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Created: 2003-06-28 10:57:10
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War raged across the great continent both in the heavens and on the major material plane. In every region from the frozen wastelands of Icengerth to the molten magma flows of Hellorot unnatural occurrences were becoming commonplace. This was the time after the Last Sin. A once peaceful and technologically sophisticated civilization had been destroyed. Now in its place stood scattered kingdoms formed by the survivors.  Gradually the kingdoms claimed allegiances to Deities as the desperate, power hungry Gods beckoned them.  The Gods lured the people with promises of splendid prosperity but in return they asked their followers to feed them with souls of enemies slain in glorious battle. It is in this time of chaos and wild magic, that the events related in this tome occurred.

The great moon sailed through the evening sky casting a radiant blue light upon the charred forest canopy. The peaceful cloudless sky deceptively related that the world was calm. This was but a fleeting moment of peace for the ancient treant Mazleaf. Having lived since the time before the creation of the gods he had seen many eras come and go but none as atrocious as the current. Years ago Mazleaf had even been a part of the legendary force of fervent praying for the relief of suffering that had brought about the conception of the clever god Darden. Mazleaf was a wise and just being.   He respected Darden for bearing the bowl of suffering for the world and although it pained him to see the darker demonic side of his deity he was still a faithful follower.

For the cause of Darden, Mazleaf, as patriarch of his clan, had taken it upon himself to lead them in a campaign. Preparations were made for months but near the launch of his attack, at sunset on the seventh day, Mazleafís forest burst into flames. Elementals serving a false god stormed in and began a whirling devastation of the lush woodland. The treant clan fought boldly and both sides suffered much loss. Yet Hordes of elementals continued to ravage the forest and the flames turned into an inferno.

All in Mazleafís clan perished in the flames of the battle... except for the resilient elder. Overcome by an awesome feeling of anger and grief the mighty, hardened treant laid devastating blow after devastating blow to his hated enemies. His bark, being kissed by the intense flames and heat of the fire, threw him into excruciating pain. Yet on he toiled and somehow through shear will  he kept himself from catching fire and single handedly he vanquished the evil army from his land.

Then as though Darden himself was bearing a portion of Mazleafís suffering, the skies tore open and rains, Darden's tears, descended squelching the blaze. Then the rain stopped and the night sky cleared; not a cloud remained in the sky. The dominant moon cast a radiant blue light upon the charred forest canopy. Overcome by anguish and irreplaceable loss Mazleaf let out a low wail the seemed the shake the earth and sky. Then the moon shot out a great red beam of pure energy. Mazleafís body, struck solidly by the beam, was violently torn from the ground.  As Mazleaf lay dying, from his mightiest and most aged root there came forth a giant, brilliantly sparkling, multifaceted diamond. This was Mazleafís gift to preserve the effort the servants of Darden. It was forged of the ancient treantís soul and the power restored to Darden in the massive battle.

The last words of the noble Mazleaf can be read this very day in what is now the Illusionary Glades the resting place of the sacred diamond. ďThose seeking wisdom and power in the name of Darden place thy hands upon this precious stone and it will be so.  You will be bound in unity and strength with your brothers and will one day sit at my right hand.Ē

Origins: Ivellios Kiirdon

The cool night air swept through the room causing the candle light to flicker about in a spellbinding dance. The dim light cast shadows upon the many unrolled scrolls and books that lay scattered about. Ivellios Kiirdon felt the cool touch of the breeze but stoically continued in his nightly studies of wizardry, as had been his custom for centuries. He was one hundred and fifty years old, quite young by the standards of his race, the elves. He was tall and lean, extremely tall for and elf, towering over most others by a full head and a half. His straight shoulder length hair glistened with a deep brown and his eyes gleamed with a brilliant forest green like to that of emeralds. By even the standards of his race, a beautiful people, he was extremely handsome.

Having already spent a century pouring through manuals of the magical arts he had become adept in wizardry. It could be of no surprise though for he came from a grand line of mages dating back thousands of years. Wizards' blood coursed through his veins. This place, the Library of house Kiirdon, was no simple library.   It was filled as far as even the elven eye could see with ancient tomes and scrolls of magic long forgotten in many areas of the world.

Ivellios, as all the Kiirdons since the dawn of the Gods was a true and devout servant of Darden. This would be the last night of his study for he felt a stirring within him to aid in the victory of his deity by using his talents in the raging battles now seemingly exploding all about. It was his duty.  These were dark times for even the royal tower housing the spacious library, cloaked and shielded by powerful magic, was in danger of attack. Rather than having the fight brought to him, Ivellios would take the fight to the heathens.

So it was that with these intentions he began a fervent chant pleading with Darden to bless him with strength and ability during his impending sojourn. His chant grew louder and louder and he rose from his kneeling position upon the floor and began levitating. With as much intensity as any mortal being could muster he let out one final powerful chant. At the same moment a bolt of lightning struck the spire of the tower, and a dusty ancient tome fell from its place on a high shelf. The tome landed open and from it blue smoke began to swirl about.

