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"Gather round, pups, and listen to the elder. He's going to tell you a legend now..." The plump dog lovingly nudges her kennel into a close circle in front of the aging boxer. Terry will birth a new kennel soon. She is grateful for the few minutes of rest the elder is granting her.

"Legend indeed!" he says with a smile. When the pups are settled down Terry breaths a sigh and retires to her bed chamber. Eyes aglow, the old dog cheerfully begins to speak to the group, "This is the legend of your ancestry... a legend of before the gods walked among men, as they do now." His voice is coarse from age, but spoken with pride, strength, and precision. The sound of it fills the room. The frisky puppies suddenly focus their attention on the elder. "This is the tale, exactly as it was told to me by my elders, and told to them by their elders, for eons and eons. I now tell it to you so you may continue to pass it down through the ages."


You feel a warmth flow through you as you sit... fascinated... spellbound. Listen now, and learn the story of...

-=The Dogs Of War=-

In the beginning, when Olandar was the supreme god, his law was delivered by several means. One of the instruments of Olandar's might was his Hell Kennel. The Hell Kennel was made up of fierce demon-dogs who would emerge from darkness to surround and devour those who had fallen from Olandar's grace. Mere mention of these demons would bring tears to the eyes of young and old alike.

For some time, it has been told that Olandar wanted very much to endow his most beloved but lazy son, Leto, with a sense of responsibility. Try as he might, Olandar could not inspire Leto to do anything that had a value to the world. All Leto wanted to do was to drink and play tricks on his brother and sister. He not care to concern himself with the matters of frail mortals. Olandar did not know what to do with him.

Then, one day, Olandar noticed Leto in the Hell Kennel. Leto had been planning to use a demon-dog to play a trick on his brother Barnabas, but found that the dog would instead play a trick on Leto! When Leto attempted to clasp the dog his hand would instead find thin air; the dog had encircled him as easily as water around a rock. Try as he might, Leto could not get the dog to do his bidding. This challenged Leto, and he admired the demon-dog (quite remarkable, as admiration was an emotion he rarely felt for any being other than himself). Olandar sensed the love Leto felt for the demon, and thought this must be the course he had been seeking for so long!

The Father of the Gods materialized in front of Leto and the playful demon-dog, thunder striking out in all directions, saying, "Leto, my son, I will not tolerate your disrespect for my Hell Kennel! How do you answer to this disgrace?"

Leto stammered, "I, I was just, just playing... Father, I would never..."

Olandar's heavy voice stifled Leto's pitiful whimpering, "As punishment, I command you to care for these animals for the rest of eternity! Your Father has spoken." And with that, Olandar transformed himself into fog and floated away on the wind, chuckling quietly to himself.

Leto thought for a moment about how his Father had misunderstood him. He did want to earn his Father's respect, but his attempts ended in disappointment after disappointment. He noticed the demon-dog looking back at him expectantly, waiting to play again. Leto's heart began to ache. He was feeling something he had never felt before. It was responsibility for something he loved. It was also the deep, inner knowledge that this would be the one task with which he could prove himself to his Father. Teary eyed and filled with a passion, Leto vowed an oath to watch over the demon-dogs for the rest of eternity, as his Father had commanded.

As the days passed, he watched over the Hell Kennel dilligently. He tended to all the mundane drudgery associated with keeping pets, cleaning their Kennel, feeding them, grooming them, letting them run, and his favourite - playing with them. He grew close to all the dogs and knew the subtle differences of each one's personality. They, in turn, began to obey his commands. They became more Leto's dogs than Olandar's.

So it was, until the dreaded day. It was the black day, the day that Leto's greedy brother Barnabas murdered the Father of the Gods! Leto was crushed by this. His one opportunity to prove himself worthy of his Father's love would now go unfulfilled. It was all for nothing. Enraged and lamenting, Leto was now desiring the blood of his brother Barnabas.

Leto's sister, Angelique, was equally disgusted by Barnabas' actions, although for her own reasons, which perhaps, Leto did not fully understand. Angelique saw Leto's pain, and her anger was increased ten-fold. They both conspired, and came to the agreement that they should cast Barnabas down from the Heavens.

They moved quickly to capture Barnabas, cornering him in the palace. Angelique thought that they were simply to banish Barnabas, but Leto had additional plans; he wanted Barnabas to suffer some of the pain he was feeling. Angelique saw the wicked smile on Leto's face and was confused.

