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Created: 2003-10-01 09:00:42
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SEXAY General information

Draven sat quietly, pondering the fates of his most recent allies. DEAD, all dead.
He had followed blindly, after stepping away from command some years ago.
Now their lands lay in ruins. The carnage was rife and unjustified. The leadership was inept, and foundering and He could bare the stench of defeat no more.
This would NOT happen again,
Their precious leader lay lifeless on the field of battle.
Astenon a Precious leader?!
..Draven scoffed to himself...
The blade that felled him a blessing to Darden, and a sign to Draven.
The time to lead had come again.
The followers of Darden shall once again strike fear into the hearts of the heathen masses.
The skulls of the fallen, shall be crushed under our boot-heels as we march to glorious victory.
No race shall be turned away, as we rally around the banners of War. no quarter shall be given the enemy, and no mercy shown.
The time has come to bathe the name of Darden in the blood of the infidels.


To Long had the Leaders of the faith of Darden been indecisive, save a few. The entire war effort was in turmoil. Time and time again Draven had watched the short-comings of that leadership cost the lives of far to many. To long had the faith failed to pool its forces and strike the type of blow he had seen in the old days. the Days when wars were fought with intelligence and without mercy. He had followed Astenon, had done his bidding and tried to carry out his wishes, but time and time again his wishes had been costly and flawed. Now the rumors of Draven's own blade being the very one that had ended his life, passed from the lips of many like small secret breezes. Astenon was dead, and Draven cared not, he knew what he must do.

The entire faith shall rock at the foundations of its beliefs, for now Draven had put out the great call. rallying those who tired of small and selfish thinking leaders who thought only of self gain. He stood before any that would listen, and made his pledge. I Draven swear by my own blood that we shall dine in the very halls of the heathens and rejoice at the cries of their women. We shall dance on their bones and drink of their blood. The time has come for the faith of Darden to take its rightful place, for now I summon you. I summon the weak and the strong, The Leader and the peasant, for all shall have a place here, to bask in Darden's divine glory.

Draven forged the steel brand that all SEXAY members would wear. With Darden guiding his hand had smelted it in the fires of the heathen ruins, and cooled it the pools of infidel blood. He had asked that a Leader with true faith step forward and place it over his heart. From the crowds one stepped forth, and took up the blazing steel. Virch of The Natural Evolution, a True Leader and Ally. He pressed the white hot steel to Draven's Breast and sealed the fates of faithless in the land. Draven proclaimed as he stood, "Let all who join the ranks of SEXAY wear the brand with pride, for from this day forth the steel of Sexay shall seek divine glory and righteousness for Darden." And the masses came, Draven branded many and passed the hot iron. "Only those who wear the brand shall give the brand" he said "and with this we swear our allegiance to each other."

The night sky grew angry red, as the sun gently kissed the horizon. Something new and exciting was on the wind, and it spread through the lands like a cleansing rain. A renewed hope danced from the lips of those who spoke it. Draven met with the Leaders that would listen, his words carried weight, carried steel. All men brothers under Darden, equal in value, and each with a voice. Sexay would not be about the one, but the many. Not about the Guild, but the Faith, and the faithless shall fear the day and curse the nights.

The time had come to build a glorious land, under the divine guidance of Darden. A land were the men, women and children of Darden could bask in the fruitful blessings of the one true God. No more shall we sit idly by as our neighbors home is burned. No more shall we watch as our distant allies lands are pillaged and raped of its abundance. Now WE shall set the example, now WE shall step from the shadows and bare our steel for all who worship Darden. Let the Lands shake and the clouds rumble, for Darden's hand is reaching out from beyond the heavens to squeeze the pagan blood from the heathen heart. We together shall be the first and the last, the dawn and the dusk, the righteous and the true.

"Let the Heathen's Tremble"


GM: DoubleD Sexay
AGM: Shatnerfied
Squad Leader: RicoSauve
Full Member: Whatever
Member: OneBagger
Newbie: PorkChop Ugly


This is Sexay's First Age in Canon


SEXAY General information

Sexay follows a strict and righteous path of Combat for Glory, no Quarter, no Mercy, no Blood wasted on the weak.


To apply with Sexay one must apply in game and send an e-mail to Draven at wolf@acc-net.com or Carey at guru@sparticusgames.com In this e-mail please be sure to tell us a bit about you and include the following information:

1) Kingdom name and leader name

2) How long you have played Canon (or Monarchy)

3) Which guilds you have been a member of and any rank therein

4) Method of communication (icq, msn, aim etc.)

5) Why you have chosen to join Sexay, and why we should accept you. (This is an opportunity for you to sell yourself, and for us to know you better)


1) Have fun. This is a game, don't take it personal!

2) Be active. Play your realm at LEAST every other day. Every day is the best option for success, and we expect to see you putting forth the effort to improve the guild.

3) Communicate. This is the key to true success, Use ICQ, AIM, whatever, but be accessible to the other members of your guild.

4) Teamwork. Their is no "I" in team, Every member is important, from the highest rank to the lowest. Live It!

5) Cheating. NOT ACCEPTABLE, for any reason. NO EXCEPTIONS!

6) Code of conduct. Do NOT whine or complain on the Boards. You represent your Guild, and we expect you to do it with good taste and class. You may however have all the fun you like! It is a Game after-all.

Temper's Ball Rules

1)Do not make an ass of yourself

2)Do not post accusations of cheating

3) Do not post bug reports

4) Do not post other players numbers

5) Do not post redundant messages (no spamming)

6) Signatures are to be kept to 4 lines only.

Internal Guild Ranks

Rank one -- Double D Sexay. This is the Rank of the GM, and the Elitist of AGM's.

Rank two -- Shatner-fied. These are the AGMs. These players will have all the powers of the GM but will answer to the GM. They will be able to declare War and or Peace upon approval of the GM, as well as assign privileges to other ranks, cause their so damn Sexay.

Rank three --Rico-Suave. These are the Players who are now falling in-line for the AGM positions available. Many duties will be delegated unto the players, and their Sexay-ness shall be rewarded.

Rank four -- Whatever!. Members who have earned the trust of the guild and proven moderate Sexay-ness. Privileges handed out at the GM and AGM's discretion. This is not a reward for joining SEXAY, but must be earned. To reach this rank you must be making a contribution to the work-load of the guild, but no effort will be ignored.

Rank five -- One-Bagger. Members who have earned the trust of the guild and show desire to advance their Sexay-ness. Privileges handed out at the GM and AGM's discretion This is not a reward for joining Sexay, but must be earned. The more you are willing to do, and the more guild work you do will determine your privileges.

Rank six -- Pork-Chop Ugly. These are newest and as yet unproven members, with the least amount of Sexay-ness

Order of Succession

If for some reason the GM is unable to fulfill his Responsibilities the AGM’s shall work as a team to fulfill the requirements until such time as The GM is able to resume his duties


Promotions will be given on the basis of activity and loyalty. This includes both in the game and on the boards. Promotions will be determined solely by the GM and or AGM's. There is no reward for joining Sexay, all privileges must be earned. The more you are willing to do, the more promotions you will receive.

Contact Information

GM information: Draven
E-mail - wolf@acc-net.com
ICQ - 179161255
Co-GM information: Aemuli
E-mail - aemuli@yahoo.com
ICQ - 28372505
AGM information: Carey Draven
E-mail - guru@sparticusgames.com
ICQ - 337253784

This will be our first age in the fight to bring glory to Darden