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SLAINTE (slainte)

Created: 2003-02-25 09:42:50
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The cloud of destruction that spread its way across the land like pestilence was not a random act of nature cleansing herself from mankind. In fact, it once had a human name. Called “The Prophet of Despair” by most, he was a kind and gentle man who spoke out about the complacency of peoples lives and how they wasted the precious time they had with the mundane. Upon dying, the god Darden saw him brought back to life as a Poltergeist, gave him the name Matrim, and charged him to continue. For many years, nothing mattered to him but the bloodlust that is the core of his continued existence. Drawn to feelings of despair and dying he often took refuge in dungeons and similar prisons.

It was one night there that the dark spirit witnessed a young priestess gather friends and other prisoners to organize an escape. A new feeling of hope and sense of purpose of life entered into his existence. Fighting back the bloodlust madness with the help of his new friends, he managed to focus those feelings into a controlled force – they all shared this force called The Burning Fury.

But as with all things, the time they would spend together was not infinite and circumstances forced them to part. It was not long after he bid his friends farewell that the madness again burned past Matrim’s point of control; the world was again witness to horrible acts of chaos and destruction wherever his meanderings took him. At least until he came across a city called sLAinte.

The city was really a castle keep built into the side of a mountain. Only accessible from a narrow bridge on a small mountain pass, it was built as the ideal place to defend the few from the oppression of many. As if to exemplify this point Matrim observed a horde of goblins camped on the opposite of the pass and watched in curiosity as what looked to be a pitifully small band of humans solemnly decorated themselves for war and then donned bright red sashes with more of the same material that stretched down in a tail for several feet. At the end of each tail was a wooden stake. Taking up places at the end of the bridge, they each drove the stake into the ground and cheered the name of the first in line. It was not long before the first of the goblins could be seen at the other end of the bridge, and then the battle was engaged. The first of the defenders fought for hours as the press of invaders sought to advance, but he held his ground until a goblin spear finally drove too deep. Bloodied and dying he wrestled the murdering foe over the side of the bridge their screams mingling together as the fell.

Again and again the defenders held their ground against the foe.. some lasting minutes, other bulwarking the tide for hours. In the end it was not numbers that succeeded but courage and honor. Matrim felt the rage within him subside and allow room for the new emotions to co-exist with despair and fury. Becoming enthralled with the people of sLAinte, he listen to their tales of those who were honored to be chosen to be the defenders and the greater honor of being the first. Also stories existed of Samhain, the first ever to embrace death on the bridge and the holiday that honors his name his deed.

Searching to share this new place and new ideals with the old, messages were sent inviting old companions, old friends, and the new to the celebration of Samhain, where the lines between life and death blurred, and when it was time for new beginnings.



GM: Big Belly
AGM: Defender of the Bridge
Squad Leader: Owl Feather Headress Wear
Full Member: Stake Guard
Member: Sash Bearer
Newbie: Honour Seeker


sLAinte toasts its third age, with roots and traditions from LA--a founding guild of Canon





Ethos of sLAinte.
1. Honor is more important than anything 
2. Darden is more important than sLAinte 
3. SLAinte is more important than your kingdom
4. SLAinte is a Family
5. Communication builds a Family
6. New players are the children of the family
7. Life without fun is pointless

Rules of sLAinte.
1. Play according to the Ethos
2. Post according to the Ethos
3. Respect all those around you
4. Do not let the GAME take over your REAL life
5. Have fun!
6. Follow ALL of the rules of Tempers Ball



Tempers Ball Rules I
1. Do not make an ass of yourself.
2. Do not post accusations of cheating.
3. Do not post bug reports.
4. Do not post realm numbers
5. Do not post redundant messages (no spamming). 
6. Do not post links regarding to pornography or illegal material
7. Signatures are to be kept to 4 lines only.



Tempers Ball Rules II
1. Do not try to impersonate Admin or Voices
2. Images are NOT allowed in signature lines
3. OOC Threads may contain a maximum of 80 posts
4. Roleplay Threads may contain 60 posts
5. Max of 3 images may appear in the same thread
6. No posting Kingdom names without permission.


Guilds OOC Rules
1. Do not claim that threads are closed to the general public. 
2. No excessive vulgarity.
3. No revealing Voice alts.
4. No Shadow Guilds.
5. Do not post personal recruitment threads.
6. Do not do anything that you or the Voice's think is unwarranted or in bad taste.


Guilds RP Rules
1. This forum is for roleplay threads only
2. Each thread my have one OOC 'Comments' thread
3. If someone is disturbing your roleplay, email the forum moderator




1. Big Belly  (GM)
2. Defender of the Bridge (ADVISOR)
3. Owl Feather Headdress Wearer (AGM)
4. Stake Guard (SQUAD LEADER)
5. Sash Bearer (TRUSTED MEMBER)
6. Honor Seeker (NEW MEMBER)

How to achieve promotion from  Honor Seeker to Sash Bearer:
Having been found to bear the honor necessary to face daunting odds to prove the worth of the group over the self, the Owl Feathered Headdress Wearers recognize the worthiness of the Honor Seeker to become a Sash Bearer.

How to achieve promotion from Sash Bearer to Stake Guard:
Having proven the ability to organize and help others gain and/or remember the honor of group being more important than the honor of the individual, The Owl Feathered Headdress Wearers recognize the worthiness of the Sash Bearer to become a Stake Guard

How to achieve promotion from Stake Guard to Owl Feather Headdress Wearer:
Having proven the ability to evaluate, train, and interact in a governing manner with the members of the sLAinte as well as evaluate and nurture the potential of its population, the Big Belly advised by the Defender of the Bridge appoints such members to be the heart of sLAinte as Owl Feathered Headdress Wearers.

How to achieve promotion from Owl Feathered Headdress Wearer to Defender of the Bridge:
The Defender of the Bridge is the aid of the Big Belly. As such, the white fur cloak of the mountain bear that graces the Defenders shoulders can only be given by the Big Belly himself

How to achieve promotion from Defender of the Bridge to Big Belly:
In the event that the Big Belly is unable to perform duties and care for the family of sLAinte, the Defender of the Bridge will be asked to assume the duties of Big Belly.


How to achieve Demotion:
Failure to obey any rules as listed in this charter or as may be newly presented by recognized administrative figures in the Evernight community will result in an immediate demotion of at least one rank. The Big Belly in confidence with the Defender of the Bridge will determine the severity of any infraction and the appropriate measure of demotion. All such decisions are made at the final discretion of the Big Belly.

How to achieve Removal from Guild:
Any Honor Seeker who commits an infraction of the rules listed in this charter or as may be newly presented by recognized administrative figures in the Evernight Community will be brought to the attention of the Big Belly. Those members who have been demoted to Honor Seeker will be automatically removed. Any new member who has not achieved a rank of Sash Bearer or higher will be granted a pardon or removed from the guild at the discretion of the Big Belly.

The Chain of Command
1) Big Belly: Matrim
2) Defender of the Bridge: Kaz
3) Owl Feather Headdress Wearer: Losmar



How to harvest the Burning Fury that exists within you, and become accepted into the fold of SLAinte:

This guild is based on the principles of honor, respect, and family. New players will be accepted, befriended, and given every opportunity to thrive. All players seeking admission will be provided an opportunity regardless of past experiences; the slate is wiped clean with an application, everyone is welcome to warm themselves at the fires of SLAinte.

When Applying please provide past experience and present goals, as well as all available email and instant messenger contacts.


Big Belly

Defender of the Bridge