A strange mist began to form at Barnabas' feet. It grew and circled his body. Then it rose toward Barnabas' face. His entire body was now engulfed by this strange black mist. As the mist began to take form, Angelique realized what Leto was doing. He had summonned the Hell Kennel to exact some form of additional torture on Barnabas. Mortified, she called to Leto, "Stop this at once! We have already decided what Barnabas' punishment is to be! You only agreed with me so you could do this, didn't you?" Leto turned to face his sister and just smiled.

Barnabas began to scream in pain and terror, "What is happening to me?"

Leto explained, "You have deprived me of the love of my Father, and now I deprive you of what you love. Oh, dear brother, look what your vanity and greed have earned you now!"

Angelique was infuriated with Leto's trickery. There was nothing she could do now but watch. The demon-dogs continued to take form from the mist, and Barnabas' face began to show. It was as if watching a reflection in a turbulent pond. Angelique pleaded with Leto, "Please, Leto, stop this now! He has done a terrible thing, but he is still our brother. Banishment is punishment enough!"

Seeing her disapproval, Leto's smile turned to a grimace. He turned to Barnabas and called to the demon-dogs. They instantly clustered together at Leto's feet.

Angelique gazed upon Barnabas in horror. Where there once was a handsome, youthful countenance now stood before them an abomination. The creature could be compared to no other animal under Olandar's creation. It was a sickening, pitiful sight. Barnabas trembled in anguish, not yet accustomed to his new form.

"What have you done to me? Why does my sister stare at me with that look upon her face?" Barnabas turned to Leto, "You! What have you done? I must know now!"

Leto and Angelique both made no effort to stop Barnabas as he shambled toward his dressing chambers. After a few moments they heard a frightening wail. Angelique cast scornful looks at Leto as they approached the room. Barnabas was in tears, crawling out into the main corridor. He looked up and saw Leto with the demon-dogs in his shadow. Eyes widening, he spoke slowly, deliberately, contemptuously, "You will pay for what you have done to me. Those dogs will pay too. You will all know the power of Barnabas."

A red light began to spread in the corridor. Barnabas was preparing to do something to the demon-dogs. Both he and Angelique knew of Leto's attachment to the Hell Kennel, and there would be no greater punishment than to take away what Leto had grown to love so.

Angelique realized what was about to happen, and could not bear the thought. After all, the dogs were guilty of only obeying their master. It would be a gross injustice to allow Barnabas to injure the dogs in order to punish Leto. Neither could she bear to let Leto's crime go unpunished. Perhaps he deserved to be separated from what he loved, as Barnabas had been separated from the visage he so admired. She would have to act quickly.

Angelique raised her arms high and summonned all her energy, then clapped her hands. The dogs vanished a fraction of a second before red flames shot forth from Barnabas' eyes. The flames obliterated a wall behind where the dogs had just been. Leto became enraged, believing that Barnabas had destroyed the dogs. "I should have prepared for that. You had no respect for our Father, why should you respect his beloved Kennel? Now, I will kill..."

Angelique turned him aside, "It was I who removed the dogs from this place. They are safe. I have scattered them across the material plane. You have done enough damage, and things will be made right again. But first, Barnabas..."

And so it came to be, that the demon-dogs were cast out of the heavens, down to earth. At first, they wandered aimlessly. Centuries passed, and the dogs developed forms that better resembled those of mortals. They grew to enjoy the cultures of humans, elves, and goblins. They even began to enjoy the games of politics, and excelled at gaining positions of power. They loved battle, and began to call themselves the "Dogs of War". Ages passed, and they greatly enjoyed the scents of battle and the taste of their enemies' blood. Countless kindoms were appaled at their pugnacity, but could never break their spirit. This is because the dogs never forgot the one who cared for them. They never forgot their master, Leto, who they so loved and who loved them. They also never forgot the red one, the one who killed the Father of the Gods.


"We remember our purpose to this day... To devour the unrighteous, who bring shame to the memory of Olandar." The elder's voice grows weak as he nears the end of his monologue. "Now all of you, you must never forget... This story is your heritage, and must be... preserved. It must be told, so we... may continue to remember... who we are... where we came from..." He suddenly cringes in pain, bringing his paws to his chest. The pups look on, confused at the startling change in his disposition. "Remember..." His face relaxes, and he stares upward. He resumes speaking, but now in a calm and even tone. "My Lord, it is now time for me to return to thee. Bless these sweet pups. They are the future of our people."

His eyes turn glassy.

The elder dog is silent.


GM: Alpha
AGM: Beta
Squad Leader: Pack Leader
Full Member: Hell Hound
Member: War Hound
Newbie: Whelp


DoW is a guild with years of experience and one of the oldest guilds in the game


As Leto is the rightful God of Tonan, we, the Dogs Of War, do swear to rid this world of the heathens who pollute it with their very existence.

