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Created: 2003-06-05 06:55:56
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Guild: VIRI MILITARI (VM) GM: Sailor.
New players welcome, but please read this charter to learn about us before you apply.

A long time ago, well before the day of coronation, two young Romans were appointed contubernalis - young cadets - to Marcus Aemilius Pipinna, the junior consul, and his 4 legions that journeyed north on a crucial campaign. For months they marched with short breaks, which were filled with drill exercises and lessons in weapon handling and tactical training. Their stay in the legion would be for the duration of the war against the Cimbri, this very large confraternity of German tribes, who had threatened the very existence of the Republic centuries ago before Gaius Marius beat them and now, once again had risen strong and dangerous.

They marched over mountains and through forests to the swamps along the Cimbrian chersonese beyond the Northern coast. The battles were fierce, the casualties heavy, but the Empire couldn't spare a single legionary to reinforce them. Finally victory came and the two young men, now promoted as the consul's legates, came to command one of the 2 remaining legions.

They bivouacked for a few years while patrolling the borders of the empire. In wintertime the ghosts would rise from the waters and take over the land at dusk. At dawn they withdrew to their murky waters to reappear the following night. During the summer nights the vampires flew out to feed on the blood of cattle. It was like a world of magic.

The two legates became locally known for their extraordinary courage. During their nightly patrols they exercised their swordsman skills, never fearing to risk along their men. The locals were convinced though they fought the ghosts in winter and the hordes of vampires in summer.

One day, news reached them that Rome had fallen to the barbarians. The local hordes gathered once more, and this time the legions couldn't hold them. Discouraged by the news, they were defeated. The two men, with the help of a handful of centurions, managed to rally few men, no more than 3 cohorts, and having grown accustomed to the Northern way of life they decided to track further, even taking boats out to sea. Overcome by a fierce storm they landed in the land of Tonan. Tonan itself was an empire in days gone bye where peace reigned the lands and people prospered. However the gods became divided, the people had to chose which one to follow and this empire, like that of the Romans fell apart and suffered years of war and wanton destruction. Now it was divided into three dominions, each ruled by a reincarnation of the old gods. At times there was peace between them and their vassal guilds, at other times there were fierce battles.

The legionnaires with their strict discipline and sense of justice aligned themselves with Angelique and settled in her dominion. A new roman town was built; the legionaries married local women and raised their children the roman way. These people became known to the locals by the name the legionaries gave two their two young legates - VIRI MILITARI: the courageous soldiers.

The courage of their forebears had always been present through their bloodlines and the stories of the courageous soldiers had been told from generation to generation. During the struggles and wars that ensued their arrival their courage would again be demonstrated and would form a source of inspiration for many.



GM: Consul
AGM: Legatus
Squad Leader: Praetor
Full Member: Primus Pilum/Tribune
Member: Centurion
Newbie: Militare


VM has grown from strength to strength and has entered it's 10th age.


All members must abide by the rules of Canon, the rules of Temper's Ball, and the rules set forth by Evernight staff, seers and voices. In particular, the following:

Do not make an ass out of yourself on a public or private forum (Tempers Ball).
Do not post accusations of cheating.
Do not post complaints about war actions taken against VM.
Do not post bug reports (use the relevant email address for this).
Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names.
Do not post redundant messages. (No spamming)
No random attacks in any shape of form on other kingdoms.

All members must be loyal to VM, and loyal to the principles for which it stands.

All members must be willing to abide by the decisions of the leadership, and obey their orders.

All members must remain active and committed players.

All members have to attend one of two 24 hourly strikes during wartime, unless specifically directed otherwise.

At strike turn up each soldier will have to have a minimum of 100 turns available.

If no prior excuse has been sent and accepted non-compliance will result in immediate expulsion.

Readmittance will be depending on a satisfactory explanation and is at the discretion of the Consul.

Every member needs to have a means of direct communication unless specifically excused. Without it you cannot be part of the team.

Roles and responsibilities:

1) Consular: elected during the times of peace by the senate, as the senior magistrate, he is leading all legions during the times of war and bears final responsability for all matters concerning the guild.

2) Legatus: Consul's senior military man, his most trusted officer, capable of leading the legions himself.

3) Praetor: these magistrates have various roles. The most senior, the praetor peregrinus, acts as the 'foreign minister' - he is a well-respected person, amongst the game community, who can handle treaties and alliances, besides the consular. The others are responsible for new recruits training and for intelligence operations.

4a) Tribune of the Soldiers: called on to lead a legion (squad in the sense of the game). This and any higher rank has to have a chat program contact to fulfill its leadership responsabilities

4b) Primus Pilum: the senior centurion, the most able man in the whole legion.

5) Centurion: New, reasonably experienced members, with proven reliability.

6)Militare: A new member. If he's unexperienced he is expected to follow the praetor's of training directions. If he has experience in the game, but he's still new in the guild, he's called to prove himself in combat and reliability.


1. Militare. Has no privs.
2. Centurion. Has view privs.
3. The size of guild determines the number of praetors and tribunes. Primus pilum is an honour based rank and is awarded based on the efficiency of the member.
3. The 5 top ranks constitute the SENATE. Each age the senate cast a vote for the following distinctions, based on the last age's performance.

a. The praetor urbanus. He is headstone of the guild's defence. The heathens flee in terror before him.
b. The Princeps Senatus. The most experienced player of the guild, who was consul or legate and is overwhelmingly recognized for his tribute to the guilds history, but age (or free time) caught him and decided to step down.
c. The Flamen Foretalis. The powerful sorcerer of Foret. Enemy forts tremble before him.

Members will be promoted on the basis of their devotion to the guild. When proven worthy they will be proposed for promotion. The two highest office holders in the guild decide upon the proposal.

If the current GM can't access the game or lead the guild, the next in rank, or in seniority when equal in rank, will lead the guild until his return.

How to apply to the guild:
Applicants must contact the GM or AGM listed at the bottom of this charter, detailing any previous experience in this game (if any), contact information such as icq/AIM and email, reason(s) why you want to join VM and possible references. It shows us you are willing to make a comitment and it helps us to get to know you better.

Contact info:
GM: Sailor, ICQ 42241525, sailor_301147@hotmail.com
AGM: Ryloc, ICQ 101119537