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The Midnight Call (TMC)

The war between the gods stretched throughout all the lands. Kingdoms rose and fell as time went by, leaving only memories of long lost glory and long lost hopes of once mighty empires. Meanwhile, in the deepest forests, something has born. Elves and humans, who got full of the wars and blood, established a small encampment. One day, a small child has born. His name was Chey. He was the mixing of the two race, a half elf, with mother elf and father human. Years after years passed. The little child grow up. One day, he went too deep into the forest, far from the last scouts of his village. The night has came. Midnight has came, still lost. No way back to home, he saw a fire, or he tought he saw a fire. He started to run in that way. Soon, he arrived to an entrance of a cave. The fire came from inside. Unable to survive the night in the forest alone anyway, he went into the cave. His breath stopped, he paralyzed totally. What he was seen was beyond his wildest dreams. In the cave, around of a large stone table, hooded figures were sitting. From somewhere of his mind, he started to remember of a tale... A tale about an once powerful nation called the Ancient Druids of the Qua Kzar. Rumors fulfilled the world about their power. Nobody knew who gave it to them. He never believed this tale. But now, it was all reality. He counted 9 cloaked figures quickly. But this was just a quick tought in his mind when he entered. Why he paralyzed was just because all the figures were staring at him.
"Welcome, Young One. Finally. I see you heard the Midnight Call. The Midnight Call of Foret. Sit down here and open your ears. Your life will never be the same from now. I know you feel it." Chey felt the power of his words of the Ancient One, and did what he said. He did not even tought about run away. His fear was awesome, but he was unable to flee, something kept him in the cave. "We are all here to welcome you. You know from your heart who is Foret. I feel you know it. You are the choosen one, the choosen one of us. Our future is lying in your hands. I tought you must know this before anything else. Once we all heard the Call. Once, long ago, we all dreamed about love, peace, the harmony and the goodness of the Universe. Thats the common thing in all of us sitting in this cave. We choosed the way of good, we choosed to wait for Him. We knew He will come, we were hide and wait, we were teached only a few selected ones. The difference between us and You is that He choosed You. He was here a few minutes ago, and He called you. He said you will come. He told to us that teach you with all of our knowledge. You going to be the one of Him contact between the mortals and Him!" And the elderly druid continued for hours. Nobody else spoken. For Chey, it seemed like years passed. When the dawn came, it found Chey sleeping. When he woke up, he tought all was just a dream. He looked at himself. He was in a deep green hooded long cloak. And suddenly, he trusted it. Its really years passed, long years of meditating. Out of the cave, a huge wolf was waiting for him. "Well, my God of Truth, i am ready to fullfill my doom" just spoked Chey to himself. "I know, my Son" heard from behind himself. He turned that way fast... and Foret was there. The glory of Him just paralyzed Chey once again... This was the first time he met Him. "Now, that you are ready my Son, i give you the task of your life. Go and make people stop the meaningless wars, make love, find the goodness in people. But protect yourselves if you need to. I give the holy power to your druids. I give you the power to controll the storms and lightning, i give you the power to command the animals. I give you the power of the elements. I give you the power of see the truth. I give you the power to communicate with the other choosen ones by myself. I give you the power... to keep the balance and the way of goodness. And now, you must go. You have a lot of things to do. We must rebuild this world... from the ashes..." With these last words, Foret gave a kiss to Chey's forehead.
Decades has been passed since this happened. Chey became a legendary leader of the ones who were looking for peace. They built great cities in the safety of huge forests. The knighthood of Foret was born, the knights dedicated their lives to protect the peace and the home of goodness. Only a very few knew about the Ancient Druids, which Chey was the mightiest one now. When the time has came, and Chey must leave this World and give his soul back to The Earth Mother, Chey called the Ancient Druid Inner Circle together. "My brothers and sisters. Foret has came to me this night and told to me that my time has come. Iím not allowed to make my life longer anymore. I must leave this world. You all heard the Call once. Keep the lands in the hands of the Druids. I gave you the power, the power what once i got from Foret himself. Use it wisely. Use it for the good of your people. Use it for defense. Use it... for the hope of a better future and better World... and our Circle will live forever!"
Years passed now since this happened. Nowadays the Circle is stronger than ever, the druidic culture shows its power. Huge towns emerged in the hearts of vast forests. The humans, elves and goblins live together in a peaceful life, but yet, the Guardians have constant wars against the hordes trying to break into the realms...

