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"Destiny. It's a word that brings up many of emotions, and probably the greatest thing you are feeling now, is nothing. Nothing because the word is so overused, and abused to the point of being merely a word to inspire contempt. As a scribe in the Temple of Darden, I loath the use of this word, and therefor try to avoid using it in the written word as oft as possible. But as I compile these stories, it's the first thing coming to thought. A motley crue of beings all from differing worlds, and with differing histories, and some with great powers, while others had virtually none. All of these stories have but one thing in common, and yet inspire the feel of 'destiny' within the heart of the reader. Here, have a look... This first one was compiled from the memoirs of Misty..."

Fog rolled through, like a blanket of comfort after a long journey home, and Misty stopped in her travels to the rendesvous spot where she was to meet her lover in secrecy. She just had to absorb the beauty of it all, and before long things that were real no longer could be seen, and the scents of the land were masked by that of a thick salty air. It was almost a cleansing feeling to be wrapped up in it. As more fog rolled off the waters, it swirled through that which was discipating, and the winds whispered of their glory. Light from the moon was nearly blocked out, but reflected off the dence air like silvered kisses from the night sky.

Hooves could be heard in the distance, and the shouts of warriors echo'd off the canyon walls, and it was so real that if you'd heard it, you would wonder who was coming, but yet there was something deceptive about it, and a some part of Misty knew that it wasn't quite real. As the sounds approached, the young woman took shelter aside a tree. Chainmail clangged, and horses snorted. Turning her back to the tree as these, the spirits of days gone by reached her, Misty closed her eyes for the sounds were so overwhelming that they became a sourse of fear.

Air suddenly became so icey that she could see her breath, which added even more moisture the already fog filled air, and the men and women rode on either side of the tree, and some passed directly through it, causing her body to feel as though it was in some sort of slow motion as they went through her. The frightned woman tried to tell herself that if she rode it out, that the anslaught would soon end, but it didn't end. They just kept coming and yelling. That and the scents of sweat and death permeated her sences to the point of near numbness. The sound of her own heart beat like a drum within her ears.

Somewhere between life and death is where she found herself once she regained conciousness. Within the one, the eternal, the bowl of sufferance itself. She'd lost her own identity, and become one with the world of darkness. Here is where she experienced the past, saw the future, and felt, really felt, for the first time what it meant to beleive in something.

The sword that reveiled its existance to her wailed like a banshee in the darkenss amidst all the death and destruction around her. It spoke to her, for it was among the living. It would prove to be her best freind, and her worste enemy. Misty would never be the same after this fatefull night, and her life would be changed forever.

"I don't know how much you know of Misty, or her history here, but this is indeed the first time she's found herself fighting on our side. I'm left asking why? The bowl of Darden? We should all wish to witness the bowl of our Lord in person, to be shown that which he has in store for us. While we, the life-long faithfulls try to discover the meening of the world, and why it is we are here, this woman is shown the bowl of sufferance? I'd have discarded these scrolls, and written them off as the phallicy of an interloper had I not received another one at virtually the same time. Aemuli has been one of us for some time, and i've heard of him, in fact... Take a look at these previous entries..."

Born an outcast so many years ago, Aemuli had grown weary of...everything. A man can only kill so many times before he stops caring who lives and who dies, and can hold only so many incredible treasures and endless lands before they lose their appeal. Angelique and her followers would just have to fend for themselves, and so he rode silently off into obscurity.

Now, but a few ages ago Aemuli was drawn back into these blood-stained lands by his old friend, Draven. Things were so different, and the gods they served and fought against were nowhere to be found. While they had never before fought side-by-side, and would have been on opposite sides if they had, they were bound together as though they were long-time allies. They had raised many a drink and uproar before - but never a sword or pike. But their kinship soon made them partners, and in no time they were together covered in a mixture of ale and blood, hardly ever managing to stop laughing no matter how many corpses were cast around them.

But the burdens of their own individual lives before long pulled them in opposite directions, and nothing could be done about it. Surely they would meet again, and many a man, woman, and inhuman beast alike would be made to rue the day - but for now, they would have to find their own way.

