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Created: 2003-02-25 01:08:19
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I remember the night well, I sat on the hillside overlooking the camp deep in the woods of Ver. It was the fifth and last night of the Festival of Creation. The bonfires of the camp below raged high in the sky, bringing day to night. Groups were gathering around the camp partaking of food, drink and song. I remembered years past when I was among them, listening to, regaling others of feats of battle. On the final night we would gather by the lake to hear the words of the Master Ranger of Ver. In the course of my life, I had only know two Master Rangers, my grandfather, and my father. Tonight I would bear the title of Master Ranger and reaffirm our commitment to the true goddess Isonia.

The Rangers of Ver had a long and varied history. The very founding of the rangers could be traced back to a small group of hunters who banded together to protect local villagers from a band of outlaws. Soon the few hunters grew to be an army of mighty warriors. Their honor and fighting ability became know far and wide.

In time, there was a growing restlessness among the people of Ver. A sense that we were destined for greater things. That we had a greater purpose than just defending our beloved woods. Our world was without structure. All this changed in an instant with the Formation. From that moment on, we served Isonia. How could we not, it was, after all, our thoughts, hopes and dreams that had helped give her form.

With the Formation came a peace that lasted generations. In many lands the ways of the warrior were being forgotten. Armies were reduced, weapons and armor rusted beyond repair, the art of war forgotten. The influence of Isonia waned. It was not so in the woods of Ver. With the absence of war, our devotion to Isonia was mainifested in the study of the art of war. It was in this time of peace and beauty, that new ideas of war were formed. The pain of wars was forgotten, only the glorious and gallent actions remembered. So a code of honor became part of the creed for the Rangers of Ver.

As always, peace gave way to war. Fought at first with armies that were barely more than armed mobs. Good for little else than the burning of villages and the murdering of peasants. For the Rangers of Ver it was a vindication of their faith. By remaining true to the tenets of Isonia we were well prepared for war that was devasting the lands.

So, with that final thought in mind, I made my way to the camp below to accept the mantle of Master Ranger. My purpose and that of the Rangers of Ver would be to bring glory and honor to the true goddess Isonia.


GM: Master Ranger
AGM: Noble Ranger
Squad Leader: High Ranger
Full Member: Top Ranger
Member: Wardens
Newbie: Tenderfoot


Rangers of Ver has been Isonian from the begining. We always have and will always uphold the honor of the true Goddess


Membership in Rangers of Ver is open to all who wish to be active members. There are but three requirements:

1. A willingness to play.
2. A kingdom name that fits in with the genre of the game.
3. All new members must email an application to the GM at mstdavid@hotmail.com it should include the following information:

  1. Name of your realm and its leader.
  2. Your email address
  3. Your ICQ number (if you have it)
  4. How long have you been playing Cannon or any other similar game?
  5. What other guilds have you served with?
  6. Why did you pick Rovers?
In game applications without an accompanying email appilication will be rejected.

Rangers of Ver is a warrior guild, we are constantly on the offensive. We pride ourselves on fighting guilds ranked higher than ourselves with more members whenever possible. If you are the type that believes great victories can be had by attacking those weaker and less numerous, Rangers Of Ver is not for you.

The members of Rangers of Ver operate under the following rules:

  1. No cheating of any kind.
  2. Have fun, this is a game after all.
  3. All members are expected to remain active. Please inform the Master Ranger of extended absenses.
  4. Report all attacks and scout attempts immediately upon discovery.
  5. Participation in wars is expected.
  6. Follow all orders that are issued.
  7. Don't whine on the boards. I have no tolerance for whining

Our ranks are as follows:

Master Ranger: The Master Ranger is the leader of the guild. He is the voice of the guild speaking for the guild. He is charged with directing the battle to bring the true king to the throne.

Noble Ranger: Noble Rangers are the most respected and experienced of the Rovers. They hold leadership positions in the guild and form the core advisors to the Master Ranger.

High Ranger: High Rangers report directly to the Master Ranger. They aid the Master Ranger, and Noble Rangers in running the guild.

Top Ranger: As in any army, the Top Rangers are the core of Rovers fighting force. They are experinced and have fought with Rovers through several ages.

Wardens: The Wardens are Rovers new veterans. They have fought with the guild for at least 1 full game.

Tenderfoot: The new members of Rovers. Every new member is a Tenderfoot for at least 1 game.

All members of rovers will spend their first age with the rank of tenderfoot. After that, promotions will be made at most once each age through the rank of Ranger. Advancement past the rank of ranger will be on an as needed basis. In addition to time in service, adherence to the rules and regulations of rovers will also be taken into consideration.

If the GM is found lacking as a leader, he may be impeached by a 2/3rds majority vote within the guild and replaced by the AGM until such a time as another GM can be elected.

Tempers Ball:

Posting in Tempers Ball is encouraged but not required. A war thread will be started for each war we are in. The following rules are in effect for posting in Tempers Ball. These are the rules you agreed to when you created your account.

No Vulgarity or Profanity.
Do not make an ass out of yourself.
Do not post accusations of cheating.
Do not post bug reports.
Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names.
Do not post redundant messages. (no spamming)

Contact Information:

GM - Ramar
email: mstdavid@hotmail.com
ICQ: 36429612
Yahoo Messenger: BigD_1961

Ranger Diplomat - Gaborn
email: knlb@nklb.com
ICQ: 49072723

Ranger Scout - Vauban
email: spring_suprise@yahoo.com

The fastest way to resolve any border disputes is to email and ICQ the GM and/or Ranger Diplomat. Please include the nature of the problem, the parties involved, and any "war/steal" news. That is the first information we will ask for, so you might as well save time and send it to us upfront.