~ Present time, part #1~

The Hierophant and his archdruids were sitting around an oak table in a large room with maple leaf tapestry. The hideout was well hidden from the prying eyes, even from the eagles eyes. If the druids didnt want anyone to disturb them in their forest then nobody could find or see them.
On the table, there were reports from all over the territories and countys. The forces of Isonia, Lady of Axe launched their armies towards the Call's territories and forests, her spies set fires of Foret's temples. Reports from allies were also on the table. There were armies of the purple color everywhere, the alliance faced a bloody war.. The armies of purple were fighting at every front.
They started their offensives against the vast territories of the Midnight Call. Armies of humans marched with droben berserkers, salamander riders and sylph assassins, under the protection of their elven sorcerors.
The main targets were the glorious kingdoms of Sopokeland and Hoon. The two biggest bastion of the Foretian faith.
But they did not expect that kind of defenses. The system of the arches and underground tunnels were not well known for the Isonians. They had no real idea about what is lurking beneath the earth, awaiting for their arrival. The beastmasters trained a hordes of undines from the elemental planes, summoned pygmy warriors and set millions of traps for the invading army.
The leaders of the Call knew that if they can block the invasion at the boarders of these two mighty kingdoms, the faith will survive. The faith will prosper more and the Foretians will be victorious. Thats why they concentrated all their defenses to there.
And the Isonians walked into the trap. The next day they were surrounded by undines, their evil commander Killer was captured and sent into prison (later he somehow escaped, probably because of the chaos) and the main offensive army of the Isonians got executed. The elemental army was once again victorious, but this was just the beginning.
The armies of the Call started their counteroffensives against the Renegades' clan. Mighty kobold armies, great salamander beast armies and huge dragonrider armies clashed the defenses of the isonians and broke in everywhere. On the other fronts, the war is also started, the Isonians started the offensives against the clan known as Fervent, the alliance of the Knights and the Paladins, chaos was rising high everywhere.
Then something happened.
The scouts spotted a new army, approaching from the south. The colors were different. The colors were golden! The scouts sent their report to the Inner Circle of the druids and the reports were lying at the table now. Aleda was staring at them with Master Jero, a dark druid also known as the Fist of the North.
There were also other druids around the table: Breiner, a druid who's appearance was random but right now he was here, Morthj, the fattest druid of the land, Suf, the master of manipulation and verbal magic, and Phaze, the sarcastic druid of the Circle, also known as worshipper and servant of the dark demi-god Laxian, a powerful being from another dimension.
King Sopoke was speaking: "Seems like we got assitance against the Isonians. We got help from the Dardenites in this bloody war, to put an end once and for all to the evil tyranny of Killer."
Thod, reincarnation of the Hierophant druid Ramirez replied: "Are you sure that they are coming with friendship? One of my man got murdered last night and we found a golden short sword next to his mansion."
Sopoke's eyes turned black as he was asking Aleda again: "Are we sure they are coming with friendship? Are we really sure?"
But before Aleda could answer, a general rushed into the room. "The Dardenites are launched sorcery attack against the glorious kingdom of Hoon!!! The buildings are being destroyed, the citizens are in panic.
Prince Thoraz, the only druid with a silly beard, ran out from the room and ordered his men immediately to re-set the defenses.
The armies of the Dardenites were approaching and the Call had to prepare their defenses once again! The resources were low, the men were tired of war. Another report arrived that the forests of Mortar are in fire, the tree-buildings are collapsing and the armies cannot do anything to stop it.
The Call's critical time has came, as the Dardenites flanked their armies...