"As it turns out, it was he whom Misty was traveling to see that night when all of this bagan. She was to meet him for a secret rendesvous in the desert. I scoffed at this information... Had the lands of Tonan slipped into some sort of second realm of utter chaos? But just look at what is written of him as he waited for her..."

Sitting with his feet dangling over the cliff of a hot, dry canyon, Aemuli looked out over the bleak place and sought an answer to what he should do. It seemed it would be time again to ride off into obscurity...but there was so much to be done, it felt as if he had just begun. There was so much honor to restore, and much glory that so desperately needed to be brought to the name of Darden and his mighty allies. But it seemed as if that would just have to be left to fade away...

...But after the revelations and happenings in that sacred canyon, that would not be the order of this day. Joining together with his love, with his friends and allies by their side, they would bring glory and honor and pride to Darden! It would be hard, and there would be many deaths and troubles, but they would serve together with peerless nobility no matter who - or what - would oppose them!

"What revelations and happenings? Why so vague? Did the scribes not survive? I'm accustomed to the stories of our world being as this, but when something so big is happening, and to so many differing people, how can one leave out so many details? This is history we're talking about here....

...At any rate, this doesn't end here. There's more, and it's so much bigger than you could have possibly imagined. Enter into the evening, Avanth Lomician, a being like unto a God in his might, and the most brutal son of a bitch i've ever had the priveledge of keeping the history of. We don't know a whole lot about him, for it is only written what he will allow to be written, or whatever it is he chooses to tell. This is all I received wence inquiring about his blade..."

You desire the knowledge of this weapon here? Or of me? I cannot relate all of that....it would take far too long. Instead, I shall relate to you the story of this sword.

The Blade of Revelation, the Endbringer, if you will. It was forged in a crucible of magic, no doubt, and the souls of the damned searched through until the insanity required by its makers was found, and then they created it. A perfect weapon with only one purpose: Slaughter, whole and sweet. If something lives, then it is despised by it; if it exists, this mighty sword wishes to make it not so. Were it not for the fact that I possess strength beyond that of the Blades' willpower, it would kill me even to touch it....and it has killed many who have tried to do such uninvited.

So....where did I come by this thing of beauty? Some pathetic Lord had it in their vaults...they must never have realised the value of it, and I am surprised, for it must have slain a great many to get it into that place. A well sealed and Warded vault, I must say, full of many such trinkets. Maybe he did know what he had. At any rate, his bones lay at the bottom of a mire, encased in the cold stone that was his caslte walls. It was when I killed him that I took it. And so it has served me since...

"You can't really take any of that to heart though, for he's a being out for his own fate, and I suspect he's in part behind the events of the entire evening."

"It doesn't stop here though. There were more... Seven all told, and the next comes from one whom we only know a little of. He apparently carries some baggage of the past on his shoulders, and was wrapped up in some type of controvercy, though we know not what that was. We do know that he once called himself an ally of Aemuli and Draven under the banners of SEXAY. I just received this today...."

"The Keepers will ride again..."

The words reverberated through his head, not spoken aloud but as if they were formed directly in his mind. The thought wasnít his own, nor were the images that flashed through his mind conjured by his own memories or imagination...soldiers; great armies; hard-fought battles; heroic victories; visions played out in front of his eyes, with the fog that surrounded him completely as a background.

The images left him as quickly as they had appeared, and strangely it seemed that the fog was lifting at the same time. Dispersing, although there was no wind or sun. Almost as if someone or something had sucked it away...it had to be magic. There were forces at work this night other than those of nature.

He felt drawn now, tugged in a particular direction, and he had no choice but to follow the calling. He knew that he wouldnít be able to rest until he found itís source, discovered what it was that pulled him, what was fated to be in his path.

As he got closer, now almost totally unaware of his surroundings, one sword in particular seemed to be calling to him and he knew this to be his destiny. He drifted his fingers across the crest imprinted on the hilt then slowly drew it out from the mound, from under itís accompanying breastplate, and held it up in the air. Runes glittered along itís length. The blade was singing to him; he was inescapably tied to it. He had become a Keeper of one of the Seven Swords.

