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Created: 2003-10-26 11:37:25
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Leadership. That rare quality of a man or woman to bring a people together and bind them through hardship, through success, and through defeat. It had died with Triath.

It had been believed that his legacy would go on even though, through the efforts of his son. But this proved to be the downfall of the kingdom for he was not his father.  It was said that Triath had united the 3 kingdoms into one.  This was surely the truth, as well as the fact that it was his son, Dealaich, who in turn during his time split it once more.

When history looked back at the events which followed, some would claim that the destruction of a once proud kingdom was the fault of the Militia.  Books would be written discussing how no matter how dissatisfied the populace might have been... treason was not the answer.  And many of the members of the Militia would be the first to agree to these statements to a certain point.

Likewise these histories would criticize the young king. They could not look kindly upon the policies which began to tear asunder the lifetime work of his father, policies which were the product of an un-centered youth influenced by the wills of minds greater than his own.

Riaghtroor: It was a kingdom of three; Aon, Dara, and Trian. Uniting 2 faiths in co-existence. Foret & Darden side by side, differing beliefs, but a common goal. And so it had survived into the reign of Dealaich. Months passed and small changes began. Raised taxes and the central realm of Aon began to flourish, advancing, while the two Darden kingdoms began a slow decay. Where moneys had been split evenly between the three in the lifetime of Triath, now the flow was one way, into the coffers of Aon.

The local taverns of Trian began to hear the whispers of discontent patrons who were beginning to see their hard earned money go towards families who lived nowhere near.  They began to see the prejudices of their king against certain factions of his own people.  They were nothing but whispers, but the unrest still existed.

News of malcontent eventually reached the ears of Dealaich, who was greatly disturbed.  His advisors were called in to inform him of where all the money was going.  "Back to the people sire," they all of course replied.  They all cited examples of schools, hospitals, maintenance of infrastructure and the list went on.

"All the examples though, they are for the people of Aon... what money has been distributed to Dara and Trian?"

They all glanced at each other, knowing that they would have to choose there words most cautiously.  One of them finally mustered up the courage to take the spotlight off the others.  "Sire, do not confuse the generosity we have shown to Aon as spite against the others.  What good is having 3 average sections of a kingdom.  Your father spent a lifetime uniting the kingdom into one mind and cause.  Now it is up to you to decide what that cause will be.  YOU will make his efforts worth something.  YOU will make Riaghtroor great!  We are only... beginning with Aon.  The capital of your legacy."

"And what of Dara and Trian in the meantime?  Already their taxes have been raised %20 with nothing to show for their loss.  How much more will we ask from them?  How much will they put up with?  How can I make my father's kingdom great if I destroy it first?"

"With the last tax raises we have dedicated a portion of the new money to the creation of certain buildings in Aon.  For buildings to be made, we need workers.  A majority of the workers shall come from both Trian and Dara, and therefore the money from the building fund will go to them as well.  With your blessing of course, we are also prepared to dispatch conscription notices to the younger men of the outer regions. A pension would go to their families from their acquisitions through war.  And with the absence of their young men, they will have little means to make good on their murmurs."

Within several years since the beginning of Dealaich's ascendancy to his throne, members of the Darden faith had found that they had become nothing more than third class citizens of a great empire.  Their sons were the cannon fodder and laborers of a new society.  And most had come to accept it.  Hoping for better days, but not seeing any reason for complaining about a society they could not change.  After all, many worse kings had governed in the past, it just took some adjusting to the difference between him and their last king.

Some were not as accepting of the change however.  The land began to see the birth of many more silent meetings with every new law, tax, or conscription notice was passed.  Most of the men attending these meetings were still not in favor of open revolt however.  Most of the men weren't even to the point where they wouldn't object to someone else openly revolting.  The wrath of a king was not something you wanted anywhere near you... even if it wasn't pointed towards you specifically.

Not everyone however fell into this category.  The idea of revolution would never enter many of the kingdoms minds if there was a class of man pointing them into that direction.  These manipulators of the mind would be come to be remembered as passionate agitators, who feared the deaths that would come in the future from lack of action more than the damage that acting then could ever bring.

Secret was not the same thing as unknown however.  News of these meetings also reached the ears of the king, as did the new armory of weapons being formed in the city of Srad, just barely east of his precious capital.  Of course the agitators knew that such a base would not go unnoticed.