~ Present time, part #2~

After Prince Thoraz and Master Jero left to rally their troops to defend their territories against the golden chaos, the remaining druids were making a plan.
Mastermind Aleda, the best tactician and strategist of the Inner Circle came up with a plan almost immediately.
Aleda: "I think instead of defending and diplomacy, we should launch and attack against the Darden homelands."
Sopoke: "Exactly my plan, collect informations from the eagle spies all over the Darden lands"
Two days later, the plans were lying at the oak table. THe plan was swift and deadly, focusing on the elves and droben legions of the golden army. Spies reported that the droben forces of the clan known as DIE consisted mostly nubashes, a powerful and fierce attacker creature who is extremely vulnerable to backattack.
King Sopoke issued orders for the druids and the armies turned away from the purple flagged lands. A few days later, the re-organized forces were ready to clash the dardenites.
Meanwhile, Mortar was completely burned down and Master Jero could only escape with a handful of his minions. There were reports of the falling of the forests of , once controlled by Ayr_Rik, faithful druid of the Call.
The dardenites didnt expect the counteroffensive. They tought the armies of the Call are fighting far away at the western front of Sopokeland, but they were wrong. At that night, there was a strange hole opened in the curtain of stars and the time has stopped. The next morning the men were rested and the resources were full, somehow. Nobody could find the answer, but this was the first sign... The armies of the Call demolished the hordes of DIE and started their march towards their homeland.
Then something happened. Something weird and strange that never happened before. The druids were shocked. The cities and citizens of the DIE were disappeared. They were not there anymore.
The druids constantly gathered around the Hierophant Stone in the Hierophant's forest. They were channelling to the higher Gods to get the answer, what happened.
The answer of the stars was shocking. Darden, the golden god, punished their children for their act! They were interfering into a war that wasn't Darden's, and directly against the God's will. Punishment was harsh and ethernal.
Questions. No answers.
"Why Darden helped us? Why did he punished his followers? Why Foret did nothing?"
The leaders of the Midnight Call ordered their men to head home and to the defenses again. The offensive against the Dardenites stopped. The faith was secured.
Yet, Foret was not happy with this. Domination. Total domination. The turning back of the armies was against Foret's will, the druids knew this. But what could they do? Rally the troops against other Dardenites, while their brothers are fighting a deadly war against the Lady's armies? Let them fight alone and march towards the Dardenites while their God just helped the Call? The Hierophant couldnt do this, this was against his honor and belief. First in his life, he acted against the will of Foret.
Next morning, when people woke up, something was different. There were no spies left. There were no scouts left. Eagles all disappeared from the sky.
Hierophant druid Thod was standing in his groove and tried to reach King Sopoke with channelling, but failed. How the hell is that possible? He never failed before! After shapechanged into wolf form and hurried to the next forest, where Lord Sail, a young but aspiring druid was meditating (he was also known as collector of strange green hats).
Thod: "Sail, are you ok?"
Sail: "I don't know. I cannot reach anyone through channelling, althou my other powers are working."
Thod: "Exactly. Same problem. Lets visit the other ones, we need to get the Inner circle together."
The next few days, they collected the druids all together into the room with the maple leaf tapestry. Thod started to speak:
Thod: "Fellow druids, seems like we cannot communicate anymore through the havens. I have a very bad feeling. Foret is not answering my prayers."
The Inner Circle replied and reported the same. Foret was silent.
Thod: "Is this a test from the God? And what is the reason?"
He was awaiting for answer from Foret, but something else happened.
A beutiful centaur appeared at the middle of the room. After a few moments, he started to talk in a warm, deep voice:
Centaur: "You was acting against the will of Foret."
Thod: "But we had no idea about the exact will of Foret. And who are you?"
Centaur: "I am the voice and messenger of the Golden One."
The druids were motionless. Darden's follower entered their lair and they couldnt do anything! How the hell this could happen?
Thod: "...but... how???....and why???"
Centaur: "My children, I see the turmoil in your soul. Why don't you free your will and mind? Why don't you stop trying to dominate the world and step back to the ancient druidic culture once again?"
Thod was thinking. After the long years of constant war against the Isonians the druidic duty became only secondary for him. This was Foret's goal? This is what he wanted?
The centaur was speaking again:
Centaur: "Darden has chosen you. He was protecting your way and lands and punished their own children to get you to His side. Do you think Foret would ever do that?"
Thod was staring to the ground, quiet.
Centaur: "Darden needs you."
The word 'need' did not avoid Thod's attention but he remained silent.
Then, the world suddenly felt different!
The druids felt an urge to say a prayer... but this time... to Darden!
The centaur was smiling then disappeared in a flash of light.
Sopoke: "So, its Darden. It was Darden behind all of this. And Foret didnt do anything to keep us along with His children."
Thod started the channelling ceremony... and it worked! Answers came again and the eagles appeared on the sky. In a few days, the towns and fortresses of the Midnight Call had flags of golden... a new age has begun!


GM: Hierophant Druid
AGM: Archdruid
Squad Leader: Great Druid
Full Member: Grand Druid
Member: Druid
Newbie: Heard the Call


This is The Midnight Callís 3rd era in Evernight.


