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Created: 2003-10-27 06:53:47
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Faith: Leto


Fires of Eternal Light

The silent serenity of the ocean shore vanishes, as the heavy pounding of the waves against the sand is heard throughout the land. Some mystics can use this breaking of water as a tool, a tool that can be used to tell the future. One of these mystics stands by the side of a sprawling fire in the center of the beach. Next to him lies a young child, around the age of 4, and his father, who stands with his sword in hand. He listened to the mystic as he preaches his knowledge. He tells the father the future of his child, the prophecy that he will become. His story was long, and few remember all that he said, but his speech can be summed up in 3 parts.

The first tells of the betrayal of son to father.

The second tells of the betrayal of God to follower.

The third tells of gift of life.

The father could not understand what the mystic meant, but he understood that his son was a danger to him. He took all the precautions that he could, and began by locking his son in the dungeon. He soon realized that no matter what he does, as long as the son knows of his heritage, he could come back to betray him. He decided to give his son away to a peasant family, and so he did, and pretended like he never had done so.

The peasant took the child in with open arms, and soon named him Mickal Redwater. He taught the boy how to fight, and how to prosper by his lonesome. Mickal grew up fast, and never learned of his real heritage. When he reached the age of 16, his foster father was killed fighting in a war, he fought alongside their god, Barnabas, against the armies of Angelique. Mickal inherited his farm, but soon afterward he had found out the truth. His foster father had written him a letter, one to be read if he never returned from battle. The letter told the truth, and Mickal would fill his destiny. He took his foster father’s sword, and on it he engraved “You were my father, blood or not.” He went to his real father, and murdered him without a problem at all. He took over his estate and formed a great kingdom under the flags of Barnabas.

Soon, all of that changed, and Mickal would be forced to fell the wraith of the second prophecy. He served under Barnabas for two years, and one day his entire life changed. He formed a group of radicals, who under the name of Barnabas wrecked havoc upon the lands. They used guerrilla tactics to become more powerful than any other of their status. Mickal had led his group to fame and victory, until one night it all changed. While at camp along the shore where his father had once listened to the mystic, and where Mickal had slaughtered his own blood, they were attacked by revolutionary forces, of the same faith. These Barnabas followers destroyed the entire camp, and stabbed Mickal in the back. Mickal was blinded, and he was mortally wounded.

His friends, Cluesen and Wein, managed to save his life, and help him live for weeks to come, but he was blind, and crippled, and useless to the cause. Night after night he prayed to Barnabas and the Gods for help and guidance, and asked why he would command his followers to attack him and his men, who devoted much to the prophet. He received no answer, and lived in sadness and near death.

Then one night, a vision came to him, a vision of a beautiful women. He was shocked, because he could see through his blindness. She told Mickal that she would cure him of all his wounds, if he would fight for her. She was the prophet Angelique. Mickal agreed, because he was already betrayed by Barnabas, and had no desire to fight for him anymore. The shore where he stood lit on fire, and lights flashed all around. Mickal could see again, and he stood in amazement as the waters he had lived by because a beautiful forest, that cured him of all his illnesses. Then, as soon as the forest appeared, it lit on fire. The fires burned, and burned, and did not stop. The light was so bright, and it burned for an eternity.

However, the harmony did not last long. Soon Mickal became ill. And during his madness, he once again had the crazy dreams that started hell in his head. He could not live a day without falling ot the ground ailing. All of the Angelique priests tried to cure him, but all failed. Mickal cursed those who could not help him, and often sentenced them to death.

The members of FEL knew that this was not the Mickal they had followed.. for he would never kill a follower for no reason. And so they began quests of knowledge to help him.

A strange man visited Mickal in a dream. He told him that all of his troubles would fade away if he discontinued his following of the false prophet. He told Mickal he could cure him. Mickal was suspicious.. but knew it was his only hope.

No one in FEL had a problem with the change it faith, because their loyalty was to their leader and not their religion. Mickal was cured, as promised, and soon fought under the flgs of Leto. Mickal and his friends took this opportunity to fight for the new Prophet, and they lived within the Fires of Eternal Light, that shine forever in their hearts.


GM: Fire Avatar
AGM: Archmage
Squad Leader: Inferno Advocate
Full Member: Magick Apprentice
Member: Woodland Squire
Newbie: Training Scribe


FEL is back since December 2004 but our roots lie way in the past


The FEL Constitution

We the people, of the Fires of Eternal Light, have the right to freedom, land and liberty. In a dangerous age as this one, the sane must ban together. A guild united shall live, and prosper. That is the basis of FEL. Unity and Loyalty. After swearing loyalty to the Fire Avatar, you are swearing yourself a potential warrior of FEL, and you will be needed to fight, and defend the guild in Leto‘s name.