"The final story I have to tell you is my own, for I too had an experience I will never forget on that fatefull night. Ahhhh, yes, now you understand my interest in these events, and these.. swords, do you? Another time, and another place maybe, I'm still too shaken to repeat it."

"What will happen from now, I cannot be sure, for it seems with the few things that bind us all together, also comes a purpose, or a mission. The exact details of that purpose seem slightly foggy to me, though they do appear to have to do with restoring the glory that the Gods had in store for this land. Passion. Yes, that's a good word for it... A certain amount of passion has become lost in these times where people only live to die. They've come to accept their destiny, and do so with little regard to the Glory of their God. Existential beings thrust upon a battle field with no where to go but down. They do not feel much of anything, and the bowl of sufferance is running dry. May it be our Glory to restore the pain, and do so with a finesse that cannot be ignored, so that they are forced to feel that which is about to be thrust upon them. May we cause the bowl to fill and spill out upon the world once more."


GM: Master
AGM: Keeper
Squad Leader: Squire
Full Member: Trusted
Member: Initiate
Newbie: Refugee


This is KiSS' second age in Canon.


KiSS is a guild with two General Mangers, and should one be detained and unable to lead the guild, the other will asume full responsibility. On the off chance that both Aemuli and Misty are unable to lead the guild, then leadership is automatically turned over to the Keeper of the Blade of Revelation (AGM of War). This holds true in the event of an attack when leadership is not online. After that, leadership goes down a chain as follows: The Keeper of the Sword of the Rune (AGM of inner guild comunication), The Keeper of the Sword of Inquisition (AGM of scum), and then to The Keeper of the Magic Sword of History (AGM of Sorcery&RP).

There will be five AGM's within the guild, and all of them may choose a person to assist them. Moving up the ranks is simple, for all you must do is prove activity, through contacting the guild leadership, participating in guild Role-plays, posting in the guild message board, showing up for war chats, or else providing a reason you wont be there along with making efforts to attend the "Second wave" war chat for those who can't make the initial times.

Our goal is a guild family type atmosphere, and any efforts you make towards making that possible will be recognised, and duelly rewarded.

When you are first accepted into the guild, you will be contacted by the Keeper of the Sword of the Rune, and responce to him is vital. He will sign you up for the guild message board, and direct you to it. Once that happens, you will receive your first promotion after making your first post on our boards. This is when we will consider you a "member" of the guild. Prior to that initial contact, you are simply a foreighner seeking refuge within our walls, and you will only be housed for three days. If you don't make contact, then you will be removed.

If you need help building your realm, then we will be happy to assist you. Most of guild comunication will be done through ICQ, mIRC, and message board.

You must follow all rules of Tempers Ball, which include:

1. Do not make an ass of yourself
2. Do not post bug reports on the baords, over ICQ, or in IRC, unless specifically asked to by staff.
3. Do not spam or post redundant messages.
4. Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.
5. Pornography, piracy, or other illegal material is not allowed.
6. Do not post links or advertizements to hate or anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.

You must also follow all rules of the guilds forum, which include:

1. Do not claim that threads are closed to the general public. As long as people are adding to the thread and not spamming or stalking then everyone is welcome in every thread.
2. No excessive vulgarity. As long as its part of the general post its acceptable, but when your swearing just to swear it will be edited.
3. No revealing Voice alts.
4. No Shadow Guilds. (Shadow Guilds are groups of at least four people allied together for the purpose of combined strikes)(this rule has recently been changed)
5. Do not post personal recruitment threads. There are faith threads created for that purpose.
6. Do not do anything that you or the Voice's think is unwarranted or in bad taste.
7. All posts in this forum are considered in character . If you would like to traditionally Role Play with your character please add (RP) or (RP Invite) for Role Play or Role Play Invite only to the end of your thread title.

The breaking of these rules reflects badly upon our guild, for it goes against what we stand for, and hence will result in your demotion and/or removal from the guild.