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Created: 2003-02-25 02:51:03
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Origin of the Warriors of Immortal Temptation

In the devastation following what is now known as the Last Sin, little remained of the old ways. Entire civiliztions were lost in the havoc that ensued that day, leaving little of our ancestral lands behind but charred rubble and smoldering remnants of what once was. The death toll for our Clan was catastrophic between the wars and the looting, but we refused to go quietly into the night. As survivors began to emerge from the rubble, we took in the mayhem left behind and despair began to take hold.

Of the old clan, only three of us seemed to pull through it in relatively good condition. Barely breathing and able to walk at least. Having nothing left to keep us there, we took it upon ourselves to find an answer as to the cause of the devastation. Soon after we began a journey to the legendary city of Tismad in hopes of finding the key there. However, the journey seemed an ill omen as we tried to escape the destruction of our homeland, only to find the surrounding areas just as devastated. All of Tonan it seemed had succumbed to this apocalyptic barrage, and the journey to Tismad looked the same as home.

Finally, after many moons of hard travel, we reached the legendary city of Tismad, and by happenstance were approached by Darden’s own Council of Four. It was through them that we learned of the cause of this horrific turn of events, the Simple Sin. A follower of Darden was heinously murdered at the hands of a Foret heathen over a woman. It was then that we three swore allegiance to Darden, for had the Simple Sin not been committed events would not have been set in motion to devastate the world.

Through further talks with the Council of Darden, we were enlightened greatly. "There are three Gods in the world, Darden, Isonia, and the bastard Foret. Foret's followers were the initiators of the Simple Sin, as they let jealousy cloud their lives. Isonia's followers are mere distractions, mettling in the affairs of others and being an overall nusiance. We, the followers of Darden, are honorable fighters and lovers of peace when it can be had. There is a balance that needs to be sought in order to rectify the chaos wrought to the land. Are you strong enough to bring forth that change?"

Nysrock, the gentle misunderstood leader of the clan took it upon himself to take that challange and swore alliagnce to Darden in hopes avenging the wrongs against Darden and the land. He prayed unto Darden for guidance until his knees bled and finally, his prayers were answered. Darden appeared before him, bowl in hand and instructed him to carry out his plans with His blessing.

With what remained of his former clan, a small band of faithful followers, he set out to recruit more Darden followers as well as convert those misguided who still worshiped the guilty ones. And thus, the Warriors of Immortal Temptation were given life.


GM: Keeper
AGM: Watcher
Squad Leader: Myrmidon
Full Member: Gladiator
Member: Peasant Hero
Newbie: Peasant


This will be our 7th age drinking from Darden's Bowl


~Goals and Guidelines~
This sect has the intentions of being an aggressive force fighting for the advancement of Darden, sparing no one from our vengeance. We shall avoid alliances with the heathens following lesser gods, but we shall do what is required to keep honor and fairness alive.

~Expectations and Recommendations~
By design the vary essence of this guild requires active and dedicated members and in such there will be biweekly activity checks by way of scribes at set intervals which will be sent out at the watchers discretion. WiT members are never to attack heathen kingdoms unless ordered to. Anyone found making attacks without approval will be reprimanded as the GM sees fit.
All members are expected to send exact copies of any kingdom news to the GM as soon as it is discovered. Failure to do so jeopardizes the safety of the guild. If your kingdom is scouted (whether you catch them or not) report the news immediately. Scouting is not an act of war.
Also, one must follow the rules of Tempers Ball (listed in full below). Should you cause the raising of the ire of one of the Voices or other admin. type folks on the boards, depending on the nature of the infraction, a warning may be issued. Should you continue after said warning, you will be removed from the guild. If the situation warrants it, the warning will be waived and the offender will be immediately dismissed from the sect. This is aside from any disciplinary action taken by the voices and admin. These people work too hard for the likes of you and me to give them any more grief than they already have to deal with.

No Vulgarity or Profanity! - If you cannot make your point without using profane and vulgar statements, then do not post it. Simple as that. Certain words are already pre-filtered out, however some are not. If you are caught using profane and vulgar words on the board system you will be warned. More extreme cases will lead to the termination of your account with Evernight Games.
Do not make an ass out of yourself. - This rule is fairly self-explanatory. Anything that may deem 'making an ass out of yourself' falls here. If its not in good taste, don't post it. Simple enough.
Do not post accusations of cheating. - We have cheat detection programs in game. We will catch them, posting accusations of cheating, regardless of how vague or detailed is not allowed at all on any board system.
Do not post bug reports. - Again, this rule is fairly self-explanatory. Our board systems are not meant to be bug report central. We have e-mail addresses; we have in game methods of bug detection. If you come across a bug in any one of our games, simply e-mail (bugs@evernight.com) and let us handle it.
Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names. - This is considered a courtesy rule. People play this game to have fun, having your kingdom name and number posted all over the board systems because someone is upset with you is neither fun, nor allowed. Don't do it.
Do not post redundant messages. (no spamming) - Again, this rule is fairly-self explanatory. Posting redundant messages, or messages with the same content repeatedly is not allowed on this board system. Repeatedly violating this rule will result in the termination of your account.
~Rewards and Discipline~
Advancement within the ranks shall be based on several factors including but not limited to activity, willingness to follow orders, speed in which those orders are carried out, communication within your squad as well as guild wide. A strong Tempers Ball showing isn?t required but is preferred. Adversely, demotions will likely stem from the same conditions as above.
In the event of the Watchers disappearance, the highest-ranking Keeper shall assume control of the sect until the Watchers return. Should the Watcher be unable to return within a satisfactory amount of time, the Keepers shall elect a replacement.
I run a fairly simple guild, I only ask that you participate and remain loyal to the cause, and above all else, HAVE FUN, this is a game remember. I like to think that this isn?t too much to ask.

~Application Process~
Prior to application, the following information should be received in the watchers e-mail with the applicant's kingdom name listed in the subject line.
E-mail address
Icq number / aolim name / plus any and all other instant messenger services you may have
Kingdom Name (listed as subject line of e-mail)
What type of kingdom you will play {i.e. war sorcery or scum}
Your time zone (In relation to Game time)
What times are you normally online
Any and all names that you go by in Tempers Ball
Your experience within the realms of Canon including other games in Canon. Please include contact information for previous GM/AGMs.
Your level of interest in roleplay.
What made you choose WiT. If I do not recieve this information, you will not be allowed in the guild. Period.
* If there is a category that does not apply to you, that needs to be addressed as well (i.e.Tempers Ball, ICQ etc)
**If you are a returning member: please list your kingdom name from last game along with the above.

~Ranking Tier~
Charged with the daily maintenance of the Sect as well as all diplomatic matters that come to pass.
Second in command to the Watcher in regards of Sect maintenance as well as having special duties allotted to the Keepers area of expertise.
Squad Leaders-Myrmidon
A trusted gladiator who has proven loyalty and sound strategic practices as well as an ability to follow orders.
A peasant hero who has shown skill and loyalty on and off the battlefield.
Trusted Members-Peasant Hero
A fully trusted member of the Sect. Has access to the member list.
Entry Level-Peasant
All new members shall be branded with this rank, until trust and squad can be acquired and determined.
Contact Info:
ICQ: 94516217
Email: PrNcSsDrAkE@aol.com