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Knights in Dragon Suits

Bill’s Story

Our story begins in a land far away, in the hills of Ogteron. I was raised in a small village belonging to the kingdom of King William. King William had been our sovereign all of my life and he was held with great respect in the eyes of those of our village. He taught us the ways of Foret. Our king had built an enormous kingdom built on the principles of justice. He taught all of us those principles and we grew to love King William.

Our story really begins on that one summer in my sixteenth year. Though I was still pretty young in the village, I still kept up with the news of the kingdom. I went into town to trade some of our family’s goods for some other supplies. I really didn’t pay too much attention; I just showed the note to the man in charge and received whatever my father had asked of him. I was always too preoccupied with finding out the news to care too much about that stuff.

After receiving what my father wanted, I went to the town square to hear what was new from the kingdom.

I came into the square and it seemed more excited than usual. I knew something significant had happened. I tried to find someone I knew that could tell me what the fuss was about.

“Ah, hello there Bill. Have you come to hear the terrible news?” Cried my longtime friend.

“Something terrible has happened?” I replied

“Well, the town gossip is that the dragons have returned to the land and have been causing havoc. King William is missing and the kingdom is in disarray. We can only hope that Foret will protect us against the beasts.”

“Well this is news indeed my friend. I must return home soon, my father doesn’t like me putting my time into what he calls “idle talk”, the news is indeed terrible.”

I returned to my home and told my family all the news of the kingdom. My father never paid much mind to the gossip I always brought home.

After dinner I retired to my room. I always had a love of the myths of the dragons. I had drawn many dragons trying to imagine what a real dragon would be like. I often dreamt about what it would be like to be a dragon, you know, eating people and burning things.

Suddenly, there was a terrible thunder in the sky. I looked out my window for a storm but the stars were out. I sat on my bed wondering what that terrible sound was when I heard screams inside my very house. I ran out into the front room to see a massive dragon among the corpses of my family. I was too stunned by the scene to do anything but stand there dumb. The dragon looked at me not sure what to think of me, I can only suppose. We stood there looking at each other and then the dragon left the cottage and flew back into the sky. I started to take in the whole scene and wondering why the dragon hadn’t devoured me with everyone else and what was I to do now without my family? I was pretty sad that my parents were dead but hey that’s the way it goes sometimes.

Notorious's Story

I don't know why I didn't eat the kid. After all, I had just eaten his parents. However, seeing that kid standing there not scared or even that shaken when I just had his parents for a midnight snack. There was something about him that made me stop my late night trip to the village. I was reminded of a time long ago when I was still a human, when I had such respect for the dragons I saw soaring in the sky from time to time. His only emotion was his awe of seeing me as a dragon; he didn’t seem too concerned about his parents.

I returned with the rest of the dragon horde in the mountains and secluded myself while the others marveled at the treasures we stole from the humans. Most of the money that we take on nights like these was always offered to our beloved Darden. I kept myself in seclusion and in deep thought about the night for hours. Finally, I decided that it was time a new dragon was added to the horde. The kid I had encountered earlier that day was the perfect candidate. I proposed the idea to the Master Dragon, Scott is his name, and he agreed the horde could use some extra dragon power.

That night, I set out for Ogteron. I was in my human form for the first time in years. I couldn't stop running in my head what I would say to the kid. I tried to remember what was said to me on the fateful night I was invited to fly with the dragon horde.

The Fateful Meeting

It was cool evening late in the summer. Bill stood alone on a grassy knoll awaiting the arrival of the writer of the strange letter he'd received earlier that day. Bill had been living as a street performer the last few weeks; he had been in drag trying to make ends meet. I didn’t think Bill’s new lifestyle was his forte, I knew he would seriously consider my proposition. I’m sure he would be grateful for the life I could offer him but I knew he wouldn’t completely understand what it would bring to him.

I emerged out of the shadows; Bill squinted at me as I stepped into the moonlight. In human form, my skin appeared very dry and scaly with a faint grey tint. I hadn’t spoken as a human for a long time; my voice was…lizard-like.

"Are you Bill?"

"Y-yes.... yessir.. might I ask wh-who you are?"

"I no longer have a name. My peers only refer to me as The Notorious One, or Notorious for short."

Bill wasn’t sure to make of this man in front of him. He gathered his courage and stared me directly in the eye, which was glowing a faint red.

