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Created: 2003-10-29 08:19:30
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“Who be it?” The young, grime encrusted woman paused in her foraging the alleyway for treasure, be it food or something to sell. Narrowly slit eyes peered first one way and then another, her form hunched protectively over some sort of object she held tightly to her stomach as she surveyed the area suspiciously.

A yelp escaped her throat as she leapt into the air, the rags she wore as clothing fluttering about her as she spun to face the opposite direction, her eyes now wide with fright and scanning the area desperately. “Wha’ ya wan’in’? Damnit! Dun ye be talkin’ ta me in me ear lik’ tha’ an hidin’ on me so’s I kint see ya!” She seemed to curl in on herself even more, backing into a corner with her precious treasure still enveloped in her custodial grasp.

“Nuh uh! No ways am I gunna do wha’ no frickin’ ghostie be tellin’ me ta do fer ‘im! No way in ‘ell em I gunna lissin ta ya tellin me whut ta do!” She paused a minute then, still looking frightened, then her visage turned to one of horror and despair. Tears began to pour down her face and she glanced down to the object in her arm, which began to squirm and mewl at that point..

“Ya kint hurt ‘em. Promise ya wunt hurt ‘em. Please? Please dunt. I be doin’ whutevah ya say, jes please dun hurt me babies.” She was near bawling by this point, rocking back and forth on her heals, wailing into her arms. She sat like this for a good twenty minutes, moving nowhere else and saying nothing else more than ‘Dun hurt me babies’ over and over again. Finally though, she seemed to calm a bit and she nodded, wiping her eyes with a dirt encrusted hand.

“Ruls? Ya means I gots ta lissin ta ruls too?” She appeared to be bothered by this concept, but only for a moment until the panic came back into her eyes. “Aight! Aight I lissin. I tell ya back to em lik ya’s says.” She listened intently, head cocked slightly to one side as her treasure squirmed a little more in her arms as if to remind her what was at stake.

“DARDEN?!!” She shreaked, and rather loudly, shaking her head violently back and forth, seeming more afraid of that name than whatever it was she appeared to be listening to. “Nuh uh!! No ways in ‘ell ‘im I gunna werk fer no demned...” Her voice trailed off quickly the moment her bundle seemed to constrict and began mewling plaintively.

“Aight! I will! Please jes’ stop i’! I will! Promise! I’ll ‘elp Darden!” The mewling stopped as quickly as it had started, the young woman trembling violently in her little ball.

“Darden I be werkin’ fer. I be havin’ ta tell tha others whut ta do. No mercy. No quarter. I gots it. I dun wants ta do it but ya givin’ me no choice. I do tha job whut ya telli’ me ta do.”

She seemed to sag in on herself in relief as a few more moments passed and then she took a long, slow deep breath before getting to her feet, looking around herself distrustfully. When she appeared to completely relax she began to grumble under her breath on her way out of the alley.

“Ain’t no ways I wanna be ‘round other peoples, dun wanna tell ‘ems whut ta do, dun wanna go ‘en hurt peoples neither. Dun e’en knows whut tha’ point of dis ting is fer annaway. Stupid voices.”


GM: Boss Lady
AGM: Does whut dere tol' good
Squad Leader: Does whut dere tol' sorta
Full Member: Does whut dere tol' kinda
Member: Does whut dere tol'
Newbie: Huh? Who da 'ell you be?


This is IRC's Second Age


TB Rules
1. Do not make an ass of yourself
2. Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC, unless specifically asked to by staff.
3. Do not spam or post redundant messages.
4. Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.
5. Pornography, piracy, or other illegal material is not allowed.
6. Do not post links or advertisements to hate or anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.

Contact GM – Corrin aka Mercurial ICQ 9446473 E-mail raven@gothicroase.org

Occur when someone dies (leaves the guild) or the Voice says so.

GM – Boss
Other people that are supposed to do what they’re told
There are no further official ranks
If the Boss ‘Dies’ then the Voice (out of character, myself) will choose another to take her place.

Guild Goals
IRC is, to put it simply, Chaos. We are to be unpredictable with our actions. We may, or may not explain them. We aren’t entirely certain if our GM is sane or not so not everything she tells us to do may seem rationale. We’re here to cause trouble and disaster but mostly we’re here to have fun. All members will post IC only. If you wish to post OOC, then use a non-guild alt. RP is not enforced but encouraged.

We will accept outside applications only with an e-mailed reason why you feel you would be an asset to the guild. If I receive no email within 3 days of your application you will be rejected with no reason.
All outside applicants, upon acceptance, will be granted a 1 month probation. At any time during that month, if we feel you are not an asset to the guild, you will be let go. You may or may not receive a reason you agree with, but you will be given a reason.

~Much Love