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Created: 2004-01-04 10:13:18
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The two had been together for many lives of normal men. The wizard and the sorceress however were far from normal. In age after age they had explored the depths of magic and of each other. Each complimented the others abilities and each guarded the other as their most precious treasure. However, many felt that some of their other treasures, relics gathered over the course of hundreds of years, were worth far more than any number of lives...so they had learned to deal with the occasional attack upon their tower, their home, over the course of their lives together. Most valuable of all was a statue, supposedly carved by Foret himself. It was said to bestow powerful magic, immortality, upon whoever gazed on it every day, and most believed this rumor to be true as evident by their seemingly eternal lives.

One day the wizard Zelander was doing some gardening outside the tower in his little plot of land. It had been a hot day and it had been like that all summer. "Blah", said the wizard, "time to cool things off a little." At this he raised his hands and started to unleash his power. Soon clouds began to roll in, a little at first, then more and more. Soon the sky was full of dark and menacing clouds and a woman's head popped out a window high in the tower.

"Hey!" she shouted. "I'm going to put out the clothes to dry in a minute - you'd better not be summoning a storm! Last time you did that it rained for a week." As she spoke she raised her arms to the sky and the clouds rolled back beyond the horizons.

"Shoot," said the wizard as he was re-exposed to the tremendous heat of the sun. "I guess the tomatoes like it at least," he mumbled under his breath. "What was that dear?" a voice called out from high up. "Nothing hon," he replied straining his neck to look up. The tower was huge, built hundreds of years ago and supported by magic. Nothing had ever been able to harm it. Even an army of dragons had come one time to destroy the tower, but the power of the magic users was too great and turned them back. Remembering that day the wizard sighed, "Oh man was it ever hot that day too - I hate dragons."

Almost as if on cue flags appeared on the horizon. "Oh great--I bet these guys are going to wreck my herbs," thought the wizard. "Hon," he called up "I believe an army of Isonia is here to try to take the tower."

"Not again," the beautiful sorceress Razela called out. "Now I won't get the laundry out to dry till really late." As she looked out of the tower she could see just how many were coming towards the tower. "Hey dear," she called down, "it looks like there's about... 3000 foot soldiers, 1000 knights, and a few dozen dragons. At the word dragon she saw his head drop. After a few hundred years she had learned he really didn't like dragons; they were too hot for his blood. This would take most of the afternoon she figured. Then she chuckled to herself--at least there weren't 8000 thieves trying to break in like the month before. Both of them had felt like they lived in an infested house during that. Every time they turned around assassins here and assassins there. Luckily they had long ago mastered spells of protection against normal weapons. As she sat and thought the fireballs came. She looked down to see Zelander run inside where he was safe from the wrath of Isonia. One of the items they had hidden away was very important - a small statue that made the area around it invincible to attacks from the heavens.

Soon he joined her at the top of the tower. "Ready?" he asked.

"Ready," she answered. It had begun and the two began to weave their spells of mastery. To the troops outside what they saw was unbelievable. First a wall of ice surrounded the tower. Then summoned phantoms began to waft through the ice and towards the troops. Terror would only be the first weapon used that day and probably not the most devastating.

For over 6 hours the battle raged with spells drifting through the air and hundreds of arrows answering. When they were done though, all the troops lay dead or in retreat. "Shit," said the wizard, "look, Razela, they wrecked my tomatoes!"

That night the two powerful mages had a long talk. "Well I think I'm getting tired of this business of always getting attacked all the time," Razela said while trying to get a knot out of her hair. Large battles always got her hair in knots and she found it greatly upsetting.

"Geez what do you want me to do about it, hang up a sign outside that says 'No Trespassing' or 'Beware the Mage'?" At this the sorceress smacked the wizard in the back of the head. "No you old fool I want you to make this place safe for me. You want to protect your beautiful wife don't you?"

"Hmmm," thought the wizard, a little disgruntled, for which he got another smack before replying, "Well I guess so."

"Well then get out there and raise an army or something! If all these pitiful short lived, non-magical losers can manage to get 5,000 guys to come here to try to take our trinkets why can't you get 10,000 to go smash them before they get here?"

"But I..." started the wizard knowing already that it was too late. Soon his wife would have him doing work, the one thing he greatly feared. There was a reason his wizard hat always had spots on it and why his old tattered cloak was old and tattered. He kept his desk clean, most of the time, and always considered that enough of a chore for him but Rezala never thought the same way about things as he did.

"Just go gather together a group of the best lords, unite them under a single banner, and go conquer the world in the name of Foret and the magical arts! It shouldn't take you more than, what, 100 years or so?", the sorceress explained to him. Her magnificent dress had been slightly singed by a dragon but she was already in the process of mending it with her magic. "Itís not like you don't have the time. I've got a lot of cleaning to do around here thanks to you and the mess you've made!" As she yelled the little symbols on her necklace bounced up and down.

