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Created: 2003-10-27 05:21:42
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The lock snapped open and a woman gently opened the door. Five years of watching and two short weeks of planning an escape. She slipped through the dungeon's iron entrance and stepped out into the dark. She was gone in seconds. No alarm was raised, and no eye saw her go.

The next few days were tough; eating what she could from the forests that bordered heathen territory. A man, having escaped his prison only days earlier, attacked her. She easily turned his attack aside and after a brief moment of questioning, they became allies. Both had been wronged, and both wanted revenge.

After a warm welcome, an Isonian civilization became their home. She played music for hire, and her companion worked as a blacksmith. In the course of two years they watched and listened, and carefully selected the best of the town and trained them. An elite group of scum, sorcery, and warriors formed in seclusion. Several days before the completion of the last trainee, heathens attacked the city. The group knew of the attack well beforehand, and within hours, the heathens were driven from the city.

Several members of the city had witnessed two members of the underground group battling the heathens, and they were called upon to receive the highest honor. The rest of the group kept quiet and allowed the two members to receive the honor. Rumors spread about the existence of what was soon called "our protectors", and the reputation alone kept the city from being destroyed by neighboring heathens.

A scroll dropped in his lap. "The time has come." The messenger left, and the receiver of the parchment read it carefully. The parchment was called the Casia Apices, or as better known, the Casapi. It was passed around the members of the elite group for communication; it never fell into the wrong hands. For years, it was never compromised. Several hands had contributed to what lay before him, and he read and reread for many minutes. After four years, the city had not fallen to heathen hands, although bigger and more powerful cities had fallen easily. The three main Isonian kingdoms outside the city were on the breach of destruction and needed a protector. The parchment made it very clear who was to protect them.

He threw the Casapi into the fire, and watched as the fire consumed it.

They were leaving their reputation with the town, and moving out. A new guild was to be born.


GM: Primoris
AGM: Alter
Squad Leader: Tertius Honorary AGM
Full Member: Medius
Member: Ceterus
Newbie: Novitius


Arcanus Invisu once existed in the world of Monarchy, ages ago.



GM: Primoris
AGM (second in command): Alter
AGM: Tertius
Captains: Medius
Members: Ceterus
Probationary: Novitius

GM, The Guild Master, the highest authority and whose decisions are final.
The GM's job is to:
1. Make decisions in the best interest of our faith and to do all we can to support and protect those that follow our god, Isonian.
2. The GM will do what is necessary to insure communication amongst members of the guild, and faith. This includes contact with other GM's and leaders of the faith. We are not just warriors, scummers and sorcerers but we are friends OOC and IC. This guild is a way to foster those friendships and to bring us together with a common interest.
3. The GM will be responsible for every aspect of the guild, however she will welcome the help and guidance of every member of the guild. A GM is only as good as his or her advisors. The success or failure of a guild rides on the shoulders of every member and the glory and accolades are the result of the successes, not of the GM, but every member of the guild working for a common goal.

Even a new member has the responsibility, as a member of this guild to inform the GM if they feel there is something that may be hampering our abilities to attain our goals.
The GM will continuously be looking to improve our strategies for building, defense and aggression. Members above the rank of Novitius are entitled to reap the benefits of all we have learned in their field of study and only need to ask. All questions deserve an answer, so please ask if there is anything, you want to know. Some things are reserved for certain specialties; sorcerers will not be given the secrets of scum and vice versa. We will tell you all you need to know to become proficient in your chosen profession.

AGM (second in command): Alter
The Alters are the backbone and workhorses of the guild. They are fully trusted and can take over the guild at any time in my absence. They can declare war and negotiate a treaty. They are for all purposes the acting GM's in my absence, their countries may even hold the GM tools for the guild.

AGM: Tertius, this is an honorary AGM title. This rank will be more an honor than a responsibility. They are fully trusted members of the guild and their extensive knowledge in their chosen specialties necessitate a differential treatment between this rank and member rank.

Captains: Medius
These are the leaders and the bulk of the veteran guild members will carry this rank. These are trusted members, generally squad leaders.

Members: Ceterus
This is the rank of members after the probationary period. The rank of Ceterus rank is a full-fledged member and may begin to learn the secret ways of the guild. Here is where the bulk of the learning takes place. The education you receive here is expected to be imparted upon another new member of the guild as you move up the chain of command. We are only as good as our worst member is. If there is something your not quite sure of please don't hesitate to ask.

Probationary: Novitius
This is, as it seems, a probationary member. This rank will last only 4 weeks except in time of war. You will have 4 weeks to prove to the guild that you can abide by these very simple rules:

Guild rules to be followed by everyone:
1. Do not post in BH in such a way as to bring dishonor, disgust, or embarrassment to the guild. Only the GM and AGM are to give their opinions on guild related issues. Do NOT flame a member of the Isonian faith.

2. You must follow all the rules in Tempers Ball/Canon.

Guilds Forum Rules:

A. Do not claim that threads are closed to the general public. As long as people are adding to the thread and not spamming or stalking then everyone is welcome in every thread.

B. No excessive vulgarity. As long as its part of the general post its acceptable, but when your swearing just to swear it will be edited.

C. No revealing Voice alts.

D. No Shadow Guilds. (Shadow Guilds are groups of at least four people allied together for the purpose of combined strikes)

E. Do not post personal recruitment threads. There are faith threads created for that purpose.

F. Do not do anything that you or the Voice's think is unwarranted or in bad taste.

G. All posts in this forum are considered in character . If you would like to traditionally Role Play with your character please add (RP) or (RP Invite) for Role Play or Role Play Invite only to the end of your thread title.

Note: These are subject to change, they are just a basic guideline.

3. You must have some form of communication, preferably ICQ.

4. Communicate and be online, the more the better.

5. Only an AGM or GM can help you with your kingdom until you reach member status.

6. Never repeat any guild info. Never share faith info with a heathen. (This includes the guild banner; do not repeat any info you see there)

7. No cheating.

8. Have fun, this is a game!

Contact info:
Cindy 2769582 ICQ;
carmstr835 AIM;