Perhaps these manipulators might have warned them not to combine so many resources at one location.  However, they really wouldn’t be agitators if they helped in any way to delay the inevitable.  It was obvious their rulers would not let their grip go.  Revolution would be fought by this generation, or they would have to watch it be fought in a much bloodier scenario by their children.  The king’s grip would only become stronger as time progressed.

Unprovoked, unchallenged, and with nothing in their way, the King’s army marched on Srad, seizing arrows, bows, swords, and spears of a quantity large enough to arm over 1000 soldiers.  It would be no surprise the outrage this caused the citizens of Trian as there women, children, and old men were butchered for the sake of making an “example”.

Agitators, Manipulators, War-Mongers, and the like rose up publicly for the first time demanding that an end be forced upon the king’s ridiculous actions.  For many, the questions that once inhabited their minds were no longer there.  They were either for a revolution now or never would be.  Except perhaps one group… though Dealaich would in the end secure their allegiance against him as well.

In the house of Saoi stood a man richly grayed to accompany his old age.  In his hands he held a sword, jeweled with the simple emblem of Riaghtroor designed upon its handle.  Three bows now pointed towards the head of this man, who, though he feared the direction his new king would take, had remained the most loyal of servants until this very moment.

“For many years I have served my lord and master.  Through battle, peace, good decisions… and bad.  I trusted him with my life.  And he trusted me with his.  This sword was a gift to me from him as reward for my faithfulness.  And now, for his son to send you into my presence with these demands that I relinquish my right, my honor, given unto me by Triath…  This is a dishonor I refuse to accept.  You are unwelcome in my house.  Leave now, or you will not leave at all.”

For the King had followed the advice of his advisors. He demanded the forfeiture of arms, from warriors young and old, those who had served his father….those who would now serve him were he only to serve them in turn. Instead he had served upon them the greatest of insults. Distrust.

He made many more enemies than that single soldier of old.  In that instant when he signed the order to disarm his people… he created something more powerful within his kingdom.  He armed what once was nothing but an army of farmers, blacksmiths, masons, and cooks with a backbone of some of histories greatest warriors. He created, through distrust and through tyranny, the MILITIA.

They needed little prompting to revolt against their King. He had fed the fire of their discontent well enough in the passing months. He had denied them the fruits of their own labor, giving it instead to their neighbors, his faithmates. To the folk of Darden he gave nothing but the dishonor of disarmament.

And so did the Militia form. A gathering of ancient soldiers, sons of soldiers, farmers, cooks, blacksmiths… Men of all classes, but of a single faith…of a single nation. They were the Militia, born of Trian, bathed in the blood of a hundred wars. They were loyal to the idea of a united country of Riaghtroor….but a united country of equality. For this, the Militia fought.


GM: Oracle/Speaker/Whisperer
AGM: Councilor
Squad Leader: Recruit
Full Member: Recruit
Member: Recruit
Newbie: Conscript


The Uprising Begins


Oversees the activities of the leadership. Has the power to override election process if the Speaker proves unfit. Head advisor to the Speaker. Responsible for all applicants to the guild.

Elected from the Councilors by the Councilors as the guild spokesman and decision maker with the aide of the Whisperer and Oracle.

Runner up to the Speaker in election process. Aides the Speaker or, in the case of his/her absence or inability, replaces the Speaker.

Elected from within their faction (that of Champions & Rogues currently but this will change in time) to lead their particular specialty and provide reports to the Speaker.

All members of the Militia which have proved their dedication.

Un-proven member of the Militia.


Tempers Ball Rules are to be followed at all times.

Application Procedures
Acceptance is easy. Apply. If you stay, that depends on your level of activity and your willingness to communicate with the leaders of the guild. If you make the first step of applying, we'll make the step of contacting you. But you will not remain a Militia member if you do not suitably reply afterwards.

Other than promotion from conscript to recruit which is based upon contact information and availability

In the rare case of the disappearance of an Oracle, they will fill that place with any member of the guild excluding Councilors. Current Factions Within The Militia
Champions (Warriors & sorcerers set on destroying the heathens)
Rogues (The information gathers and saboteurs)