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NOMADS (Nomads)

Created: 2003-06-06 09:17:32
Game: guild


Nick stumbles over the frozen wasteland following what he thinks are the tracks of the once mighty army he used to command. He is dehydrated, hungry, and tired, but something tells him he can’t stop. He continues to walk in a stumbling trance. He collapses into the snow and yells into the sky “Why have you forsaken me?” He cries to his god. Nick knows he is too weak to carry on, so he plants his sword deep into the snow, takes off his armor, and hangs it on his sword in the fashion that his ancestors have been doing for many ages before him. He then lays down and waits for death to come. Slowly, unconsciousness slips over him. In his feverish dreams he relives all the significant events in his life.


He is once again the general of his mighty army. In his dream he is watching himself; it’s his first battle with his army in which they were fighting unthinkable odds, but luckily Nick had managed to move the fighting to a valley where his army could stand and fight while the enemy had to push and shove their enormous numbers through the small space. That was the battle that got Nick’s career started.


Nick is now watching as he marries his wife in a huge temple.


He watches as he hands over his army to his first in command, a young man that reminded him of himself.


Nick is now watching helplessly as his dreamself runs screaming in horror towards his farm house that’s in flames. He sees the army that has done the dirty deed in the distance. Desperately, he runs back and forth from the well trying to extinguish the flames. Searching the ruins of his house he finds the bodies of his wife and child. Crashing down in a cloud of ashes, Nick weeps and weeps until finally he cries himself to sleep. When he awakes he buries the bodies of his family, digs out his old armor and sword from where it was buried, and with bloodthirsty vengeance on his mind heads after the army’s trail.


Nick now sees himself meeting up with his old army and the new general who tells Nick they have been sent to hunt down the heathen army before they become too great a threat. After joining with them they continue to follow the tracks of the army for months, the tracks always leading North. One day in the frozen waste the tracks just stop. Looking around, Nick finds that they are trapped in a crater-like mountain ridge which rises all around them except on one side. Already in the gap he can see the heathens massing. “Quick,” yells Nick, “charge the heathens before they block the gap!” Nick can see the mountains filling up with heathens. Running or riding as fast as they can, Nick and the army charge the exit with the ferociousness that only comes from men that have nothing to lose. But there are just too many of them, and the men are starting to give. Noticing a weak spot in the heathen line, Nick yells for them to charge it. During the fray Nick and some other men are surrounded and are slowly being crushed by the shear number of heathens. Nick trips and hits his head on a rock, losing consciousness, and is covered by the dead bodies of his companions.


Now following the tracks of the remnants of his army, he pushes on.


Nick awakes, shivering furiously in his own body, and finds he is no longer laying in the frozen waste but is in a bed with blankets and in a nice looking ice cave with a roaring fire beside him. “Ah , you have finally awoken” says a beautiful female voice. Looking around, Nick sees a beautiful woman sitting in a chair across the room staring at him. “Where am I?” “Who are you?” ”And how did I get here?” Nick asks. The lady looks at him and he hears her voice not from her mouth but from inside his head. “I am a servant of the goddess Isonia,” it says, “and I found you after the last cries of battle were silenced. You are in my temple.” Nick’s mouth drops open. “But why would a god or goddess save my life?” he says. “I have heard stories about you, Nick, and I couldn’t stand to let your talent go to waste” the voice says. Right then and there, Nick pledges himself to Isonia. When he is better, he leaves the temple and roams from place to place, never staying long. He’s always in search of people to help him, and always asking about the heathen army.


GM: General
AGM: first in comand
Squad Leader: Officer
Full Member: Soldier
Member: Big Homo
Newbie: New Memeber


This is the first age



Tempers Ball:
You will at all times apply yourself to following the rules of Temper's Ball and Guilds in general.

Guild Structure:

There are only 4 ranks

If for any reason the GM is unable to attend his duties, the First-in-Command will take over. If no one of that rank remains who wishes to run the guild, it will be disbanded.
To be promoted, all you have to do is participate in warchats and stay active.

Before you’re accepted into the guild, you must contact the GM via ICQ and provide a background of your experience with Canon and Guilds specifically.

GM: Nick
ICQ: 164963344