"How do you know my name? What kind of a man are you?"

"I will get to the point. I am not a man. I am a dragon." I replied

Bill was confused at this because I sure looked like a man to him.

"I have come here for you. The dragon horde needs young blood, you have been chosen to join us." I said, hoping to end his confusion

"I don't understand. I'm not a dragon." He replied.

"Bill, you aren’t too bright, are you? Nobody is born a dragon; however, some are born with the instinct of a dragon and the desire to fly with the dragon hoard. You, Bill, were born with that instinct and desire. You just need the proper trinket along with a fellow dragon's power to allow you to make the change into a dragon.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out a small ring. Bill could see that it was a ring with the snarling face of a dragon. Bright red rubies were set into the eye sockets. I continued, “This object will change you into one of us, after you are changed you won’t need this anymore, you’ll be able to change back when you please. I understand that my fellow dragons and I have caused a great deal of suffering in your life, no one deserves to be forced to dress in drag for a living. However, if you wish to let all of your past life go and fly with us, say so now. You can fly with the princes of the sky, Bill. We are second only to Darden himself, who we offer some of our treasure to as tribute. You see, Darden has called all of us to his side. I know that you have been raised to adore Foret but you will learn over time his pursuit of justice has lead him and his followers to self-righteousness and persecution of those that don’t see eye to eye with him and those that follow. We are Darden's army. We protect the followers of Darden and we punish those that follow Foret and Isonia. You see, we don’t attack them because they aren’t following Darden, we punish those who would dare push their beliefs on others. So what do you say Bill, will you join us?"

Silently, Bill closed his eyes and put on the ring that I had offered. He felt nothing. He then opened his eyes to find that he was 30 feet above the ground! Looking at his massive forearms, he noticed his brilliant gold skin and giant claws. Bill looked over to me and was startled to see that I had also turned into the giant dragon Bill had seen weeks before.

"I'm sorry I ate your parents, Bill."

"You win some, you lose some, Notorious."

And with that, together we flew off to join the rest of the dragons.


GM: Master Dragon
AGM: Mean Dragon
Squad Leader: Good Looking Dragon
Full Member: Nice Dragon
Member: Weak Dragon
Newbie: Newbie Dragon


We are in our 4th age.


The Rules

Well, we’re a new guild so following our rules is very important if we’re to be successful. Communication is vital for our success. If you are attacked by someone during peace time. You must go to our message board and post the news so the guild leadership can solve the problem. All members of our guild must be active and attend our war strikes as much as possible. Sometimes when we fight other guilds, there might be a chance that your kingdom will be hurt or even killed. We only ask that you don’t cry when this happens, there is no crying in our guild. Any player that is found getting emotional over their kingdom being destroyed will be asked to leave the guild and will be publicly mocked. We love to have fun and joke around in our guild but in all seriousness any form of cheating will NOT be tolerated.

Tempers Ball: Our guild will be actively posting on the message boards. When you post in the guild forum either in our war threads, or someone else’s you are still a reflection of our guild. Always think before you post. If we, as the guild leadership, feel you have left a bad impression of our guild, you will be warned and what we expect will be explained to you. The old rule of 3 strikes and you are out will be in effect. For a basic outline here are the rules of TB…

- Do not make an ass of yourself.
- Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC unless asked specifically by staff.
- Do not spam or post redundant messages.
- Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.
- Pornography, Piracy or other illegal material is not allowed.
- Do not post links or advertisements to hate or Anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.

GM Disappearance: In case that our GM is unable to fulfill his responsibilities or leaves the game, the AGM’s will collectively vote on someone to replace him.

Application to the Guild: Anyone is able to apply to the guild, those that would like to be considered must write an email to the GM and answer a few questions.

Promotions: We love to promote the members of our guild. Those that will be considered for promotions are those that are active in our wars, follow orders, and need to be good looking.

Guild Structure: Our leadership structure is as follows…
GM – Dragon Master
AGM – Mean Dragon
3rd – Good looking Dragon
4th – Nice Dragon
5th – Weak Dragon
6th – Newbie Dragon

Contact Information:

GM-MaCloud ICQ:48240298

AGM – O’Leary ICQ: 35661175
Email: Jahlmer@wharton.upenn.edu