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Created: 2003-09-07 01:59:21
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The light is dim inside the small chapel and he allows himself a moment to let the cool darkness wash over him before he shuffles towards the simple altar dedicated to Isonia, offering up a soft curse when his old knees crack in protest as he lowers himself to a kneeling position before the altar. He uses a candle to light a clutch of nearby insense sticks and takes a deep breath, savouring the heady aroma of the subtle hallucenogen before bowing his head in prayer, emptying his mind of the burdens the war bring and slowly allowing tranquility to fill his mind.
The gentle flow of peace ebbs through his tired body, filling him with a sense of rejuvenation of youth and begins to carry him off into the familiar dream world when a strange sensation at his throat starts him from the reverie. Slowly his vision regains focus and his mind clears slightly and he realises that something isn't right as he stares up at the newcomer who is gazing down at him through impassive onyx coloured eyes. As his vision begins to darken around the edges and the Melnibonean with the cold black eyes reaches down to grasp his hair he realises that the problem with the scene is that his head is seperate from his shoulders.
The old priest tries to scream but nothing works anymore and as he attempts to offer up curses and prayers to Isonia the light finally fades from his eyes and he knows nothing more than the embrace of death.

He paces back and forth in the forest clearing, glancing up at the slightest noise from the woods around the group gathered by the fire before muttering to himself and resuming his pacing. After several moments he looks over at the group and hisses loudly,

"Where is he? Surely he should be done by now...we should never have hired a heathen for this it's just-"

"Shut up Yavid, you've been bleeting like this for atleast two candlemarks now and I'm getting tired of your voice. I said he'd be here after dawn and he'll be here...I just never said exactly when after dawn!"

Yavid glares at the harsh tone of the blonde haired women but falls silent as he paces back towards the heat of the fire. Standing in the warmth of the crackling flame Yavid purses his lips in thought and then opens his mouth to speak, the words never finding voice as something hurtles from the shadows behind him to land in the fire making the flames sputter and crakle at the sudden intrusion of new fuel.
The gathered warriors scramble to their feet quickly, blades half drawn when the woman gives a soft laugh and holds up her hand, her gaze locked on the severed head that is slowly being consumed by the ravenous fire. Quickly regaining her composure she directs Yavid to the head and shoots him a smug grin,

"Yavid I'd like you to meet the Chief advisor to Lord Avilein. I told you we'd hired the best for the job. He didn't believe you could do this, Yyrkoon."

She looks over at the shadows around the clearing as the lithe Melnibonean strolls casually past the suspicious warriors who have their blades drawn and pointed at him. Pausing to shoot a glance at Yavid, Yyrkoon just shrugs and jabs his thumb towards the fire and grins wolfishly.

"Proof's in the cooking...or something like that.
Now about my fee?"

He cocks a brow at the woman and she shrugs slightly, reaching to her belt and retrieving a large black pouch that she then tosses casually to the albino who plucks it from the air deftly and immediately tugs apart the ties to count the contents. After several seconds of silence broken only by the crackling of the fire and the jingling of coins Yavid points from the head of the advisor to the silver broach that pins Yyrkoon's flamboyant silver cloak around his shoulder, the broach that is fashioned into the symbol of Leto and speaks slowly.

"Wouldn't you call that a conflict of interests?"

Yyrkoon glances up from the coin purse and catches Yavid's gaze, laughing softly before giving a little shrug and leaning closer to the man, his gaze suddenly hard and filled with contempt as he whispers softly.

"I'll tell you something. And listen closely because I don't repeat myself; I've seen this,"

He indicates to a single gold coin clasped delicately between the thumb and forefinger of his left hand before continuing,

"A damn site more often than I've seen him and I'm certainly more inclined to believe that all my troubles will be solved by this, understand?"