"Alright dear, I'll get right on it." With this the mage turned to go to bed to get some sleep, something he did enjoy doing. He took his hat off his head and set in on the table and he walked towards the awaiting blankets.

"Oh no you don't!", with this the sorceress grabbed the mage by the back of his robe and pulled him down the stairs. "You're going to get started on this right now. Now I don't want you to come back here until you're done..." at this she visibly softened a little, "unless, that is, you're desperate for a little 'cheering up'" with this she winked at him. "But for now, get to work you fool!" , and she tossed him out the front door.

The wizard stood outside and stammered for awhile, "But I... first, though... you see..." but the door cared little of his grievances. It did, however, open briefly as the sorceress stepped out in her flowing dress, walked over to him, gave him a passionate kiss then returned inside the tower. Once inside he heard the door magically lock and knew he was stuck.

"But I... you know... sigh," and he turned his back to the tower and began the long walk up the road towards the nearest town.


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This is a new guild.


I, the great Wizard Zelander, need your help. Are you a Lord of Foret? Do you think you have the power and the courage to forge a path through heathen lands? If you do, you need to get the flag of the Avatars of Rezela (AoR) flying over your realms. We seek nothing less than the conquest of the world in the name of Foret and the magical arts. This will be done in a very logical orderely fashion. If you have any problem with any of these rules please do not hesitate to not join. I want to wrap this up in only a few centuries but quality is better than quantity.

Guild Structure:

Wizard (GM) This is the lord that I, Zelander the mighty, feels is the most capible of leading the assembled lords in the battle to take the world. This lord is responsible for many duties including:

-Final decision on all wars and targets
-Keeping the banner up to date with strategic and tactical information
-Negotiating treaties
-Keeping all the lords informed on current events relative to the guild

Enchanter (AGM) This is the second in command of the forces and the main person resposible for dealing with outside guilds. This lord's duties include:

-Replacing the Wizard if needed
-Negotiating treaties when wizard unavailable
-Keeping abreast of all in game developements
-Keeping the banner updated if an important event occurs

Magician (AGM) These are the lords responsible for the different tasks needed to run a guild sucessfully. Each lord will be given a different task to oversee. These tasks include:

-A Magician to be in charge of scumming
-All Magicians have to be capable of organizing a strike
-A Magician to act as an internal monitor
-Updating banner with any relative information from their department

Conjurer (Squad Leader) These will be the lords in charge of managing a quad of lords in a militarily effecient manner. They must both be able to obey orders and be able to act rationally in case orders are lacking. Their duties require:

-Regular reports to the Enchanter and Wizard on squad status
-Monitoring of squad members
-Directing battles in an efficent manner within their squad based on given targets
-Keeping their squad members in line

Evoker (Member) These are the rank-and-file lords of the guild. Each of their kingdoms is expected to do thier best for the guild as a whole. They must be willing and able to execute any level of complex battle tactics for the persuit of swift victory on the field. They are responsible for the following tasks:

-Knowing how to build and arm themselves
-Knowing what all the different spells and types of attacks do
-Following designated 'official' guild building patterns
-The ability to work as a team

Prestidigitator (Junior Member) These will rarely be allowed into the guild, but represent new lords come to aid the cause. They must prove themselves quickly or be forced to leave. They also have the same responibilites as the Evokers and once they have proven mastery of them that will be their new rank.

Other Matters:

*AIM is required for quick communications. War chats will be done in AIM chat rooms. AOL is not acceptable in itself; you must also have the AIM client to participate in war chats.

*TB rules will always be followed, or the member will be booted. If you don't know them, here they are:
1. Do not make an ass of yourself.
2. Do not post accusations of cheating.
3. Do not post bug reports.
4. Do not post kingdom numbers or names.
5. Do not post redundant messages (no spamming).
6. Please read the following:

This board censored on the honor system. If you feel you may be offended by any of the contents of this board, DO NOT READ IT. Thank you, please drive through.

As a side note, I'm not a big fan of steams of posted profanity. Please, do not be excessive.

General Rules:

1. Have fun!
2. Do exactly what the wizard says.
3. Never attack without orders. If you get hit, paste it to the AoR message board. If it is deemed acceptable to retaliate you will be told.
4. Report all scums, sorcs, and attacks on AoR's message board.
5. Only officers can start guild related threads.
6. Posting to guild-related threads is highly encouraged.
7. All members will proudly display their guild allegiance in their TB "sig" line.
8. Have fun!