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Created: 2003-12-06 08:47:14
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Chapter I: On the Death of Obsidian Lord

Even after death, the people still revere his name, and celebrate his reign. His was a life blessed by Foret, and honoured with victory. Thus it was so, that the people shared a mutual grief upon his death. Women openly wept, men clung to their blades. A great life had passed away, leaving to them the glorious state of the Empire.

Chapter II: On how Obsidian Lord was blessed by Foret

In life, the great Imperator was granted the greatest victories over his foes. Bathed in the light of his holiest of gods, no blasphemer could stand to the might of his blade, for he was doing only Foret's will. For this gift, the most pious of Imperators gave homage to the almighty Lord of the Gods, and spread the gospel around the world.

Chapter III: On the Conversion of Obsidian Lord

It was said that Foret came to him in a vision, and embraced the great Obsidian Lord with his love. And the great God had told Obsidian Lord "Thou shalt be given the gift of empire. Free the people, and let them embrace me in their hearts". So it was that Obsidian Lord came to believe in the most holiest of gospels, and was transformed into Foret's apostle.

Chapter IV: On how the Tyrant Scruffy defied Foret and Enslaved the People

The most vile of Tyrants, Scruffy had turned his back upon the holiest of Gods, and defied his wise teachings. So it became that the Lord Scruffy enslaved the peoples to do Darden's work, as the tyrant himself lived a life of opulence - challenging all the words of the great God Foret, taunting his holiness, and asking for retribution.

Chapter V: On how Obsidian Lord Carried out Foret's Will and Defeated the Tyrant Scruffy

In Foret's name, Obsidian Lord and a grand army challenged the Tyrant Scruffy. The villainous tyrant accepted the challenge and marched his armies out of the Capitol. The most holiest of gods then clouded the mind of the evil tyrant, and upon the charge of Obsidian Lord, the vile Scruffy, seeing such a noble and powerful Lord, charged ahead to meet him. It was then that Foret's will was shown, as Scruffy rode upon the trap bridge made by his hand. His own trap sprung upon himself, leading the most vile of tyrants to fall into the river and drown. Thus, not a drop of innocent blood was spilt, and Foret's will prevailed.

Chapter VI: On how Obsidian Lord Enlightened the People and Opened their hearts to the Great God

Obsidian Lord paid homage to the Great God Foret by building him a grand church for the people to worship. Those who had believed in the ways of Darden were cast down and sent into exile, and replaced with the good followers of Foret. With the people freed from tyrany, the great Obsidian Lord then rode to the East to spread the gospel of the great Foret amongst the unenlightened, leaving his new capitol in the hands of the wise bishops.

Chapter VII: On how Obsidian Lord Founded the Praetorian Ceasarean Guard

The East was a perilous land filled with wonderous monsters and savage heathens. To spread the enlightened gospels to these lands, the brave Obsidian Lord gathered the holiest of Foret's warriors, and granted them the name of: Praetorian Ceasarean Guard.

Chapter VIII: On how Obsidian Lord was granted the gift of Empire

It was to be, with the aid of his loyal guards, that Obsidian Lord would conquor the East. Many lands were enlightened in the ways of Foret. In his generosity, Obsidian Lord gave these lands to his Guard, and in turn, they named him Augustus of these lands. Thus it was that Obsidian Lord was given the gift of Emperor by the will of Foret.

Chapter IX: On how Obsidian Lord United the Known World

It was after the conquest of the East that Obsidian Lord united his lands under his name, and Foret's glory. The Great God had given him the gift of Empire and in return, he had given Foret the love of the people. The people would know of nothing but victory, and prosperity would follow his reign until his passing.


GM: Legate
AGM: Tribune
Squad Leader: Prefect
Full Member: Centurion
Member: Principales
Newbie: Munifex


PCG existed in a game called Monarchy under a player named Obsidian Lord. This is the continuation of his legacy.


1. The mode of communication known as ICQ or AIM is a requirement to join the ranks of the Guard.

2. Uncontested devotion to Foret is mandetory.

3. The chain of command must be obeyed. No Guardsman is to take action without approval of the Legate.

4. Random attacks will not be tolerated. Randomness is for barbarians. Order is the way of the Guard.

5. Those of all races are welcome to join as long as their devotion to Foret is true.

6. Those who apply to the Guard must email or ICQ the Legate beforehand.

7. Rules must be followed. Especially those of Tempers Ball, which are as follows:

a) No Vulgarity or Profanity
b) Do not make a fool out of yourself
c) Do not post accusations of cheating
d) Do not post bug reports
e) Do not post realm numbers, realm names or account names for ANY games.

Promotion within the guard is made at whim by the Legate.

Should the Legate abandon the Guard, the Tribune shall replace him.


Legate (GM): The commander of the guard. Obedience is a requirement, not an option.

Tribune (AGM): The second in command of the guard. Commands in place of the Legate should the latter disappear.

Prefect (AAGM): The third in command of the guard. Takes the place of the Tribune should the Tribune disappear.

Centurion (Veteran): A veteran soldier who demands respect among the troops

Principales (Member): An experienced guardsman.

Munifex (New Recruit):A new guardsman.