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Created: 2003-08-19 12:02:11
Game: guild
Faith: Leto


The dealings had been good, respect earned and respect given. The family had lived and thrived on their turf for several generations, and the future was thought to bring the same. However, some of the Barnabas leaders thought otherwise. The prosperity of the family had grown larger than ever expected, and the green snake, jealousy, reared its ugly head. Some of the leaders of Barnabas wanted in. Bosses, and lower members were bribed, bought, or killed off if unwilling to cooperate.

Kiele, a wisened old man and the Patriarch, wanted no more than to enjoy a quiet retirement. Now, he had many things to think about. Barnabas corruption surrounded the family. Money was missing and loyal members were dying or betraying the family for money. The last straw was the foiled assassination on he and his immediate family. Something had to be done.

In a trait obviously received from his forebearers, Kiele had little to no religious beliefs. The beliefs of the family had been in money and power, and the people and leaders of Darden had long provided a refuge, and a growing place for their set up. But now, with treaties not respected and, grandfather's promises being broken by grandsons, change was needed, and fast.

Kiele surveyed his options with only a few of his most trusted family supporters. The first, most obvious option was to wage a bloodthirsty revenge war against all of Darden, but that would only end in the death of the family, as they and their closest allies were too few. The only other option was to cross over to the supporters of another faith, where friends were few, and enemies plenty. Many battles had been fought against the people of the other faiths, money had been swindled, and peasants killed. He would go where the situation was best, where the most power was guaranteed, and where he could avenge the wrongs of the Barnabas leaders.

Weeks passed while more and more damage was being done. Even some Angelique leaders were now getting in on the action. Not even sending the head of a son to the leader could deter their greed. A few contacts had been made among some leaders of the Foret faith by some of his more trusted bosses. The setting was perfect for a future cross over. Many would have to be left behind; only the most trusted could come. Too many had betrayed Kiele and the family in the past, no more would this go on. The family’s anti-Barnabas bloodlust would be an important tool for the follower’s of Leto, and their future. And the family would again be in a stable state with allies, with room to again grow and become powerful. The time had to be right for the move, and when chosen, the Renegade Outlaws of Tonan would then change all loyalty to Leto and its followers.


GM: Patriarch
AGM: Boss
Squad Leader: Underboss
Full Member: Mobster
Member: Thug
Newbie: Recruit


We've been around a good long time (April of 99) as RoT and Torn.



Patriarch (GM) – The Patriarch is the "elder" of the guild. He is the figurehead, so to speak. He oversees the overall strategic direction of the guild, leaving the details of day to day operations to the bosses. He is widely respected within the family but generally tries to avoid attracting too much public attention.
Boss (AGM) – These are the leaders of vital areas for the family and the public faces of the guild. They are the closest advisors to the Patriarch, and they also help run their own prospective areas in the family.
Underboss (Junior AGM) – As the family grows, additional members will be promoted and groomed to become a Boss (full time officer).
Mobster/Hitman (Rank 4) – They have demonstrated to the family that they are trustworthy and have superior killing skills. They are sometimes given full command of a squad.
Street Thug (Rank 5) – Relatively new up-and-coming members who have proven themselves with moderate success. More time is needed to gain the full trust of the family, but you’re in.
Recruit (Rank 6) – New members who have yet to prove that they have enough potential to join the family full time.

Our guild will offer a player a chance to have fun, but also a chance to win. We want to succeed, but we also want our members to be happy. However, the following conditions must be adhered to:
1. Have Fun!
2. Be Loyal to the guild and to Leto
3. Do not discuss internal guild matters with non-members
4. Do not discuss inter-faith matters with enemies
5. Obey orders from guild officers
6. You must act in a mature manner when in Tempers Ball (TB). The following specific guidelines are mandatory per the Evernight terms of service:
a) Do not make a fool of yourself
b) Do not post accusations of cheating
c) Do not post bug reports
d) Do not post realm names or numbers or any Evernight account names
e) Do not post redundant messages (i.e. spamming)
f) Do not use profanity or vulgarity for a more detailed explanation
7. You must have ICQ or AIM in order to be a member of this guild. A Recruit will be given 1 week to acquire either. If the new member fails to do so, he/she will be expelled promptly. This is for communication purposes, which is vital.
8. No multiple accounts.
9. You may only use your vacation for a real life absence. No war dodging by going on vacation.

MEMBERSHIP AND PROMOTION – First, this guild is open to all. We welcome new members, including members of the fairer sex. No prior experience is required (although preferred, we can train you). However, this is a cutthroat family and we ask that you apply only if you are serious about being an active participant in guild affairs and spending significant time networking with your fellow guildmates.
You shall be promoted as we deem fit. If you have a problem, or feel that you deserve a rank better than what you have, contact us and we shall work it out.

APPLYING TO ROT – If you were in TORN in the previous age, just apply. If you were in Revengers of Thor in Monarchy or TORN or Ruling Oligarchs of Tonan in the current game but prior to last age, then contact us. We will arrange to have your application accepted automatically and given the rank of street thug. If you are new to our guild, then you MUST sent an email to keesanz@aol.com containing the following information:
1. Your real name (at least your first name last initial)
2. Your Kingdom name and Leader name
3. Your history in Monarchy and Canon (if you have one, past guilds, how long you’ve been playing, etc.)
4. Why you would like to join us (quick explanation)
5. Instant messaging information (ICQ, AIM)
6. Your playing times (your region, and when you play)
If you are new and do not send this email or first contact us, then you will be rejected. Applicants who are known to guild officers may be recommended to start off as Street Thugs by the Bosses.

Patriarch: Killer – 168923183 (ICQ) – keesanz (AIM)