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Created: 2003-06-08 12:29:31
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"No-one is more worried by the actual physical manifestation of a god than his priests; it's like having the auditors in unexpectedly. " ~Terry Pratchett (Pyramids)
The forces of Darden had always taken a great loss when they decided they didn't need to support each other. Age in, age out, they had cried outrage together… at times, attended some of the same social functions…occasionally, but never really accepted one another. Especially in the case of ENeMA, a guild of… outgoing warriors who had, for reasons of their own, decided Darden was the faith to be. Unfortunately, many of the members of Darden's church were the sort who liked to look a gift horse in the mouth and shouted to the heavens that they didn't trust ENeMA… For some reason, the followers of Darden couldn't grasp the idea that people could convert from one religion to another… now why people who can't understand that simple idea are leaders of their faith and guilds, all the while screaming "CONVERT!" is beyond even the most learned of Tonan scholars.

In any case, ENeMA finally had enough of the mistrust, the lies and the deceit. They gave up on the church of Darden, believing that too many of the followers were blinded by jealousy and hate to understand the true potential of the faith. They packed up their things and headed back to the realms of Foret, leaving one or two of their dear friends behind… those who still had faith that Darden could become something more…

Portia swayed from side to side in her saddle; Noodle (her trusty steed) had never been known for his smooth gaits. She was scowling as her caravan marched northward, the overcast sky a perfect match to her expression. All of her belongings were packed up and loaded into the wagons behind her, her entire life was changing… and change was never something she relished. As she rode along, her constant grumble setting pace for the "clop, clo-clop" of Noodle's hooves, something shiny in the corner of her eye caught Portia's attention. Instantly her hand flew up and his men came to an abrupt halt, ready to attack the ambush they believed she had caught wind of.

Portia loved shiny things, not only were they pretty and looked nice on her, they usually also held the property of being expensive. Her mouth watered slightly as she dismounted and told her men to hang on while she investigated. She walked over to a large stand of boulders and flattened her back against them, preparing to whip around and catch the shiny be surprise.

"General, wait here... I think I saw something."

"Uh... my Lady, it could be a trap. Perhaps you should let one of the scouts investigate-"

"Bah" Was her only reply. There was something shiny and precious this way… she could feel it. He had almost a sixth sense about these things. Portia pounced and sped rounded the corner of several large boulders, almost trampling over a very small, very elderly man. He was contentedly leaning against the rock, chewing on some sort of root without a care in the world. She stumbled and sidestepped to avoid treading on him, but sadly lost her footing and landed soundly in a puddle of nameless muck. The old man snickered.

"No, no, " She muttered casting a dirty look at the old man "don't bother getting up, I'm fi…"

As she glared at the man she noticed he was wearing the robes of Darden's priests; though these were so tattered and torn it was hard to tell without really staring. Portia opened her mouth to say something about finding a new tailor, but for once she could find no words. This little man was her supposed enemy now, but deep down, she still didn't feel the desire to bring him harm. So instead she sat in the muck, mouth opening and closing and struggled to find something to say.

"Oh knock it off, you look like a damn fish" The old man snapped in a strong tone which belied his tiny form "You know and I know you aren't going to do anything to me. Damn girl, thinking you can leave your faith behind… Do you really think you can cast aside your God like so much bad fruit? People amaze me, with the terribly short time given to live one's life, you'd think they would find one thing and stick with it… granted your situation is different… there were many more outside forces involved in what happened with ENeMA," His brow furrowed and he nodded slightly "good kids, gonna miss them."

He finally looked at her.

"Uh… o-k." She stammered

"My, aren't we the eloquent one? Bah, all these people thinking it's about being the bringers of doom… why doesn't anyone realize that to really love your faith, you have to celebrate it, revel in it, enjoy it? Yeah, Darden is all about the misery and pain of the world… so laugh about it. Look at you, covered in who knows what, sitting in a puddle. Now that's damn funny if you ask me, but I'm sure you're not happy about it in the least."

He was right, by this time her clothes had soaked up the goo and she was becoming a bit ripe. The old man was right though, had the muck been on the other foot (so to speak) she would be laughing her little head right off. Granted, the old man was plenty smelly without the muck and stink of the puddle...

"So basically what you are telling me is that I should quit wallowing in self pity and that the best way to serve Darden is to screw people over and laugh about it?"

"Sharp girl, got that one did ya? I only had to spell it out for you." He said his voice dancing with the trappings of sarcasm.

"I appreciate the lesson but you're a little late old man, I'm off to be with my guild and fight in the name of Foret." She grumbled, suddenly realizing how flat the words sounded.

"Doesn't sound to me like your heart is in it" He replied, glancing up at her

She grew silent and considered. She knew her heart wasn't devoted to Foret as it had been with Darden. This old priest was right, she had always loved to be the one to point and laugh at another's misfortune… not the kind of characteristic most people look for in a friend, but apparently if this old coot was to be believed, the making of a great disciple of Darden. Foret was so stodgy… so serious… goodness, purity… Gods, he would never be able to be nice enough to play in that sandbox. She began itching just thinking about it.

