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Created: 2003-08-27 10:01:53
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They had arrived.

The beings that would eventually be known as the Justice League of Tonan (JLT) had been on many adventures, both together and separate, but never anything like this. Striped from their homelands, they found themselves throw together on this strange island, far, far away from anything they recognized. .

Several of them had landed together, the looks on their faces more than showing their obvious confusion.

”Peace, noble champions!” A male elf walked out from a forest to greet them.

”Who the hell are you?” Asked Spawn, one of the displaced heroes, anger dripping with every word.

”Peace, noble champion! I am Greyklind, and I, with the help of my god, Darden, brought you here to help remove from this isle a grave injustice!”

“And what makes you so sure we’ll do this for you?” Spawn shot back.

”Because I had asked my god to show me the way to champions, heroes even, who were not bound by any code of honor other than their own; Heroes who would stand for Justice, and not make a mockery of it. Darden gave me a vision of all of you, and the spells necessary to bring you here. I know you already, Spawn, you and the others. Supreme, Deadpool, Magneto…” he continued to rattle off their names. They looked at each other, their suspicions not all together gone.

The one called Supreme spoke up. “This ‘God’ of yours, this Darden, how do we know he is the one to serve here? Perhaps you are a liar. Perhaps someone else has a better offer for us.”

The answer came not from the lips of the elf, but in a war cry from an attacking group. Comprised of many different creatures, the force all wore the color purple, and attacked enraged, but with little strategy. Even with their superior numbers, the champions sent them back the way they came in a short while. Unfortunately, while they were battling the purple ones, another large war group approached, this one wearing white or grey. They were well organized, and difficult to overcome, but in time they too fell to the might of these newcomers.

“Would just beings attack unprovoked like that? I think not.” Greyklind spoke. “This is the trouble this isle, my home, faces. This happens constantly. One God must rule supreme to bring justice back to our fair isle. Darden, he who wished to remove despair from the world, is that God. I ask, no, I beg of you, please, help us, help us as only you can!”

The group broke away into council for the remainder of the day and far into the night, debating their options. Greyklind agreed to send them back to their homes if that was there decision, but obviously preferred not to. Some time later, the council broke, and Spawn approached Greyklind.

“We have made a decision,” Spawn spoke. “We will form a league to help this isle, as serving justice is what we do. But we will do so for only a short while; our own homes also have injustices that need to be eradicated. So I offer you this, Greyklind of Darden, our temporary services to help bring justice back to Tonan. But know this; when we wish to go back, you will send us, no questions asked.”

And so, on that day, the Justice League of Tonan was born!


GM: Supreme being
AGM: Below me
Squad Leader: Squad Leader
Full Member: Soldier
Member: Gleek, The Wonder Monkey
Newbie: The Wonder Twins


This is our first age in this game.



The Justice League of Tonan is an elite group. We hold our members to a very high standard. We have little tolerance for those who waver from our standards...

1. You will be required to be a functional, committed and active participant in JLT
2. You will be required to carry out all orders given to you by Higher-ranking guild officers.
3. Unless previously authorized, do not attack any kingdom that is guilded.
4. You will be required to keep in contact with your squad leader and other guild officers, which means a return of any and all messages sent to you is expected and required. Also you must contact any officer that makes a request for such an act on the banner as well.
5. You will be required to play your kingdom at least Seven times a week. Unless for valid reasons.
6. You will be required to remain respectful to all members of the administration in Canon and other figures of authority within the game.


When applying send an e-mail to the GM or AGM stating:

1. Your kingdom name, number, and leader name
2. Your type of kingdom such as: scum, sorcery, or war
3. What you think you can bring to JLT
4. Your history with Canon, if applicable
5. Past guilds you have been in, if applicable
6. Why you want to join this guild
7. All contact information - NOTE: ICQ AND IRC ACCESS ARE REQUIRED


Promotions will be given due to your loyalty to the guild and Experience in Canon, and will be proven by any of the following factors:

1. Efficiency in guild wars.
2. No evidence of treason, while belonging to guild.
3. How often you play and your willingness to communicate with officers.
4. Amount of time belonging to guild.
5. Getting to know the leadership of the guild to get promoted.

Ranks are as follows:

1 = Complete Egomaniac - GM
2 = Nigh-Complete Egomaniac - AGM
3 = New Egomaniac - trusted as an AGM
4 = Delusional Hero - trusted member, often a squad leader
5 = Gleek, the Wonder Monkey - trusted member
6 = The Wonder Twins - newbie, under observation, no privileges


1. Unauthorized attacks on a guilded kingdom.
2. Not playing your kingdom for more than a week.
3. Failure to carry out orders given to you by higher-ranking guild officers.
4. Failure to communicate with officers and returning messages.
5. Showing disrespect for the administration of Canon
6. Treason


If the current GM is failing to comply with the guild charter and more than half the members feel this way the current GM will be required to step down From his rank and he will turn the guild over to one of his AGMs at his cabinets choosing.
Only however if a vote of the entire guild is taken and a message is sent to the GM and two of his cabinet declaring who the vote is for. This means each member of the guild that is active must send a message to 3 different officers declared in advance, one of them being the GM himself. If the GM decides to step down of his own choosing then he may choose any member of the guild to take his place.


All the rules of Temper’s Ball, as follows, are to be followed:

1. Do not make an ass of yourself.
2. Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC, unless specifically asked to by staff.
3. Do not spam or post redundant messages.
4. Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.
5. Pornography, piracy, or other illegal material is not allowed.
6. Do not post links or advertisements to hate or anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.


GM Magneto ICQ:58732565 E-mail: