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Created: 2003-10-29 08:45:49
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The Collective Brotherhood
He wandered for many years, stoping here and there, never calling anyone place home He had made many friends as well as a few enemies, but always under someone elseís Leadership; now was the time. There were times he thought felt right, but things did not work out. Maybe it was feeling unsure about his leadership abilities; maybe it was his lack of experience, all he knew was it never felt truly right. Now was the time.

He sought guidance from Isonia; as well as people he trusted, and all came back with the same response; now was the time. Though he had tried other faiths, Isonia had always been there and her blessings were abundant. He also felt that the followers of Darden and Foret had run amuck way to long. Their wars were without honor and meaning, most of their followers were without integrity. Someone or somebody needed to police their activities and, now was the time.

Now was the time to seek others who believed what he did and avenge the wrong doings done by those without integrity. Now was the time to bring honor to the most honorable Goddess of all Isonia. Now is the time to divide, conquer and then assimilate those choosing to worship one of the other Gods. Now is the time to make those that donít understand the true power of Isoniaís might, to feel her fury first hand. When all that is done, then will we show those converts to Isonia, her compassion and bountiful blessings.

So now he along with many others will begin a new journey. Though it has taken many ages to come to this point, and the path chosen had many peaks and valleys. Now is the time for a new guild to arise, and this new guild will be known as The Collective Brotherhood (TCB). Its purpose is to bring honor to those without honor. It will defend those that canít defend themselves, and help those that seek a higher calling to go and attain that for themselves. It will not aide those, who seek unworthy wars, and personal vendettas. Nor will The Brotherhood aide those not seeking the betterment of Isonia or its followers.

The Collective Brotherhood only seeks those whose actions will benefit the entire guild. Trust, respect, and honor will be given to all that chose the path; and all that chose the path will be expected to return the privileges extend to them. So bring forth your best cause your best will be expected of you. The Collective Brotherhood calls you, now is the time to answer that call.


Squad Leader: Squad Leader
Full Member: Soldier
Member: Trusted Member
Newbie: New Member


This is The Collective Brotherhood first age so our mission is small. We seek the betterment of our Guild as well as our God Isonia whom we have chosen to follow


If you think you are worthy to join the Brotherhood you need to contact Lord Phillo by email (bigrig1999@earthlink.net) or ICQ: 99115846

You will include the following information in your e-mail:
1. Kingdom name, number and Leader name.
2. Type of Kingdom (Warrior, Sorcery, or Scum).
3. Contact information such as e-mail and ICQ.
(All *new* members are required to have ICQ)
4. Game experience level and previous guild experience.

*Less experienced players are welcome and will be assigned a mentor to train them in their chosen type of kingdom. We only ask that you be active and communicate with the other guild members.


Code of Conduct and Ethics

Members will follow all Canon and Tempers Ball Rules. Anyone found to be disregarding the rules WILL be released from the Guild. No questions asked. Members are expected to obey orders from Superior officers. Cheating is not allowed in any form this includes multi accounts and OOC spying. If you are caught or suspected of either, you will be removed from our guild and reported to Evernight Staff.

a) COMMUNICATIONS: Good communication is essential for a Guild to be successful and prosper. You are encouraged to communicate with your fellow members and officers. That is why we want you to have ICQ or something equivalent. This way you can be contacted if needed. Also you will be required to report all attacks or scouts to your Squad leaders Anyone failing to comply in this part of our communication will be removed.

b) WAR and PEACE: Members will make their presence known within the guild and be active in the game during times of Peace and Guild Wars. Any member found to be inactive will be released from the guild without warning. No member is to attack unless they have an order to do so.

*This includes unguilded kingdoms. We will provide unguilded lands for you to attack when we are at peace.

d) ROLE PLAY: All members are encouraged to RP in Tempers Ball. Even though it is not required for Guild, we do expect you to make every effort to participate in guild forums and threads .

The rules of Tempers Ball must be followed. Those are:

-Do not make an ass of yourself.

- Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC unless asked specifically by staff.

- Do not spam.

- Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.

- Pornography, Piracy or other illegal material is not allowed.

- Do not post links or advertisements to hate or Anti-Evernight sites.

(This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.)

These are Guilds Forum specific rules:

1. Do not claim that threads are closed to the general public. As long as people are adding to the thread and not spamming or stalking then everyone is welcome in every thread.

2. No excessive vulgarity. As long as its part of the general post itís acceptable, but when youíre swearing just to swear it will be edited.

3. No revealing Voice alts.

4. No Shadow Guilds. (Shadow Guilds are groups of at least four people allied together for the purpose of combined strikes)

5. Do not post personal recruitment threads. There are faith threads created for that purpose.

6. Do not do anything that you or the Voice's think is unwarranted or in bad taste.

7. All posts in this forum are considered in character . If you would like to traditionally Role Play with your character please add (RP) or (RP Invite) for Role Play or Role Play Invite only to the end of your thread title.

Guild Ranks

1.)The Clan Lord/ GM

2.)The Clan Leader/ Co GM

3.)The Brothers/ these are those trusted explicitly and usually Squad leaders or those with higher privileges.

4.)The Squire/ all others in the guild and privileges assigned accordingly.

Rank descriptions 1.) The Clan Lord/ GM. He or she is the leader of the guild all decisions made for the guild will be done by him/her. They will also seek recommendations from the other leaders of the guild about day to day guild activities, but his or her decisions are final.

2.)The Clan Leader/ Co Gm. He or she is in charge if the Clan Lord is away. They will monitor all guild members activities and realms as well as make suggestion on how you can make your realm stronger.

3.)The Brothers have many task and may even be asked to perform special guild task.(i.e. AGM of Scum, and Sorc.)

4.)The Squire these are people new to the game will be give privileges according to their experience.

*if you are given a rank below a 4 you are at risk for removal you will be given a one week probation to either show your ability to be trusted or improve on areas that will be explained to you. Failure to follow those instructions will mean your removal from the guild.

5.)If the GM is unable to perform his duties then the role of GM will be taken over by the Clan Leader. If neither is available then the highest ranking member will take over till one or both return.


Promotions are based on guild involvement. Those who want to succeed make every effort to take part in all guild functions, as well as doing the extra things the guild needs (i.e. Scouting, participating in guild forums, ect.ect.)All things will be considered, and promotions and responsibilities will be pass out accordingly.