Section 1: Guild Leadership

1.1 Description of Ranks

The Guild is composed of the Three Fire Avatar, Archmages, and then Inferno Advocates, Magick Apprentice, Woodland Sqiure, and Training Scribe. The ranks are decided by the Fire Avatars.

1.2 Fire Avatars

The Fire Avatars of FEL are in charge of directing the guild and overseeing its safety. The Fire Avatars word is final. There are 3 Fire Avatars. They all do different tasks at different times, but there is always one chief Fire Avatar. If the Chief Fire Avatar desires to quit, he may appoint a replacement at his discretion.
The Current Chief Fire Avatar is Cluesen.

1.3 Archmages

The Archmages are warriors who have served FEL for countless ages. They are highly trusted. The Archmages assist the Avatars whenever needed. Their wisdom and advice is invaluable. The Fire Avatars will appoint Archmages whenever they see fit.

1.4 Inferno Advocate

These members are of high authority in the guild. They will usually be helping out the newer members. They can view members and edit banner like an AGM. If there is ever a need for an AGM, usually one of these will be promoted. These members are some times squad leader. Usually up to 5 of these, maybe more. They are also those who can become assistants to the AGMs.

1.5 Magick Apprentice

Highly regarded member, usually could be a squad leader. Will be informed much important information, and their opinion is considered always. Can be a lot of these, depending on how trusted the person is.

1.6 Woodland Squire

Full member, has access to the members list. Has gained trust of the GM or AGM, and will loyally fight with the guild. Limited access to important information (such as what guild we are attacking).

1.7 Training Scribe

Entry level, cannot see the members list. Will be promoted when the GM or AGM thinks is ready.

Section 2. Guild Wars

The guild always needs enough land to grow and support itself. That is why, the inhabitants of FEL will need to have wars to expand it, or to protect it. We people of FEL, however worship Leto and are for peace. We promote peace, but in dire circumstances we will take arms.

2.1 Declaring Guild War

Anytime the Avatar desires a war, he can propose it to the Avatars and the Archmages. After careful discussion and thought, FEL will attack if the Avatars see fit.

2.2 Being Declared On

If at anytime, forces from an enemy nation attacks the guild, The Warriors shall retaliate with everything that is needed for defending.

2.3 War Procedure

An Avatar will direct the war in some kind of guild meeting. All members are expected to attend, or be excused ahead of time.

Section 3 Internal Guild Affairs

3.1 Ranks

Guild members will be promoted from time to time, depending on how loyal, and your devotion to the guild. Do not ask for a promotion.

3.2 Squads

From time to time, there will be new squads posted. You are to ally with your squad given. Each squad will have a squad leader who they will listen to for information and guidance. Failure to comply with these terms will result in punishment. See Punishment

3.3 Squad Leaders

A squad leader is a highly trusted member of the guild. Requirements to Become A squad leader: Must be active, dedicated and show an understanding of the art of war and efficient kingdom management. Squad Leaders will be appointed, so don't ask to be one.

3.4 Change of Fire Avatar

If the GM is unable to do his duties, the AGM of War will take over being GM, or fill in for the GM until he is able to fulfill his job.

Section 4 FEL Member Expectations

4.1 List of Rules

1.Do not attack, sorcery, or scum other guilds that FEL is not at war with.

2. Do not violate any of the Canon Lords Rules and Tempers Ball Laws. These rules include:

a. No Vulgarity or Profanity.

b. Do not make a fool out of yourself.

c. Do not post accusations of cheating.

d. Do not post bug reports.

e. Do not post redundant messages (no spamming)

f. Do not post realm numbers, realm names or account names for ANY of the games

3. Be an active member of the guild.

4. Follow your commanding officers orders.

5. Have some fun, but don't be a moron.

6. Be respectful: Respect me, Decae and even the littlest newbie. Rudeness will not be accepted. Be polite.

7. Any cheating, or disobeying rules are causes for dismal. There are excuse nor exemptions to this rule.

4.2 Punishments

If you break any of these rules, depending on the crime, you could be banned, or demoted.

Section 5: Rights of an FEL member

Being a member of FEL entitles you to certain rights.

1. Right to attack in a war.

2. Right to post in Tempers Ball but following rules.

3. Right to be defended.

4. Right to be in a squad (unless scummer).

Section 6: Acceptance Requirements

To be accepted in guild, you must email Cluesen the following items:

1) Kingdom Name and Number

2) Experience in Canon

3) How many times with guild.

4) ICQ number/email address.

5) Whether you are scum, sorcery, or warrior.

6) What time zone you are in/what times you can be on.

Section 7: Co-GM Contact Info:

CoGM Cluesen: Cluesen2@t-online.de - ICQ 81623016
CoGM Mickal: Mickal14@Comcast.net
CoGM Master of Puppets - ICQ 304052916