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"The first death, what is now called the Simple Sin, occurred when a follower of Foret was manipulated into murdering a follower of Darden over a woman. The rage spread through the realms as the gods fed the fuel for their own selfish needs. The Last Sin was the true breaking of the gods' unity. It is the first clash known to us and involved all three. They were seen directly battling over the skies of Tismad. Their energy pouring forth caused storms, floods, hurricanes and rock slides for weeks. Perhaps a blink of an eye to them, but to us it was devastating. Much of our industry crashed around us and has never been rebuilt. The learning and prosperity that we had enjoyed were mostly gone now. Now, each follower, each fanatic was once again devout. For one thing was certain. Only one god would remain when the death toll was ended."
-excerpt from the first chapter of the Tismad.

The Simple Sin. The one death which began the turmoil and strife which now consumes the world. The spilling of blood, the killing of the first heathen of what has now become millions. The act which changed the three deities from a slow decline, to beings which with a glance or less, could begin a chain of events which would level cities and bereave thousands.

One follower of Foret with a dagger in hand, one follower of Darden soon to have a dagger in his back, and one follower of Isonia soon leaving the city of Tismad with a smile on her painted face. Three participants in a minor act which would shake the very foundations of the world.

Three participants - three forces, three kingdoms, and millions of innocents whose lives have been lost - whose actions were dictated by the earthly wiles and unearthly magics of one woman.

The heavens cried at the damage wrought by woman's touch.

The autumn rains fell heavily from the slate-grey sky, pregnant clouds gathering overhead to drown out any foolish hope of a break in the oppressive weather. Dry-packed mud drew it's first drink in many months, and roots long thought to be dead and shrivelled gained old strength anew at the prompting of the chill rainwater as it seeped through the topsoil and down into the once fertile ground. The land seemed to breathe anew at the long-awaited arrival of the rainfall, with green shoots appearing even so late in the year to signal the delayed rebirth of nature, no matter how imminent the druids forecast the arrival of Winter's chill grip.

And on the second day, it continued to rain. And on the third, and the fourth, and the fourteenth, the rain still fell. What was at first the calming sound of rain pitter-pattering against the simple thatch rooves soon became and endless and inescapable battering of nature against man's ingenuity. What had at first given nature a new lease of life now threatened to wash away all that had survived the harsh drought of the summer. Green shoots were bereft of soil as the flood waters swept all before them, and the low lying villages were quickly abandoned as lost causes as the villagefolk found new reasons to visit old friends elsewhere.

The countryside was transformed. The old, now familiar parched brown topsoil was turned into a mud-soaked morass of fresh swampland. Swampland which was quickly colonised by Isonia's resident "boys of ass whup" while on one of their expansion runs, and soon began to echo with the nightly howls of the lycanthropes.

The cries carried far on the cloud-bearing winds, though still fell some way short of delivering the varied mating noises and battle cries to the distant Tor some way distant across the rolling moors.

The ramshackle fortification stretched across the entire hilltop, encompassing most of the hill besides. A shallow moat had quickly filled with the autumnal downpour, bordered on the inside by a low wooden fence. The fence, once topped with the heads of defeated enemies, had long since devolved into protection against wandering wolves and other predatory animals. The Tor had been abandoned for some time before it's present inhabitants chose to make it their home, and the magic of the dead had fallen into disuse even before the keep itself.

Atop the Tor itself, sat a rusty iron statue of a stylised hawk.

Around the statue, wearing expressions respectively of distaste, impatience, and enthusiasm, stood three women of varying appearance, age and stature. They gathered to cleanse the land of the blight, and to form a new power block alongside the lycanthropes for Isonia's benefit.

Belle stood at the northern side of the tower, leaning back on her hands against the wooden battlements which surrounded the wind-swept tower. Her dark hair was carried by the wind, with no amount of frustrated attempts at smoothing it back making much impact. Her eyebrows plummeted in a frown, glancing between the other two occupants of the tower as if awaiting some action to change the situation. Her arms remained crossed between attempts to control her hair, fingers drumming on each arm. Her sandal-clad feet rested on an embellished steel plaque, filled with ancient noscriptallowedand symbology.

Jilu occupied the south-eastern side of the tower, her tied-back hair falling neatly to the small of her back. She paced back and forth, her features bent in a scowl of impatience as she ignored the inclement weather and gusting winds to march a groove in the old wooden planking which formed the floor. Occasionally she paced across a plaque of cold iron, her bare feet making a quiet slapping sound as they met the rain-chilled metal. Portia alone stood almost perfectly still, her face an image of patience and concentration. Occasionally she would raise herself up a little by standing on tip-toes, a quiet smile of enthusiasm remaining despite the pelting rain and scorching wind. Her feet - clad in boots of softest doeskin - rested upon a third plaque of vivid red bloodstone.

