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Created: 2003-02-25 09:26:45
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As the sun began to rise in the horizon, dust swirled all around as an ominous looking figure rode confidently into the small village. Surveying his immediate surroundings, the cloaked man dismounts from his steed and begins walking towards the unopened shop that lay before him. Reaching beneath his cloak, he slowly pulls out a small blade, the hilt held tightly in his right hand. In his left hand he carries a small scroll. With precision and confidence in his movements, the dark figure, in one swift motion, pierces the piece of parchment and powerfully stabs the blade into the wooden door of the shop. Without hesitation he turns around, mounts his steed and rides off...Ö his message delivered to this small village.

Later that morning as the village folk began to go about their business, an old man started his daily routine, walking hand-in-hand with a young boy towards his shop that lay in the middle of the village.

"Whatís that Grammpa?", the young boys asks with an inquisitive tone to his voice, pointing upwards to a piece of paper that hangs from the wooden doorway of the unopened shop.

The old manís face turns pale as he reads the piece of parchment that protrudes from the door. Hesitantly, he reads the inscription on the paper in a nervous whisper. "It says...Ö

-Tellus Exuro-

Come..." the old man says frantically as he unlocks the door to the shop. "We must hurry... we must leave".

The young boy, still innocently undaunted by the strange mannerisms of his grandfather, looks up and tugs on a sleeve. "What does it mean grammpa? Who is Telluuu....ss Exxx...uuu..rrro?"

The old man stops suddenly, as if he has just heard the voice of reason within his head. "Innocence... ", he whispers to himself, "that was their goal... so the stories and legends say. Come", he says aloud to the boy, while patting his knee for him to seat. "Let me tell you all about it..."

"Before the dawn of the new creation... before our world was torn asunder... before the wars... before the propaganda... all was different, simple... maybe too simple. Soon though, things would never be the same. "The time of the equinox was at hand and the rituals had begun. For years the path had led us all to this day. The day of coronation; our gods would be revealed to us. This was Creation."

The council began their ominous task... to bring myth to life... and life to myth. First came Foret... then Isonia... then Darden. That which was now done could never be undone.

Many temples covered the lands in honor of all three deities. As the children of creation grew, over time, they each began to demonstrate individual traits and characteristics that were unique from the other two. Although some people worshipped and prayed to all three gods, various sects began to congregate, bearing allegiance to only one of the three. Rivalries began, each group denouncing the other gods that did not fall within their circle of beliefs. One such group, made up solely of powerful lords and mages, bearing allegiance to Isonia, became tired of the hypocrisy and petty bickering that began to encompass the world around them. It is said that they headed north, into the mountains, farther than anyone had traveled before. Their goal was to live in isolation... creating kingdoms that would live their lives according to the teachings and beliefs of the goddess.

Many went in search of this land of isolation, hearing rumors that the xenophobic followers of Isonia had created a nation that only dreams could envision... a true Utopia.

None ever returned.

As the years passed, many stories began to spring up regarding this isolated land to the north. It is believed that after spending so much time devoted to Isonia alone, she blessed them with the ability to master the element of fire that burns within everything around us. As a result, some have said that their kingdoms are guarded by giant walls of flames, so as to protect their secrets from outsiders.

As the rage of the realm continued to spread at a virus like pace, most people forgot about the stories. Only a few ever spoke of them... mainly saved to be used as bed time stories for little children. They became referred to as Tellus Exuro... a term taken from an ancient tongue... which translated loosely means Land of Fire. The traditional bedtime stories talk about their exodus to the north, the building of their great and powerful kingdoms, and their eventual return. Yes.... their return... is said to be when the world is at its worst moment... when the chaos, oppression and despair need to be purged... a total return to the way it was... simple.

We must hurry, my boy. The legends are true. They are coming... and they will not be pleased!"


GM: Guardian
AGM: Minister
Squad Leader: General
Full Member: Royal Guard
Member: Guard
Newbie: Resident


This is an old Monarchy guild that has returned to Canon.


Guild Rules:

1) All members are asked to participate in guild threads within Tempers Ball(TB). If you are new to the game, thatís ok. All that we ask for is effort and participation. While in TB, you are required to follow all posted rules. They are:

a) Do not make an ass of yourself
b) Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC, unless specifically asked to by staff.
c) Do not spam or post redundant messages.
d) Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.
e) Pornography, piracy, or other illegal material is not allowed.
f) Do not post links or advertisements to hate or anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.

2) Communication is the key to a successfully operated guild. Members are required to participate (to the best of their ability) within internal lines of communication. ICQ is recommended.

3) All members are required to be active in all guild events. This means active participation in all guild situations such as strikes, wars, etc. Repeated failure to do so will result in dismissal from the guild.

4) Members are NOT to perform any type of strike without permission from the GM council. If someone does attack without permission, they are to inform a member of the GM council immediately. An investigation will follow to outline the circumstances of the situation. If the member is found to be at fault, they will be dismissed from the guild.

5) All members of "Tx" will be treated fairly and with respect. All opinions and suggestions, regardless of rank, will be encouraged and accepted.

6) Tellus Exuro will not tolerate any form of OOC cheating, spying, etc. All offenders will be booted from the guild without warning.

7) If the GM is incapable of performing his/her duties, he/she will be promptly replaced by an AGM of choice in a council vote. The GMís performance reflects the entire guild. He/she will be watched and evaluated.

8) Tx is a guild that was founded and run by experienced players. We are all here to have fun in a common environment. We are not here to house and shelter vigilante kingdoms who are playing for only themselves and their personal glory. We are here to build a community of kingdoms that will fight for a common goal and agenda.

9) Respect the Canon staff. They gave us this game and they can take it away. Be nice and respectful to them, they deserve it.

10) HAVE FUN!!!! Canon is a game that is to be enjoyed by all.

Tx Rankings:

Guardian - (GM) Overseer of the guild.

Minister - (AGM) The most trusted advisors to the Guardian. Ministers will be in charge of various areas within the guild (ie. Minister of War)

General - A highly respected officer of the guild. Almost the equivalent status of a Minister; the main difference being that a General will not be in charge of a specific caste..

Royal Guard - A respected member. Royal Guards are often mentors to the Guards and Residents of Tx.

Guard - A full member of the guild

Resident - A new member.

Members will be promoted based on their current participation in the guild. Promotions will not be based on size of kingdom or rank in the scrolls. A member who is active within the threads, participates in internal communication, and is doing an overall good job will have an excellent chance at a future promotion.

All potential applicants are asked to send an email or ICQ message to the GM (soulljjah@yahoo.com / ICQ#45333518). Please include your current leader name, kingdom name and ICQ number if applicable. New and old players are always welcome.