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Created: 2003-10-26 08:56:54
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There is a small place called Lands of the Peace not far away from the lands of Tismad. There lived a happy group of people who believed in peace. They believed that all three faiths should live in peace, or do they? Whenever there was a conflict between our faith and the other two, their leader -- Immortality would punishes them heavily, for he believes that war would not bring harmony to his people, until he realized that his people did not want peace, but wanted to bring honor to Isonia.

* * * *

It was a peaceful morning, as usual, both Immortality and Immortal the Second went to the forest to hunt. Immortality thought that this was just another usual day, where they hunted food for their lunch and dinner, but he did not know, that this day, would change his life forever.

Immortal the Second went into the woods hunting. He saw a big, fat deer, and so he chased after it. A Foret and a Darden follower saw this Isonian, and made a plan to kill him. Immortality was chasing after another deer, when suddenly, he heard his son scream. He quickly ran over to where his son was, all he saw was a pile of blood. Anger and rage had built up in him as his son, with his final breath, whispered,

Revenge..... Revenge....... Forets......Dardens.....

With that, he died. Immortality took his son's body and went back to the kingdom.

* * * *

His people saw him filled with despair, looking at his son, they began to cry. Immortality went back to the castle, thinking about the scene, and the words......
Revenge..... Revenge....... Forets...... Dardens......
Suddenly, his faithful servant, Bill, came in with a scroll. On it, was a petition, asking him to stop his belief in peace for it did not bring harmony to his people.

Dear Lord Immortality,
This is a petition saying that we do not like peace, we like war. Please bring honor to us because we are willing to fight and die for Her.
Artsh, Dash, Iash, Kash, Pash, Pish, Sash, Sish, Spash
Yours truly,
People of Lands of the Pain

Immortality called in Matt, his faithful friend, and told him this matter, soon, he accepted the scroll and told his servant,
Ask all the people to come to my palace, for I have a matter to deal with them
And so, his servant went to tell them

The next morning came, Immortality stepped up the tavern, looking down to his people, he says,
From now on, we will not believe in peace, for it did not bring harmony to us. His people looked surprise for he had changed so quickly, as if he were not himself, but a new person. He continued, My son was murdered by a Foret and a Darden follower... I will hold my words, from this day on, it will only be the Isonia who live, we will serve Isonia to the FULLEST!

There was a pause. Then a loud sound. What was it? Suddenly, thousands of followers of Dardens has poured inside.

Warriors! said Immortality, Pick up your weapons!

Everyone picked up their weapons and there was a long fight. Soon, the followers of Dardens were dead, some Isonians also died in the battle. A few moments later, Immortality speaks again.

It has BEGUN! We are not our old selves anymore. We now serve Isonian in battle, we will fight till our last breath, either we die or they die. From now on, we are the LEGIONS OF DESTRUCTION in the LANDS OF THE PAIN. Act as immortals everyone, for there is a long battle ahead of us.


GM: Godfather of Chaos/GM
AGM: High Guard of Chaos/AGM
Squad Leader: Smecheru of Chaos
Full Member: Momento of Chaos
Member: Kombator of Chaos
Newbie: Baby of Chaos


Legions is here for the first time :D


This is a guild for active players, those who listens to orders and those who fight for Isonian's honor. If you are not active, then this is not the place for you. We expect you to participate in war chat daily.

Rules of Guild
1. You must be active always, I, and the GMs and AGMs don't expect you to log on once every hour. Log on at least once everyday or every two day but no more than that.
2. If you are away for a few days, let me or the other GMs know, so we won't boot you or count you as inactieves.
3. Listen to what the people who are higher rank than you are saying, and follow their orders, especially GMs and AGMs.
4. We will give out warnings to people who misbehave, breaking rules of guild or rules or Tempers Ball. The first warning is just a warning, the second one will result in demotion (to rank 5 or 6), the third warning would just be bye bye to our guild.
5. Be at war chats always.
6. Respect everyone.
8. RP is not necessirily here, but encouraged to do so.
9. All guild matters are decided in a voting manner, all GMs and AGMs have the privilege to vote.
10. Here are the rules of TB, do not break them, might result in booting from our guild.
1. Do not make an ass of yourself.
2. Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC, unless asked by staff.
3. No spamming.
4. Porno or other illegal items/materials is a nono.
5. Do not list kingdom numbers and names on the board.
6. Do not post link or advertizements to hate or anti-evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.
*NOTE: breaking rules 4 & 6 of tb will result in booting immediately, no excuses or exceptions. No warning will be given.

Application to Guild
In order for you to apply, you MUST email us at Legions_of_Destruction@hotmail.com with the following info:
1. Your kingdom name and number
2. Previous guild and rank in guild
3. time zone you are in and where you are from
4. Style you play: Scummer, warrior, or sorcerer
5. Why you want to join our guild

Ranks in Our Guild
1. Godfather of Chaos (GM) - The Godfathers of Chaos control the guild and gives orders to thier fellow guild mates.
2. High Guard of Chaos(AGM) - They are the second highest in rank. They are also trusted and skilled member, and can also give out orders during war chats if GM's not present.
AGM Cabinets--- These positions will only be available via application, in order to be accepted, you MUST give me reasons why you think you can handle this job :P
- AGM of Scum -- gives out orders and train scummers
- AGM of Sorc -- gives out orders and train sorcerers
- AGM of Diplomacy -- plans relation with other guilds and faiths, a NAP will occur only if approved by all GMs and AGMs in a voting manner.
- AGM of Punishment -- punishes the bad, if found abuse of power, your position will be taken away immediately, and a demotion will occur.
- AGM of Banner -- takes cares and updates banner
- AGM of War -- helps and gives out orders for attackers
3. Smecheru of Chaos- They are trusted member and will lead squads, ranked third in guild and will have access to banner.
4. Momento of Chaos- They have proven thier loyalty and might have to option to view privates.
5. Kombator of Chaos- They have shown some loyalty to the guild.
6. Baby of Chaos- They are new to the kingdom or those that are currently under punished.

Ways of Promotion & Demotion
You will be promoted if you have shown your loyalty to us. Actively participating in war chats and respecting other people would be the best way of being promoted. Promotion comes with Demotion. Demotion will occur if you are inactive, as mentioned in rules, without reasons, might be booted from our guilds, not showing up for war chats or not listening to orders will result in demotion.

GM Disappearance
In case the GMs are busy, and cannot act as GM, the other GMs will be in charge. If all GMs are unavailable, then I or the other GMs will choose the most trusted AGM to be in charge.

Contact List
GM: Immortality ICQ: 344173084 Email: Legions_of_Destruction@hotmail.com
Co-GM: Matt ICQ:309423695 Email: matt72988@yahoo.com
AGM: Bill ICQ:290031966 Email: btip_23@hotmail.com