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Created: 2003-08-23 08:47:42
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This story is a short and simple one.

But his life was a long and complicated story.

He fought for Honor, for Loyalty, for Peace. He fought for longer than any of his men could ever remember. His words we like wasps, stinging the enemy, bringing fear into their hearts, and persuading their men to join his forces. Those who followed him, followed him for life.

His name was Mickal Redwater. He was the end of a dynasty. A dynasty of the most honorable men on this world. And his family fought hard. For years and years their kingdoms fought against the evil and tyranny of their enemies. For years and years they served under their god, Darden, and did everything in their name. “Redwater, honesty, righteousness, honor, Darden” To his subjects, these were all words associated together. His people never doubted for a second that they weren’t fighting for the right cause, the holy path, and they would follow him to the death.

Then it came, like a desert storm, blowing the hot sand across the face of this world. The followers of the god Foret become more massive, and soon overwhelmed the rest of the poor believers of the other gods. The lacked honor, and did what it took to control the world of Canon, and it was not long before they had everyone in their grips. The planet bent to what the followers of Foret asked. A few large guilds controlled the minds of many, and it was not long before those of other faiths began converting, increasing the size of the Foret domination. Mickal was young when this all started, a mere teenager, forced into leadership with the early loss of his parents, but he held his title well. His heart sunk at the thought of these unrighteous fools ruling the world he lived in, and he knew the fight ahead of him was long and hard, but he had prepared himself, learning well the arts of guerrilla warfare and managing a military. It was not long until his armies were useless against the massive forces of the Foret followers. Then he began his moral crusade. A crusade of words against the Forets, against this sacrilege to all gods. Many thought him a fool, and tried to silence him, all without avail. His word spread like a wildfire, but still he got nowhere, but he fought on and on, until he could not fight anymore.

Years had gone by, and Mickal’s life drifted away into obscurity. Soon he was only a myth on a Foret controlled world. But he lived on. Until one day…

The night was a quiet one. The sound of armies long gone. Nothing remained of his guilds kingdoms, nothing but the sand beneath their feet. Mickal thought they would be safer here in the deserts of Canon, but he was wrong. The Foret armies had destroyed all his lands, killed his men, slaughtered his peasants, and left him to die in his own desert.

Life drained out of him like sand in a timer, slowly dripping away until there was nothing left. His head felt like he had hit it on a giant rock, but yet he walked. He would not let himself stop. He would not let the darkness of this world take over his poor world. He would not let them win… Never.

And the anger in his heart grew.

And as his world faded to black, the last thing he could feel was anger, and he whispered, “I will have my Vendetta,” and fell to the ground.

That’s exactly where Rune Inalya found him hours later, barely breathing, but still alive. And he brought him back to his town, where he waited, waited, until he regained consciousness. It took a year for this to happen. A year where the world around changed so much. Foret slowly lost its overall power, and diminished in numbers. They were still a powerful threat, but by no means a superpower. Yet the Mickal remained in his unconscious trance for a year, and Rune fed him until he finally woke up one day…

Slowly he regained his vision. The dreams he had, of death, destruction, revenge. He saw a future where he would do unspeakable things. He saw a future full of violence and hatred, but that was all he saw. He could not remember the past, the present. He did not know his name, until Rune told him, and he could not remember all that he had stood for.

All of the honor.

All of the trust.

All of his values.


All that remained was his hate.

And the Vendetta.


GM: Infernal Executioner
AGM: Dark Assassin
Squad Leader: Devious Hitman
Full Member: Nefarious Slayer
Member: Black Saboteur
Newbie: Rebel





Always follow the rules for Tempers Ball when posting:

TB Rules:

1. Do not make an ass of yourself

2. Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC, unless specifically asked to by staff.

3. Do not spam or post redundant messages.

4. Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.

5. Pornography, piracy, or other illegal material is not allowed.

6. Do not post links or advertisements to hate or anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.

In Modern times, no one can be trusted. As well, Vendetta is a guild filled with only the most trustworthy of allies. For you to be able to join you must prove yourself worthy. The simplest way of gaining access to Vendettas ranks is through a current member. Have that member recommend you and then someone will ask you the necessary questions for joining.

Before you consider applying to Vendetta, these are what we look for in members:

1) Loyalty.
2) Willing to Die
3) Never think about their own kingdom
4) Likes to kill, not to prosper
5) Witty, Clever, Fast Learner
6) Loyalty

Because Vendetta’s entire purpose is to kill, you will be rewarded for your kills, or your help in a kill. This means that if, while during a strike, you assist in a kill, then all those involved will receive 1 kill, not just the member giving the fatal blow. Your Kills will be tallied by the GM and will be constantly updated and posted in your TB signature.

Advancing in rank in Vendetta is simple. Loyalty first. Once your loyalty is proven, you will be a full member. From then on, I Don’t Care how long I’ve know you… the only way you can advance is with kills. This DOES NOT MEAN you will not have privileges (such as change banner and view members), this is just the basic ranking structure.

Kills: 1 - Black Saboteur - if you have proved your loyalty enough to be accepted to the guild, and help assist in 1 kill, you are considered a member of the Vendetta, and let the hate burn within.
10 - Nefarious Slayer – after proving your loyalty, it takes a mere 10 kills to achieve the next rank of a trusted member of Vendetta
25 - Devious Hitman – After 25 kills you will be promoted to the highest level possible before become an AGM. This is where most members who work hard will remain. But a few will advance farther
??? – Any time after reaching your 25 kills, you have the opportunity to prove yourself and become an AGM, a Dark Assassin of Vendetta. The more kills, the more likely you are to be promoted.

If the GM at any point can not fulfil his duties, he will assign a new GM from the current AGMs who will take over the power of the guild.

All members of Vendetta must remain IN CHARACTER at all times on Tempers Ball. (In the guild forum). Please use an alt. If you don’t know what an alt is, you should not be playing with us.

Ranks: Gm - Infernal Executioner – This is the GM. The leader of the guild. His/her word is ABSOLUTE. You obey, even if it means sentencing you to death.
Agm - Dark Assassin – These are the assistants to the GM. There will not be many, only the most trusted and deserved will receive this rank. If ever the GM is not present at a war chat, their word is the absolute, and you follow them to the death.
Devious Hitman – Loyal hardworking members. Will be trusted with much of the guild info, planning, and strategy.
Nefarious Slayer – These members have proven themselves more then just adequate in the guild, and have received their promotion. Being one of these brings much pride and responsibility.
Black Saboteur – These members have proved themselves loyal. They are good enough to be a fulltime member of the guild, but are yet to prove that they are something more than that.
Rebel – Entry Level. Yet to prove their loyalty and ability to the guildmaster.

Disclaimer: Because Vendetta may piss off many people, I suggest not using your “normal” or common name in your kingdom, and making an alt for TB, so that you do not get harassed for your involvement in this operation.

Contact info:

Mickal Redwater – AIM – Mickal14 ICQ - 124990379 Email – Mickal14@comcast.net