"Come back to my camp, you need food and fire old man." She said

"I need nothing you can give me, other than your promise to keep your faith." He replied.

"Yeah right, I'll take on the world as a lone Darden warrior slash priestess. That's a great surviavalist manuever."

"Promise me you'll be faithful and I promise you won't be alone." His tone gentle but demanding.

"Hell, what have I got to loose... besides everything… though I do look much better in gold than drab dull gray... I suppose I can give it another go. But if I end up alone and bitter, I'm hunting you down to keep me company, and trust me, I'm not plesant when I'm bitter."

A grin spread across his face. "It's a deal." He said.

She rose with a sigh and nodded to the man. "Guess I should go put all my stuff back where I found it, huh?"

"Guess so. Safe journey and watch where you're going this time?" He grinned and lowered his head again, his attention now centered on a root he was preparing to chew on.

She went back to her caravan and ordered everyone turn around. As moans and groans of exasperation rose from her men, she realized there is precious little she found as much fun as making other people miserable. She really was a follower of Darden…

Ages later Portia bounced around Belle as the two women moved away from the best local pub. "Belliebutton, I'm bored!" Grinning slyly, Belle turned to her lovely cohort and said, "I think it's time to turn this place on it's ear. The bland life has gotten to us." "Mmmmm, I believe you are right. We need sass and pizzaz... With your perfect pout and my keen fashion sense we could launch Tonan into a new era... one of bodices and boots and the elimination of poorly dressed gypsies!" Portia breathed, the excitement dancing in her eyes. Thus BAD returned from the void, their mission newly refreshed and goals clearly stated.
Portia sighed and glanced around. It had been a long time since she had been in robes of purple. Her conversion had cost her quite a bit, reupholstering an entire castle from gold fabric to "Sparkling Amethyst" is not a cheap thing. Still she thought as she glanced around her home, it just seems right Portia had been a supporter of Isonia before and had found herself happy and secure there. When she returned to the lands of Tonan, it seemed only natural that she would end up back in the fold of the faith she held dearest. Isonia, the Lady of Truth in all things. While Portia had been seduced by the sweet songs of Darden, she had never really lost her love for the Goddess who had shown her that you can be both beautiful and deadly. What intelligent being didn't want to run into battle, covered in blood of heathens and looking fabulous while doing it? Of course, faith isn't all about fighting... It was time to bring BAD down a new road, one that would bring them closer to who they strove to be. Portia was ready to return to the fold of Isonia, even if it meant going it alone at first.


GM: We who must be obeyed
AGM: Them
Squad Leader: Those guys
Full Member: That chick
Member: Reylan Talonspyre ESQ
Newbie: Naughty babies


It was so much fun we decided to do it again and again and again! (BAD is in it's fifth age.)


Incase you didn't get it from the story, we are here to make the heathens miserable, but in a fun manner. Good fashion is also a must. Just dun go overboard here folks, other people want to have fun too.

To apply you MUST submit an application via ICQ to 24738014. You MUST have a sponsor within the guild or be a returning member. Any apps sent should include the following:
  1. Your posting alt for guilds
  2. Your contact info (IQC, AIM, MSN, etc)
  3. Kingdom name and Leader name
  4. Any previous guild experience
  5. Your time zone and the hours you are commonly online (Aprox)
  6. Any and all disciplinary warnings you have received in your time playing Canon
  7. Anything else you feel like sharing

TB Rules:
  1. Do not make an ass of yourself.
  2. Do not post bug reports on the baords, over ICQ, or in IRC, unless specifically asked to by staff.
  3. Do not spam or post redundant messages.
  4. Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.
  5. Pornography, piracy, or other illegal material is not allowed.
  6. Do not post links or advertisements to hate or anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.

Our rules are very simple. Why? Because we expect you to know right from wrong.

  1. The biggest rule of Bad Intentions if to enjoy yourself. We're not big on wars so dun sign up if you want to fight all the time.
  2. Only She Who Must Be Obeyed can finalize peace agreements or make deals on reparations to us/other guilds.
  3. Obey TB rules AT ALL TIMES. Do not bend the rules or talk back to any staff of the game EVER.
  4. So help you if you are discovered to be cheating. It is not tolerated. We do not need to cheat to win.
  5. In the event She Who Must Be Obeyed cannot be reached for 72 hours or 48 hours in a time of war Belle's children will pick who takes over until they return.

  1. She Who Must Be Obeyed - This is the commander. When it becomes necessary to have one voice settle a dispute (see above) this is the person to handle it.
  2. Them - They are everywhere and always watching for you to do something to amuse them. These are the people who are very active.
  3. The Other Ones
  4. That Guy
  5. Reylan


As stated before, you enter with the privs of an AGM. Your activity and devotion to the guild will earn you further rewards. However, if you violate the rules listed above, you will become demoted. Three warnings from She Who Must Be Obeyed warrant a booting.