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Created: 2003-11-03 03:56:32
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There was once a time when all was well in the world. peace ruled the world with a just hand, and peace was king. During this time, a handful of people realized something was amiss. There were no wars. No one lusting for power, any great battles for supremacy. The quiet was alarming, disturbing. This small group soon realized all was not as it seemed. Small factions had risen within the lands. Guilds had become increasingly powerful, leaving the common man out of the economy. Kingdoms were growing unrestricted, power was not changing. The rich grew richer, the poor stayed poorer. These few who realized decided to put a stop. They influenced peasants to revolt bringing strength back to the common man. It wasn't long until the great guilds of the time took notice, and began to hunt down anyone who supported The Underground. Angelique took notice of this persecution. Knowing the cause of The Torillian Underground was noble and just, he hid them away from their persecutors. For many a century they had lived underground, in the caverns of the Torillian Mountains. They did not feel the need to emerge from their underground home for any reason. Until came the collapse of peace. The gods, feeling on edge with a power trip. Word of this reached The Torillian Underground and it was then they realized what had to be done. They watched the battles, the great wars, but the time for watching had grown stale. They knew Angelique , the true god, was the only one that they could trust and the one that would lead them to victory. And so it was decided, the only way to restore honor to the land was to purge it of the heathens. The same guilds that had once hunted The Torillian Underground. Have now become the hunted themselves. And the great cleansing has begun.


Squad Leader: Spartan
Full Member: Warrior
Member: Gladiator
Newbie: Slave


Old ways! Old players! New beginings!


As a member of The Torillian Underground, we have but two requests of you. The first is that you be willing to take orders as they are given. Remember, the good of the guild, and more importantly, the good of Angelique is more important than your kingdom, more important than any kingdom in trouble. Second, you must participate. Post where necessary. Join in the planning and speak with your superiors. You will only gain status if your guild knows of your actions. The ranking system is as follows:

IMMORTAL [GM]- The highest ranking member of the guild, and the one who makes the key decisions. The IMMORTAL will consult those below him before making potentially deadly choices.

TITAN [AGM]- The second highest rank. Only those who show true dedication may rise this high.

Spartan - A trusted member, the Nobel will have access to the guild banner, and be able to view members. Beware of abusing power, we will be watching what you do.

Warrior - A member that has shown that he can command well during wartime so with that note the member is awarded a squad (therefore he becomes a squad leader).

Gladiator - One that has proven his loyalty to the guild, you get access to the member list.

Slave - new members, who still haven't proven him or herself. Will not be able to edit the banner or view other members. Work hard, and rise through the ranks.

Promotions are given based on amount of time within the guild until the AGM position. Activity level, attitude, and conduct will effect ALL promotions. Asking for a promotion will not increase your chances of receiving one, more often than not it will hurt said chances.
First War - Slave (New member status)
Second War - Warrior (Full member)
Third War - Spartan (Full member) possible quad leader (quad assignment if/when open)

After third War Promotion will be arranged based on merit, and agreement of the remaining GMs-AGMs in the event that such a position is open.

Rules for posting :
- Don't make an ass out of yourself
- No spamming crap
- Posts must consist of at least 50 words
- Don't make OOC posts or OOC threads
- Don't accuse anyone of cheating. Tell the GM if you think someone does
- Respect the game staff

Rules: The rules are clear and easy to follow.

1) Follow the rules of the Game! This means, no cheating abusing or anything like that, this means you will go by the rules of the game staff, this means you will just treat others as you expect them to treat you.
2) You must follow the orders of your leaders in the Guild This is clear. If you get an order, carry it out. If the chain of command does not work, the guild will fail.
3) Be communicative. Communication is part of success. Tell others what you think about the plans of the guild, let them know your strategies, or just talk with them about how you feel. After all, a guild is the best place to make some friends.
4) You should have ICQ, AIM or MSN unless you can not install it for some reasons. This point is pretty clear. If you do not know ICQ, let me know.
5) You must be devoted to your Kingdom, your guild, your faith. This means you should check your kingdom often enough. I will not impose any time limit, like, at least once a day, because I know that is impossible. Just be around when you are needed. Help your guild as good as you can. Help your faith as good as you can.

When applying, let us know the most important things about you. Include your kingdom name, leader name, and which guilds you have been with before, if any at all. Also tell your ICQ, AIM or MSN number/name. Another thing what kind of kingdom you think you will be running; sorcery, scum, or warrior.

Goals: of The Torillian Underground The goals of this guild are as follows: Fighting for our faith. Getting to know other people. Having fun. This is a game. Never forget that.

The Underground Code

1) Respect all players and administrators
2) Play at least once every other day, preferably once every day
3) Contribute to the posting area as much as possible without lowering post quality
4) Remember that your actions reflect upon the guild at all times
5) Help all fellow guild members out whenever possible
6) Report to your designated, commanding officer of all attacks by or against you on time
7) No acts of war are to be taken without previous consent from an AGM or GM
8) When peace is no longer an option, defend yourself with honor
9) Always give the enemy the option to convert to Angelique
10) Respect and obey higher authorities
11) No OOC spying
12) Do not try to twist The Underground Code

~Things That Will Get You Booted~
1) Not posting every once in awhile
2) Disobeying orders
3) Disregarding any part of The Underground Code
4) Disregarding any part of the games rules.
5) Cheating (also reported to game staff)
6) not posting in RP twice a week(this isn't really a necessary but is insisted) *Contact me at maxis2118@hotmail.com or via ICQ-72234890

CONTACT INFORMATION GM-Status ICQ#=72234890 AIM=maxis2118 E-MAIL=maxis2118@hotmail.com