The three sisters had gathered atop the Tor to banish the heathen magics which scoured the land with foul weather and ill luck. The plaques beneath their feet began to thrum with unseen power, their arms raising in synchronised pace to meet above their heads. A terrible keening erupted from within their three bodies waxing and waning in time with the energy from the worn plaques, which began to emit a pale blue light visible from some distance away.

In turn, they spoke with a voice somewhere between demon and angel.

"I name myself Portia - the Avenging. I reject the foul magics which have spent themselves within my domain! Minions of Darden and Foret shamed themselves with the Simple Sin, breaking vows of all that was holy. Let their bodies be wracked with the vengeance of the almighty, let their lands be riven and their crops diseased to pay for their sins."

"I name myself Jilu - the Unceasing. With their crime recognised, let the magics which have taken hold of Isonia's kingdom be freshly fuelled with the righteous indignation of the pure! Let their energies be renewed by the justice which Isonia demands! Let the hands of the Goddess remain pure next to those of the Sinners! I lend my strength to the Storm!"

"I name myself Belle - the Grudging. I bear witness to the damage done by the magics of the heathen magi, and count their sins to an unholy sum. Let their bloodline remain tainted by the presence of the defilers! Let their families and loved ones bear the punishment for the sins of those they tolerate!"

Portia, the leader of the three sisters, stepped forwards slightly to stand at the very edge of the bloodstone plaque.

"Isonia's Eumenides find you wanting, mages of Darden and Foret! Your magic has little hold and less sway in our lands. We cast you forth to run out the rest of your energy amongst your own lands, amongst those people whose devotion spawned your evil intent!"

The three women spoke as one, their voices magnified by intent and power.

"Go forth and wreak vengeance for the Simple Sin! Take one life for every follower of the Pure Godess lost in Darden and Foret's murderous war! Let the devotees of the quarelling gods feel the force of our judgement!"

The light erupted forth from the three women, screaming upwards to blot out the sound of the roaring wind and pouring rain with it's intensity. The clouds parted as soon as the light reached upwards, falling in upon themselves with boiling energy to escape from the incandescent illume. As the light slowly left the women, they staggered forwards to lean against the old statue, the energy ceasing to flow upwards as the plaques began to return to their normal states.

The roiling clouds soon began to move as a fresh wind arose, bearing them northwards towards the bordering kingdoms and away from the storm-scoured land of Isonia's domain.

As the gale fell to a stiff breeze, and as the last storm clouds gave way to showers of light rainfall, a drumbeat arose - martial, even-paced and deep in tone. It was soon matched by the marching of feet, as a column of brightly armoured foot were followed by a deep column of barded cavalry. Isonia's army was led by SunBlade, general of the Tor and leader of the armies neighbouring the lands of the lycanthropes. The man once named as the Tower of Isonia's Deck led his army forth towards the recently negotiated borders with the heathens, with vengeance in mind.


GM: Hot Brit
AGM: BelleJiluPortiammmm
Squad Leader: Some Other Sexy Folk
Full Member: Tapdancing Wildebeasts
Member: Nekked Ninjas
Newbie: Jilu's Man Slave


This is the third age for Tor Cadarn in Tonan


All members of Tor Cadarn are expected to remain within the rules of Temper's Ball, and of the game itself. Anyone breaking these rules will be thrown out and have their kingdom number disseminated amongst the other two faiths.

TB Rules:

1. Do not make an ass of yourself
2. Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC, unless specifically asked to by staff.
3. Do not spam or post redundant messages.
4. Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.
5. Pornography, piracy, or other illegal material is not allowed.
6. Do not post links or advertisements to hate or anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.

To Apply:
Read the charter. Send an email to the GM including a brief history of your experience, posting names, and any warnings/bannings on any of your alts or account.

Promotion is handled by the GM alone, and discussion or debating any issue of promotion or demotion with any other member of the guild will be frowned upon. To be promoted the rules are simple - attend warchats, play your turns promptly and in line with guild focus, and you will be rewarded.

GM - SunBlade. The GM is the final line of communication and appeal, and dictates guild policy. Guild policy can then be enforced and reinforced down the chain of command.
AGM - Eumenides - the AGMs (Eumenides) are capable lieutenants for the GM, chosen on a trust basis. They handle internal and external guild affairs as required.
AGM - Steward - The Steward of Tor Cadarn, while holding lower rank than the Eumenides, still serves as an advisor to the GM and other AGMs. The Steward is also responsible for general upkeep of the the Guild, rather than specific areas as the Eumenides oten are. All other guild members will be given identical priveleges and rank. Because of this, only four ranks exist - GM, Eumenides, Steward, and Everyone Else.

If the GM disappears for over a week without contact, the senior AGM will take control until he/she returns.

Contact details:
GM - SunBlade: ICQ 24780230, MSN & email sunblade_ke@hotmail.com
AGM - Portia: ICQ 24738014