Smiling Yyrkoon glances back at the woman and holds up the purse for a second before secreting it away in the folds of his cloak,

"Pleasure doing business with you, sweetheart. If you ever need anybody else to meet their respective maker then don't hesitate to give my organisation a call, the Assassinorum is always happy to conduct business with reliable clients and you know how to get in touch with us.

He grins and starts to turn away only to pause and glance at Yavid thoughtfully before giving a little nod of his head and speaking again,

"And remember, alleigance is no obstacle provided the price is right...after all our own brethren don't die cheap you know!"

He chuckles and spins on his heel, strolling once more into the darkness and leaving the group of soldiers alone with only the rapidly burning proof of the assassination success and the soft sound of Yyrkoon's laughter floating on the breeze.


GM: Master of the Blades
AGM: Assassin
Squad Leader:
Full Member:
Newbie: Initiate


No history, no future.



1.First and foremost you must follow ALL rules of Temperís Ball. These are as follows,

a. Do not make an ass of yourself
b. Do not post bug reports on the baords, over ICQ, or in IRC, unless specifically asked to by staff.
c. Do not spam or post redundant messages.
d. Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.
e. Pornography, piracy, or other illegal material is not allowed.
f. Do not post links or advertizements to hate or anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.

2.The chain of command is there for a reason, follow it!

The rules above are all very simple and if you cannot follow them then you will be removed from the guild without a second thought. You get two warnings, and this here is your first! Remember that well.


Master of the Blades - The master is the highest rank within the Officio and it is he who will decide which assassin is best suited to carry out the outstanding contracts. He is also the final voice on accepting new initiates into the Officio.

Assassins - This is the only full rank beside the Master within the Officio due to the fact that all within the ranks of the Officio are equal under the rule of the Master of the Blades once they have proven themselves as an Initiate.
After an initiate has completed the set number of contracts tehy are inducted fully into the rank of Assassin and gain full priveledges within the Officio. Assassins are split into three seperate orders, each led by a particular Assassin of note who is hand picked by the Master of the Blades himself.
Membership into the various orders is dependent upon the Assassins chosen method of despatching their targets. The titles of the orders and what they control are as follows:
Cohort of Blood - This is the order of those whose favoured method entails frontal assaults upon a target, utilising strength of army to complete the contract and maximise personal gain for the Assassin.
Ordo Malleus - This order utilises dark magics and demonic pacts to unleash furious magical assaults upon their targets to bring a contract to completion.
Nightmare Cult - The members of this order preffer to eliminate their targets from the shadows, poisioning water supplies and utilising cold steel from the anonimity of the darkness to complete contracts quickly and more silently than their brethren of the other orders.

Initiates - These are the newest member of the Officio and as such have little to know rights. Initiates remain at entry rank untill they have completed two contracts deemed fitting for them by the Master of the Blades. Once they have completed those trial contracts they are promoted to the rank of Assassin and moved to the suitable order.


To gain admission to the Officio you must contact the Master of the blades at any of the below contact numbers within 24 hours of your application and provide the following information:
Previous guild experience.
ICQ Contact # (unless contacting via ICQ of course.).
Posting alias.
Reason for applying to the Officio Assassinorum.
A sample of roleplay if available.
Any applicants who fail to provide these details within the specified time will be removed from the Officio without hesitation.


The contact details for the Master of the Blades are as follows:
Email - wraith134@hotmail.co.uk


In the event that you wish to hire the Officio Assassinorum to remove a particular kingdom for whatever reason then you must contact the Master of the Blades directly via any medium to discuss the details however several things will remain constant and they are as follows:
-Clients will be expected to provide full and up to date information on the defenses of the prospective target.
-Details of previous contracts will not be divulged under any circumstances, we pride ourselves on strict client confidentiality.
-The fee will be decided by the Master of the Blades upon reciept of the prospective targets information. Should the information not be provided then the Master of the Blades may retrieve the data for himself but this will raise the fee drastically.
-Half of the fee must be made available to the Officio before the contract will be carried out.