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Created: 2003-06-19 05:39:44
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There were some of Isonia who had become dissatisfied with the politics of their day. The treaties, smiles, alliances between the faiths were really only an abomination to their respective gods. Their actions were without honor and devotion, having sold themselves to their own private agendas in a world of growing greed and power. It became apparent that practicality and the fear of sacrifice were the chosen paths of many. Out of this dissatisfaction arose men and women who longed a return to ways only now heard about through stories and commandments seen in ancient texts. All that remained from these heroes were the blood they spilled on the battlefield. They believed that spiritual devotion was waning, maybe even disappearing and few were left who were truly faithful to Darden. Especially, they despised ones who had given way to thinking that perhaps Darden wasn't the only god who must be followed, that perhaps we could live with and understand freely what those who honored Foret and Darden believed. Isonian honor had been slighted and for that there was no forgiveness. But in their minds, the presence of those who worshipped these false gods were more of a destructive influence to the people of Isonia. It was their presence that caused blasphemy and cluttered, misshapen thoughts among Isonia's people. If those of other faiths could not be persuaded to follow the true path of Isonia, then their threat to Isonia's people would have to be eliminated.

He had been one of those who had proclaimed that message to his people. Some laughed at him, content in their blasphemy, others listened but did nothing, content in their complacency. Yet there were a few who listened and understood, knowing he was right. It was those who were with him now, preparing for the first step of a returning of honor and worship to Isonia. Small groups of men had been formed to carry out measures to cleanse the unfaithful from the lands and perhaps influence others to rethink their positions. Quietly, they would kill if need be, those who were outspoken in their blasphemy, or persuade others by various means to remember their true devotion to Isonia. These actions, they believed, would show true devotion to Darden, done out of love for him, and not for any personal gain. They would not become hypocrites, letting greed influence them like the people they despised.They believed sometimes the only message of Darden's infinite power was the slice of a blade across a heretic's throat. They figured they would realize soon enough their sins.

Their target tonight had been another prince who had spoken loud and long on the idiocy of Isonia and for those words he would surely die. His palace was large with two main wings on either side of a great hall. The wing on the left housed the family's quarters, and the other wing housed some nondescript, blasphemous debauchery, relics and whatnot. There had been no guards outside the house, present on their approach which was ironic. And he had blamed Isonia for being idiotic? Now that this man's pride and boasting had singled him out, it would also be his undoing. Their entrance into the house was swift and unnoticed, two throwing knives with the blades buried into the back of the guards heads. The darkness of the moonless night enveloped them as they moved down the great hall to the entrance of the left wing, passing shrines and statues of the God Foret. The heavy wooden doors were already open, and a long dark carpeted hallway stood in front of them. Orders were given out with hand signals and they entered the hallways quickly staying to the sides. As he approached the chamber door, two shapes were seen slumped over on either side of the doorway. The guards were awakened with knives in their throats, surprise and pain evident in their eyes. They were killed too fast to blink a final time in there sad, pathetic, unorthodox lives. He stood there with little emotion and watched them die, bloody throats gurgling desperate for air. He smiled. Another man forced the lock on the door and moving fast, they surrounded the bed. Long knives emerged and were plunged into the hearts of the Lord, his wife and children as they slept. With the job done, they retraced their steps down the wing hallway and back into the hall. The false god's alter was destroy, its contents burned and on the wall around it these words were written in blood and ashes: "Isonia is the only true god"

Thus is one of the many stories of the Damned. Where blasphemy and heresy reign, Damned is there to speak for the only true prophet: Isonia.The Assembly of The Damned is always active, seeking ways to forward the name of Isonia, whether it be through information gathering, magic, or cold-blooded murder, no act is fanatic enough.

Ages have passed, and also have the fanticisim. Darden and Foret: Blasphemous. Politics and Ego's have gone to these leaders heads. No more will we stand for this. Are you ready to carry on the torch?


GM: Spiritual Leader
AGM: Jihad Deputy
Squad Leader: Jihad Warrior
Full Member: Chosen
Member: enlightened fighter
Newbie: footsoldier


This is Damned's first age under the God Isonia, but there is much history behind us. We are dedicated, and will do what it takes to further Isonia


The Charter of the Assembly of the Damned

1. Membership rules.
a. Membership requirements.

Damned accepts only those players with devotion and willingness to take chances in the advancement of our great faith. Odds are you won't be noticed in many of the actions you take, so if your in this game for glitz and glamour, this may not be the guild for you. Experience also helps, although we don't mind training. IN FACT, WE WOULD LOVE TO CARRY ON OUR KNOWLEDGE OF THE GAME TO ANY NEW PLAYERS WANTING TO LEARN! A basic understanding of the game prior to membership would be fantastic, but is not mandatory. Please submit an email to south90drummer@aol.com before acceptance, and answer questions regarding your guild expierence, ranks held, willingness for kd type, and why Damned seems like a good fit for you.

b. Game Race requirements

All races are welcome.

c. Guild Size


2. Promotion/Ranks/Duties

a. Once again, if promotion is what your interested in, this may not be the guild for you. Every member, unless decided upon by The GM and AGM, will begin at the lowest rank, and through acts of participation and following orders, will move up in rank.

b. Ranks are as follows:

6. Footsoldier- Do what your told, and you wont be here for long
5. Enlightend fighter- Good, your listening...
4. Chosen- Chosen must be ready to accept more responsibility
3. Jihad Warrior- You've become a fully trusted member of Damned
2. Spiritual Deputy- AGM's of various guild activities achieve this rank. AGM positions will be decided on a "what we need" basis. Show that you know what your doing, and you will be considered for an AGM position.
1. Spiritual Leader- The Guild Master (GM). All Actions will pass through the guild master, and every final decision will be made through him/her. Should the GM disappear, the guild will elect someone to replace him/her.

3. Game/ Guild Rules.

a. First and Foremost, obey all Canon game rules, including those rules of Templars Ball. These Rules are:

- Do not make an ass of yourself.
- Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC unless asked specifically by staff.
- Do not spam or post redundant messages.
- Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.
- Pornography, Piracy or other illegal material is not allowed.
- Do not post links or advertisements to hate or Anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.

b. Don't cheat. It doesn't make the game enjoyable for anyone else

c. On top of those rules ( Which MUST be obeyed ) There are guild rules. Make any strikes planned on time ( unless a reason is given ). Any heathen caught collaborating with a heathen will be booted out and feasted on as an unguilded. Not obeying an order will also be subject to the appropriate punishment.

This is your warning.

4. Mission Statement.

Damned reserves the right to enter in any war it deems unfair to Isonia. We aren't here for politics, but there is no escaping that politics do exist, and thus we will adjust accordingly. No matter the sacrifice or the fight ahead of us, we will not deny any challenge. We will never abandon out Isonian Brothers and Sisters. While we may not be "at war" we are always doing something to further the Isonian faith, our new home: The one and only true faith.

If there is any questions, concerns, or quandries, please contact Tiller at south90drummer@aol.com, on icq at 317555870, or on aim at south90drummer. If not available, please email JL at JL8480@hotmail.com, or icq at 82000379. We will get back to you A.S.A.P.