He has fought many battles, and none have come so close as to making a scratch on him. Yet you, so obviously weak from your trek, fell him in less than a minute. Your value to our tribe is obvious." He paused. "Welcome to our tribe, Kildar."

Kildar chose to speak.

"I do not wish to remain long, that I could find my way in the world, and see what there is to see. I will serve you in what capacity as I may until the day that I leave."

So Kildar stayed with the tribe for several weeks, until he decided it was time to leave.

Before he left, the leader of the tribe came to him and handed him a map of the region.

"I wish you well in your travels, Kildar. May that you find what you seek in this life."

Kildar thanked him, and left. He resolved that he would find the best fighters that he could find, and best them in combat. He would find the most resolute fighters he could, and make a new home for his name - a new tribe, of those who were strongest.

He ventured from tribe to tribe, besting those fighters he found. His name become known in the region, and, soon, there were those who came to fight him - and no longer were they Human or Elven. Challenges came from those who belonged to the race of Goblins, Drobens and Elementals.

He noticed a great resilience in his combat with those who came from teh race of Elementals and Drobens - and soon, began trying to recruit to his cause those of these races. To some, the idea was abhorent. But to others... To others, it was appealing. To start a tribe, a band of those strongest. Together, they might carve out a piece of the world.

And it was during the formation of the first tribe of Kildar's and his followers' that the religions of Tonan came to their attention. It would not due for Kildar's tribe, so obviously in need of strength, to pledge their allegiance to no God. To do less would not be to stake all in one's reputation in the path for glory.

He had been told of Darden and Foret - two faiths simple enough. But when spoken to of Isonia, he knew, in his heart, that if it was not Isonia herself who had spoken to him in his dream and given him this quest, it was certainly one of her avatars. It would not be fitting otherwise.

And so it was proclaimed that, among Kildar's tribe, only the strong would survive. Part II An age passed. Wars were fought, and many died in the wars that Kildar's tribe fought. He had become more experienced - and with experience, he realized the error of his ways. During his wandering, he had fought in single combat. He had challenged the best. He had never fought a magic user in combat - because the outcome could not be other than that Kildar would win. But in the battles he had fought and commanded at, he had noted the heathens' use of magic - and that of his allies. He recognized at once the fault of his hasty conclusion during his wandering - that those who couldn't match up to his skill in single combat were useless in war. He was wrong, and he knew it. He would not, however, hide the error of his ways and pretend all was well in the world. He would send out the call to find the best mages and clerics in the region, for those who wished to join Kildar's tribe. The Elves and Vampires, along with the Elementals and Drobens, would be welcome in Kildar's tribe.

Part II

The tribe's leaders had dispersed into the winds. The mountains were at peace. The tribesman did not need warriors to lead them, as in the days of old. The races of old - droben, elemental, and the vampyr - melted off into the darkness. The tribe became restricted to the lesser races - races of shallower renown in the ways of war and thievery - but this worried none of its members. The lands were tranquil. They no longer were driven by war.

The gods - Foret, Isonia and Darden - stood vanquished. In the time of chaos, arms were drawn once more; but the raids which were expected did not come. The turmoil of the fallen gods passed by the decendants of Kildar's tribe, and three avatars had replaced them: Angelique, Barnabas and Leto.

Consequent to their arrival, new lords came to the lands of the tribes, seeking alliances, advice, help, trade... Some entreaties were accepted by the newly constructed band of tribe leaders; others were not. Until now, no disagreement had led to war.

An emissary from a city, devout in its adherence to the word of Barnabas, threatened war over a dispute with them.


GM: Kildar
AGM: Sub Kildar
Squad Leader: Lower Kildar
Full Member: Bottom Kildar
Member: Lower Bottom Kildar
Newbie: Kildar's Ass


This is the first age since the formation of The Strong Survive


A. Obey the rules of Temper's Ball:

1. Do not make an ass of yourself.
2. Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC unless asked specifically by staff.
3. Do not spam or post redundant messages.
4. Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.
5. Pornography, Piracy or other illegal material is not allowed.
6. Do not post links or advertisements to hate or Anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.

B. The Chain of Command and Promotion.

Kildar (GM) - Kildar has no title. He is the leader of the tribe.
Tribe Founder (AGM) - These are the original tribe founders. They help Kildar run the tribe.
Sword Master (Lieutenant) - Trusted aides to the Tribe Founders
Swordsman (Soldier) - Trusted, seasoned warrior in Kildar's tribe.
Warrior (Grunt) - Trusted warrior in Kildar's tribe.
Wanderer (New Member) - Much like Kildar once was, a new addition to the tribe.

Promotion is based on service and loyalty to the tribe.

If Kildar goes missing from the lands of Tonan and cannot be found with three risings and settings of the sun, a Tribe Founder (who will have been notified of this duty) shall lead The Strong Survive in Kildar's stead.

C. Application and Guild Requirements

1. To become a member of The Strong Survive, you must have a dn elven, vampire, droben, or elemental kingdom. If you do not have a kingdom of one of these four races, your application will be rejected.

2. To apply, you must e-mail Kildar with
-Your kingdom name
-Your leadername
-Your email
-Past experience

Failure to do so will result in immediate rejection of your application.

D. Banishment from the Tribe (exile)

Once banished from The Strong Survive, you will never be allowed back in. Banishment is permanent.