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Created: 2003-08-19 06:34:40
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After the days of the Last Sin, after the followers of Foret became suspicious of everyone around them, even their fellow followers; they were untrustworthy. The death had not pitted the faiths against each other enough, the void was not expanded enough between the three faiths. The Isonians and Dardens accused Foret of the death & the like. The Foretians in turn declared an all out faith war against anyone who opposed them. This brought death to many reaches of the land & altered history henceforth.

“This has gone on far too long Avanthor. If they do not join us then they are considered heathen & are treated as such. We end this at dawn when two days and nights have passed.” said Oedipus as he gestured to his messenger to draw closer. He gives him an inscribed message for the envoy to deliver to the land’s finest scouts.

“You are the elite. I call upon your services immediately. Go to the heathen lands and gather the intelligence I need of them. Be cunning & swift; don’t hesitate to slit the throats of any heathen you come across. Do not be seen, for this is to be the beginning of the end. The Omega. At dawn in three mornings, when the crimson sunrise starts its ascent, we will ride into their lands as if their blasphemous “god” had bestowed a rancorous plague upon them. There shall not be a sole survivor, for I will not see it be a failure. My entire life has revolved around these next few nights. Do not fail me or you will be truly despondent about your future, as you will be undoubtedly locked away for the remainder of your life in my dungeons. Be swift, be agile.” -Oedipus

Robed in shards of cloak & garment, the group of Darden’s elite ended their stealthy journey back from the infiltrated lands of Foret. Up to the immense iron spires of Oedipus’s grand keep, they had strode when down came the behemoth of a wall they had to enter.

Walking into the thrown room of Oedipus’ castle, the head scout in high spirits said, “My liege Lord Oedipus, Lord Avanthor, Greetings! It is good to be back in my lands once again. I think you will be very amused at our findings. Though some are mighty in their armies, the masses are at a shortage of men. Some have even gone as far as to enlist young boys not even able to pick up a sword for arms against us. There are slim to no fortresses for their people’s protection & their faith is weak. It is a wonder that their “gods” do not rain fire and brimstone down upon them for being so weak. Surely they are not matches at all for the ferocity & might of Darden led by you ma’Lord. Heh! We would crush them.”, said the scout.

Looking at Avanthor, Oedipus gave a sinister leer, & said, “So it is decided. We siege them all at dawn. We will leave nothing lest they crawl back into existence & come for us.” said Oedipus. “May Darden be with us in the fight against Foret. For this is the dawning of the end, in two days the sun will rise on what will come to be known as the Omega Dawn.”


GM: The Omega
AGM: Magistrate
Squad Leader: Sentinel
Full Member: Knight
Member: Foot Soldier
Newbie: Grunt Worker


This is our second age of ass whoopin'.


All the members of Omega must abide by the rules of Canon, the rules of Temper's Ball, and the rules set by Evernight staff, Seers and Voices. These include above all, the following:

Do not make an ass out of yourself.
Do not post accusations of cheating.
Do not post bug reports.
Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names.
Do not post redundant messages. (NO spamming)

All members must be loyal to Omega, and loyal to the principles for which it stands.

All attacks performed must be authorized by someone of a rank 2 or higher, & must have a scout done on the person before any further action.

All members must be willing to abide by the decisions of the leadership, and to obey their orders.

All members must remain active players (This will be checked).

All heathen activity must be reported to the squad leaders, and other leaders if ordered.

All members must present themselves with self-esteem & dignity in Canon and in TB

All members may only attack authorized targets.

All members must have fun, or we'll beat you until you do :)

Violation of these rules will result in appropriate disciplinary action, including but not limited to verbal warnings, demotion, or removal from the guild. The leadership of the guild will examine each case and determine the proper punishment.

Roles and Responsibilities:

A. (Omega)Guild Master- Once in a great while, someone who can control their abilities in all the arts of warfare, diplomacy, & leadership are given the rank of Guild Master. This feat bestows upon the individual the power of subjugation. This person is thought to be closest to Darden above all through his/her abilities & devotion to the cause. The buck stops here, this is the Omega, the end. No questions are asked as to the orders given.

B. - The rank of Magistrate is bestowed upon those who have mastered their abilities almost totally. They now do most outstanding things daily out of repetition & duty. Each Magnate has channeled his/her energy into a specific field, and is unmatched in that area. It is assumed that only at this stage can interaction with outside entities be done with a degree of civility.

C. Sentinel- The Sentinels are people who have begun to master what it takes to become great. They are the wardens…the Guardians of Omega. By showing that they have begun to master their abilities, they have proven themselves to be members of the higher select of the guild and are therefore given the ability to view member kingdoms or even other incentives if so dubbed upon them by a GM such as leading squads & such.

4. Knight- This rank is given to those who have been seen to be a step above those who are average & have begun to master there abilities in realm building, warring, etc. These people now are totally compliant to the Omega doctrine.

5. Foot Soldier- The rank of Foot Soldier is given to those who have decided that they are devoted enough to give their entire lives to the Omega doctrine. Such a decision advances those individuals with the abilities to see others in the guild.

6. Grunt worker-Upon their entry to Omega, the rank of grunt worker is bestowed, or rather mercifully given out. This person has accepted Omega's Darden doctrine & ethics into their daily routine.

Members will be promoted due to their eager dedication to our guild & to their faith. When they have demonstrated themselves to be worthy of it, they will be promoted to show appreciation for their works & effort.

If outstanding effort or ability is shown by a member, he or she may be promoted if so recognized by a fellow member or noted by a GM.

If the current GM has difficulties in accessing the game or in leading the guild, the co-GM and an AGM will step up and take charge of Omega until the current GM gets back.

Guild Contacts (Must have these upon entry to the guild):
Oedipus: 87251566 Email: kentb_426@hotmail.com
Avanthor 137556983 Email: mamondabry@cox-internet.com