Charter: Membership Requirements (although TMC isnít accepting new members too often): Most important requirement: must be active. Must follow ALL orders of The Outer and Inner Circle. Must not attack without prior authorization. (i.e. If you are attacked, you are not to attack back. This is what you do: a) scout the aggressor b) cut and paste the scout report to email and send it to you designated leaders as well as me c) If you were unseen, you may burn guildhalls, but you must inform your squad leader that you did burn.) You must communicate with your squad leader. a)ALL messages the leaders send to members must be answered in a timely manner.
Temperís Ball Rules: I would like everyone to try and post at least once a week. I will not tolerate anyone flaming other guilds and/or players. If you want to state facts to dispute someone's opinions go right ahead There is to be no vulgarity from TMC members posted in Temperís Ball. Let's keep it clean. If you refrain from the two things above then you shouldn't be able to make an ass out of yourself. (Temperís Ball rule #1) of course if you do make an ass of yourself, disciplinary actions will take place. First offense - warning second offense - discharge from TMC.
Squad Leaders Requirement: Must be able to check your kingdom once a day for the most part. Squad leaders will be required to give their designated Archdruids an update on their squad once a week when we are in a war. Update shall consist of information of each squad member, mostly about their active/inactive status: This is the information to send: kingdom number kingdom type (druid of Darden, eye of Darden, or warrior of Darden) army(including thieves) networth, total land, open land The next two should be send immediately. any scum attacks or scouting any attacks on land If 7 or 8 occurs notify me at once.

The Midnight Call's Chain of Command
Leader of the Inner Circle: Hierophant Druid This druid gathered all the power a mortal can get. He knows every secrets of the druids of the present. He is the head of the guild. He have the final word in any decision. He accepts the new and young druid apprentices. Also, rumors says that he is contacted with Darden himself.
Member of the Inner Circle: Archdruid There are always five Archdruids in the guild. They are the members of the Inner Circle. These wise and well experienced druids coordinates the guild. The five Archdruids also known in the Inner Circle as The Voice of Darden (Squads), The Eye of Darden (Scum), The Scimitar of Darden (War), The Lightning of Darden (Sorcery) and The Book of Darden (RP).
Master of the Outer Circle: Great Druid These druids gathered great power and proved themselves that they will use it in the name of the Nature only, so they got some additional ability from the Hierophant. These druids are mostly from the kast led by The Eye of Darden, and their most important task is constant information collecting to the Inner Circle. Also, these druids are the leaders of the Outer Circle.
Member of the Outer Circle: Grand Druid These druids stepped into the Outer Circle. They are mostly the guardians of the guild. Since they are very trusted people, The Voice of Darden usually charges them with the task of leading the squads while the guild is in a holy war.
Member of the Society: Druid Once after the time arrives, the Hierophant initiates the young apprentices into the druidic culture and grantes them some minor power. These druids are full members of the society, yet no members of the Outer or Inner Circles. These druids are working silently with their community and people, and are the backbone of the guild. Once an apprentice gets to this level, his appreciation in the guild greatly grows up.
New Member: One who heard The Call Once someone hears the Call of Darden, and he realizes he is a choosen one, and decides to join the guild, and the Hierophant accepts him, he is going to be in this "trial" rank.
Reasons for termination from guild: If you engage in any unauthorized attacks. If you use multiple accounts. If you do not play your kingdom on a regular basis. If you refuse to follow the chain of command. Making an ass out of yourself in Temperís Ball after being warned.

One can become a leader in TMC by showing their loyalty to the guild and Darden. If the members of the Inner Circle feels a member should be promoted to a leadership position then the Inner Circle will vote on whether or not to promote the member. In the event that I am unable to continue being The Hierophant Druid of The Midnight Call, this is what will occur: A vote will be held amongst the Inner Circle. A unanimous vote has to be reached on which Archdruid will take over. If the vote is unsuccessful then the veteran Archdruid will take over due to seniority. It is important to know that TMC is a family type clan, we arenít accepting foreigners into our ranks. There are a very few exceptions when we accept new members in a certain time, so if you donít contact me before you apply to the guild, we arenít going to accept you for sure. It is important that TMC members work together. We are a team.
Contact: Thod Email: mark.kubatov@aplus.hu ICQ: 5264064