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Created: 2003-02-25 12:55:02
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And so it came to pass that the 'Simple Sin' caused the union of the Gods Darden, Isonia and Foret to break up and launch them into battle. The murdered follower of Darden, the victim of the Simple Sin had been buried and given the last rites in The Church Of Darden. The murderer had not been found and it was remarked upon more than once that they were sheltered under Forets hand. The family of the murdered one sought solace in the church and spoke unto the priest about their need for revenge. He suggested that they visit a small monastery in the wilds of the world belonging to a sect of the church known as The Inquisitors.
The family journeyed to the outer edges of the wilds, a long journey one in which they thought to turn back many times, but revenge was their necessity and so they carried on. After many weeks they arrived at the bottom of a hill, on the top of the hill stood a greying fortress. At first the family were unsure whether this was the place, but as they stood there the bells rang out in the familiar ring of 'Approach ye faithful of Darden', the traditional song calling all to worship. Approaching the castle gates they were stopped by guards wearing Dark Studded Leather, in grim tones they asked the family what there business was with the Inquisitors. The family explained their goal and after a moments discussion between the guards they were shown into the fort. It was a lively place, guards, cowled monks and robed Sisters trudged to a small chapel built in the forecourt. The family were led on and up stone steps to one of the four towers which made up the fort. Knocking on a wooden door he waited, a minute later it was opened and the guard had a conversation with a smaller man in a brown robe. The new man looked the family up and down before nodding to the guard and scurrying back in, closing the door behind him. The guard turned to the family and asked them to wait before he too left and walked away.
After a while the door opened again the brown robed man beckoned the family in to an austere room. Seated by a window was a man who then rose to greet them. In his middle years, he had long dark hair tied back in a warriors tail, streaked with some grey. He had a large girth contained within a brown robe tied with golden cord.
'Greetings' said the man 'I am Abbott Kensington, please be seated' He motioned them to some wooden chairs with thin cushions.
'Pray tell me what brings ye here' he asked when all were seated. The famly related their story to him and when they had finished the Abbott steepled his fingers under his chin and stared blankly. After a small period of time he rose and stood before them.
'The Lord has spoken to me of his wish to help you find this murderer.' He clasped his hands behind his back and walked slowly to the other side of the room.
'It is a little known fact that this holy chapter is versed in the art of war and intrigue. Little known of course because we have lived in peace for many years and we have not been needed. But Darden was a clever God and foresaw that one day he may need a martial chapter on the world to oppose those of his siblings.'
Kensington paused for a minute.
'The Lord has agreed that we should use all the power of the Chapterhouse to look for this murderer although the search for this person may well take a long time. He could be sheltered by the hand of Our Lords Brother Foret or maybe his Sister Isonia has taken an interest in the murdurer. Whatever, it is clear however that we must look everywhere, question all those who oppose us and stop at nothing to find this pagan who started the killings. Maybe when they have been brought to justice can we then seek to place our Lord above all others. If not maybe we can crush the armies of Dardens enemies as we search for the truth.'
Kensington turned to face the family, fire in his eyes.
'Rest here and enjoy the knowledge that Darden will heed your cause, let all beware because the Ecclesiastical Inquisition rides the world again.'


GM: Abbot
AGM: Curate
Squad Leader: Priest
Full Member: Preacher
Member: Acolyte
Newbie: Layman


I now forget how long we have been an active guild, one of these days someone will tell me.


The Ecclesiastical Inquisition (EI)

GM: Kensington

ICQ: 29314400
Website: The Church of Darden





Promotion through the ranks will be by constant activity and enthusiasm. Players of all experience are allowed into the guild.
ICQ is not a neccesity but it would help communication within the guild.
Members must register on the Guilds message board within 2 days of being accepted into the guild. They must also leave their contact details on the board.
Members must uphold the principles of the guild to include:

Posting regularily in the Role play thread

Not making an ass of themselves in Braggarts Hall.

To obey instructions without question by senior members of the guild.

To use their kingdoms at least once a day, and to be away from that kingdom for no longer than 3 days without notifying their officer or a senior member of the guild.

To wage war when ordered, those members who ignore the call for war without good reason (ie being away) will be booted. Attack details must be posted on the message board and scribed to your Squad Leader.

To scribe the Squad Leader every 2 days on you last 48 hours activities, be it building scouting, being scouted etc. Failure to do so will resort in a warning, subsequent failures will result in the boot. Members are encouraged to offer their opinions on anything guild related and to help each other out as best they can. Your advice and opinions will never be derided or ridiculed but will be looked at and a response given.
If the Abbott is killed or is unable to be contacted, the next highest church member is in command. Only the Abbott or Curate may order an attack on another guild. All members of the Church must adhere to the rules of Tempers Ball as outlined below.

- Do not make an ass of yourself.

- Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC unless asked specifically by staff.

- Do not spam or post redundant messages.

- Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.

- Pornography, Piracy or other illegal material is not allowed.

- Do not post links or advertisements to hate or Anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.