Tempers Ball:

Please follow these rules when you post in the forums:

  1. Do not make an ass out of yourself - You represent the guild as a member, do not make your brethren feel burdened by your actions.
  2. Do not post accusations of cheating.
  3. Do not post bug reports - there is a proper place for them to go. Email them to bugs@evernight.com
  4. Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names. Any violation of these rules can result in possible demotion and suspension from the guild.
  5. Please respect others, even though they may annoy you.

If you are looking for a guild that believes in honor and picks its wars with that in mind then this is the guild for you. We accept new players who are willing to put the time into the game and become true warriors. All members have a place in this guild. The best and brightest of the true believers will be welcomed into our elite organization in order to further this just cause.


ICQ is the prevalent mode of communication. It is MANDATORY for all DoW members to have and use an account with ICQ. New applicants to DoW must first send their ICQ User Identification Number or the application will be refused. More information about ICQ may be found at http://www.icq.com.

Other forms of communication used are the game banner, and e-mail. All guild members must obey orders and abide by DoW policies, but are free to discuss DoW policies in our private areas. Discussion of internal guild policies in public forum is grounds for immediate dismissal.

It is the responsibility of all members to stay up to date with the information provided by these means, and to remain in contact with their Betas and Pack Leaders.

The official titles as determined by rank are:

All new members begin as Whelps. Whelps must follow orders of the Alpha, Betas, Elite Guard. The Council may vote to promote a Whelp to War Hound once he has proved himself worthy (good communication, adequate war chat attendance, proper TB behavior/presence). War Hound: Trusted member of the guild. Access to the members BBS and members list. Hell Hound: Veteran member Elite Guard: Veteran member, may also be in charge of individual packs of 4 or 8, depending on the number of members in the guild. Beta: Seperated into 4 catagories of departments. In charge of each different type of kingdom, Guild Relations and Role-Playing.

Main focus of Council. Seperate BBS for council issues. Beta's can over-rule Alpha's decision by unaminous vote.

Beta R - In charge of TB Role-Playing and keeping threads up to date and alive. Also helps members who would like to RP but need a little bit of help bringing out their talent.
Beta S - In charge of Scum kingdoms. further information about this job is excluded except to those in DoW.
Beta W - Keeps alliances up to date. Helps Alpha plan wars and lead them. Sometimes second in command when Alpha is unavailable.
Beta M - In charge of Sorcery kingdoms. Further information about this job is excluded except to those in DoW

Head of command. In charge of all fields and keeping whelps in contact with their Beta. Has final say in every issue. Head of Council and Diplomacy. If the Alpha ever needs to take a leave of absence or disappears, The Council is in charge until he returns. A majority of the time, the Alpha will pick someone to make sure things run smooth until he returns.

The governing body of DoW is a Council consisting of the Alpha, Betas and Elite Guard. This Council determines the overall strategies and policies of the guild and is responsible for keeping the members informed. Further details about council structure is disclosed to members of DoW.

Land Grab/War on any guilds other than those DoW has declared war on is strictly forbidden. Before any DoW member attacks a target, he should first offer to coordinate his attack with a Pack Leader or a Council member. Failure to ask permission or scout their target for unguilded is strictly prohibited and grounds for dismissal. Proceeding to attack another guild is strictly uncalled for unless permission is granted by the Alpha.

Conduct In Public:
When posting in public forum such as the Temper's Ball, or any other place which has unrestricted access to non-DoW members, the following rules are to be observed: Don't discuss DoW policy, strategy, or statistics (including kingdom numbers, kingdom names, and ruler names). Use appropriate language. If an expletive must be used, some of the letters should be covered with f***ing asterisks.(*Although this rule no longer applies to TB its less offense and preferred but not mandatory*)

Make an effort to follow the rules of whatever forum is being used, no matter who the host is. Don't make an ass of yourself. Any individual's actions can either bring honor or disgrace to the guild as a whole. Don't speak for the guild. When stating an opinion, indicate that it is yours and may not reflect the opinion of the guild. Respect posts from other DoW members. Wear the emblem of -DoW- proudly! State your guild and your rank in the salutation.

Whelps have a two week probationary period. If viewed as trustworthy and reliable, may be promoted. Those who are inactive or proven troublesome (wanton unauthorized attacks, irresponsibility for actions, or non-communicative) will be booted at will.

Main Rule:
Have Fun, we have a great bunch of folks here who have become good friends over the time we’ve spent together in war chats and on ICQ, don’t hesitate to message them and get to know em.