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Created: 2003-06-12 10:14:41
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Nobody's Children

It had been years ago. Beyond memory, beyond history and almost beyond time itself. The lost nation of Nevarre had existed and thrived in the valley between the two great mountains of the northern reach. There, men, women and children lived in prosperity. There were exotic foods, drink and enough wealth to sustain the population indefinately. They had magic and weapons beyond our wildest imaginations. There, basking in the glory and power of Foret, they dared think themselves invincible. They dared think themselves as gods.

For years, the nation of Nevarre continued and prospered. It's inhabitants filled with merriment and joy. But one day, something went horribly wrong. Terribly wrong. For with such immense power and wealth, comes becoming the target of the jealous. Little did the Nevarrians know, that their day of reckoning had come. For on the outskirts of Nevarre lay the armies of the heathen barbarians. They had lived in the mountains for centuries and watched the Nervarrians prosper and be lively. They had watched the Navarrian children garbed in wonderous clothing, as their child died and withered away from the cold. They had seen the wonderous magics of the Nevarrians keep them alive for centuries, and watched their own die young. It was then that they decided to attack.

Without warning, without provocation, the barbarian tribes appeared from the mountains. Flashing steel, the Barbarians moved swifly and efficiantly through the unprepared defenses of outer Nevarre. The heartlands of Nevarre fell nearly as fast. Even with their superior magics, and weapons, the Nevarrians fell. For they had never imagined that such a day would come. They had never imagined the raw fury and anger of the Barbarian tribes. In the end, it was only two weeks since the start of the invasion when the barbarians surrounded the capital of Nevarre.

It was then the great Archbishop of Foret made the decision that would preserve what remained of a once great civilization. The decision was made to send the children, the future, into the mountains to escape the wrath of the savage barbarians. It was hoped that after the battle was over, that the survivors could take care of the children, and rebuild Nevarre anew.

This was not to be. For no adult Nevarrian survived the barbarian onslaught.

So it came to pass that the children would live in the mountains, as the Barbarians had. They would suffer great hardships and pain. However, they survived in those unforgiving mountains, where they flourished and grew. As fate would have it, 200 years later, a vision of Foret appeared before the people of the mountains, the decendants of the children of Nevarre. It appeared for but a breif moment, but in that moment, every one of those 'Children of Nevarre' knew what course to take.

Every last one of them did their duty, and worked hard and diligently in preparation for the day to come. The day they would reclaim their homelands from the heathen barbarians; the day that vengence would come.


GM: Lord
AGM: Clerics
Squad Leader: Knights
Full Member: Soldiers
Member: Squires
Newbie: Nobodies


our first age



1. Lord - GM, full powers and authority. The gm
2. Cleric - AGM, may edit guild banner, may train and lead their respective groups. And must report to the GM
3. Knight - same as AGM, but not in chain of command. Knight will report to the Agm
4. Soldier - trusted, full fledged member, Soldiers are allowed to attack and scum unguilded Targets and must report to their Knights
5. Squire - member in training,
6. nobody - entry rank, no privileges.

~Chaper One: Participation~
1.1 The Clan must run as if it we're one, therefore, if you plan to join NC, you must be active. This includes checking your kingdom at least once every two days, unless you have a legitimate reason.
1.2 It is extremely important for you to attend all guild wars and guild meetings. This is part of being active; notify the GM or AGM's if you cant make it
1.3 WE prize Teamwork above all else as well as friendship
1.4 WE are a clan of Honor and we don't allow flaming in TB post's
1.5 our war chats will be on IRC so if you dont have mirc dont expect to be a member more then a few days ( you have 2 days to get it and start using it ) before release.

~Chapter Two: Conduct and honor~
2.1 The chain of command is as follows: Lord(gm), Cleric(AGM), Knight, Soldier, Squire, Nobody's
2.2 Respect and honor everyone, including heathens
2.3 As a member of NC Your words and actions reflect us. Remember we are a clan of honor
2.4 Above all, follow all Canon rules and TB rules. This includes no OOC spying, spamming, etc

~Chapter Three: Promotions and Discharges~
3.1 PROMOTIONS: The GM Will give out promotions when he see's fit to or when a sl has recomended it
3.2 Promotion to Jonin will only be made if a spot is open. and if the GM thinks you are able to handle the spot
3.3 GROUNDS FOR RELEASE: Any breach of contract from Canon and Temper ball's rules. As well as any breach of the guild charter.

~Chapter Four: Application~
The following criteria must be sent in before you apply to the NC. Any application sent in without the criteria will be automatically rejected. The alternative is to get in contact with the GMs via ICQ or Mirc
4.1 A reference is required. This can mean any respectable gm or agm.* (a few new member's will be taken in each age)
4.2 Canon history. This includes past faiths, guilds, and games.
4.3 Contact Info, Mirc and ICQ are MANDATORY. ( we requir you to use Mirc)
4.4 Current Kingdom number, name, and stats

~Chapter Five: Temper's Ball~
While posting in TB I expect you to keep any and all said flame's to yourself. Remember you not only make you look foolish but your guild aswell when you flame somebody else.
5.0 Do not make an ass out of yourself.
5.1 Do not post accusations of cheating.
5.2 Do not post bug reports.
5.3 Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names.
5.4 Do not post redundant messages. (no spamming) 5.5 Pornography, Piracy or other illegal material is not allowed.
5.6 Do not post links or advertisements to hate or Anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.

6.0 If the gm disapears agm of war shall take over the guild

Contact info
GM: Blackheart
email: BenNevis@yahoo.com
ICQ: 71927061
irc info: irc.enterthegame.com.
room #ZC