When the smoke dissipated, Ivellios began reading the tome and realized that it was not of House Kiirdon's Library...no for this book had come straight from the Hand of Darden.  It spoke of prophecy fulfilled. Through rhyme and metaphor it told of the strength of Darden and the Treant Mazleaf merging into a great multifaceted diamond, and of the power of the artifact; the ability to bestow wondrous gifts to true followers. Ivellios knew that this was the answer to his prayer the way to victory in the campaign for Darden. He read with passion the mythical events and happened upon a spell embedded within the final page of the tome. Although the spell was very advanced in nature, Ivellios, a worthy spell caster, knew that with concentration the spell would soon be activated. He had been chosen to be the first to touch the sacred diamond and so become one with its unimaginable power.

He set the book on the pedestal before him and began the spell of plane transportation.  With the final words "Uth toak liith ardth" eloquently uttered, his corporeal from faded away. He was overtaken by sensations of dizziness, all around him seemed bright, and he lost all awareness of time, space, and direction. Then he stood in the Illusionary Glades the resting place of the most holy diamond. Magically from the ashes of Mazleaf's great forest the glades had grown in order to keep all but the most worthy and devout followers of Darden from coming upon the diamond.

In the finding of the Illusionary Glades, Ivellios Kiirdon placed his hands upon the rock, and partook of the covenant. He was for a moment directly linked to Darden, and in accordance with the will of Darden he took the oath. "I shall be faithful and true. In bearing the suffering of my brothers I will gain the strength of millions and overcome all wickedness of the false Gods! Glory honor and victory to Darden, I shall one day sit at his right hand!" Then the truth of the Diamond was shown and Ivellios Kiirdon gained unsurpassed power. 

So was the forging of Ivellios Kiirdon the Diamond Incarnate!

He now waits for all the true followers of Darden to join him in the glades and accept the gift. With his great power he beckons on the wind so that all who have ears may hear. Will you not join him today and see the glory tomorrow may bring as one of the elect, one of the true followers of Darden, one of the Diamond Covenant!


GM: Diamond Incarnate
AGM: Diamond Avatar
Squad Leader: Soldier of Light
Full Member: Myrmidon
Member: Embraced
Newbie: Myth Seeker


This is a new Guild. Yet long has its history been known in ancinet tomes (OOC I've had it on backup cd rom since valid was first rumored and I just touched it up a bunch)


Contact Information
GM Name- Ivellios Kiirdon
Email- lbphenom@icqmail.com
ICQ UIN- 31830162
AIM- LbPhenom
Guild Rules
Application Rules:
1. Any player of the Darden faith may join
2. After joining, new entry level members, must RP their experience in the Illusionary Glade with the Sacred Diamond to be promoted to full member status
Basic Guild Rules

1. Above all other things we need active players remain active and you will go far. Inactive players will get the boot. 

2. This guild is a brotherhood, respect your guild mates especially those in higher authority positions and you may one day find yourself in a position of authority as well. 

3. The GM will give out weekly performance evaluations, based on attitude, contribution to the guilds growth, gain in net worth and RP. Ratings will be on a 1-3 scale 3 being the highest. If a player doesnít score at least a total of 3 points in a two week grading period he will find himself guildless. There is no excuse for under performing. 

4. Promotions are achieved by receiving 3 points in a one week period. So every week members can be up for a promotion and new ranks will be allocated. Once the position of AGM is reached no further promotion can occur. 

5. Demotion occurs if a player only receives 1 point over a one week grading period. 

6. The GM has the Final Judgment on all grading, promotion, demotion and booting, itís not up for debate. 

7. The GMs grading scale is the guild performance as a whole so he is above the 1-3 system because heís going to be working harder than anyone else. 

8. The GM will assign tasks according to who is willing and able, as the guild becomes established more responsibility and authority will be handed down to others 

9. No unauthorized attacking, if itís not on the banner then donít hit that kingdom itís a good way to stay out of trouble 

10.  ICQ is requested to be had by all members 

11. If the GM disappears the AGM with the most seniority will be placed in command

Guild Ranks-
GM- Diamond Incarnate- The head authority, the head representative, an example, the first to lay hands on the diamond, richly blessed, the diamond in bodily form, has to do the most work
AGM- Diamond Avatar- In tune with the diamond, highly skilled warrior and commander, given authority over major issues such as war, scouting, or external and internal affairs, marketing, accounting, human resource management, and IT
Officer- Soldier of Light- Has laid hands on the diamond and not received talents and abilities as a leader but has displayed them. Position of respect
Full Member- Embraced- Has touched the diamond has powers have been given and now they most show what they can do with these rich blessings Jr.Member - Myth Seeker- A follower of Darden who has heard of the mythical diamond, and is on the right path to finding it.
Posting Rules:
Follow all the Temperís Ball rules:
No Vulgarity or Profanity. Do not make an ass out of yourself, Do not post accusations of cheating. Do not post bug reports. Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names. Do not post redundant messages. (no spamming)
Other Posting Rules:
Carry yourself in a Christian manner. Treat people the way you would want to be treated. This is a game and a community, we are all friends here. Leave your ill feelings in the game, donít take things personally. Rise above insults and criticism by responding with kindness.