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Created: 2003-06-05 12:38:14
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In the land of Tonan there are many things, many wondrous things which are
only heard of through the stories of old men. I, Midnyght, have seen many such
things first-hand that prove the sovereignty of the power of the gods. I have peered
into the endless depths of Darden’s bowl, and it is this sight that caused me to follow
him to the ends of the earth. There were such sorrows in that bowl that it drained
my soul as black as Midnyght to see such suffering. But through his benevolence
Darden takes away the pain from us, and for this he deserves our obedience.
Darden is the only god worthy of the love of mortals. The other gods are
power-hungry titans, and their followers are gluttons for avarice.

After such hopelessness entered my soul I went out into the world by myself
to try to find a way to bring hope back into my soul and into the world. I walked a
long ways and was about to give up and lay down and die. It was while under a
tree waiting for thirst to take me that I heard a whisper in the back of my psyche
that told me, “On man cannot change the world, you must go out and find others
to bring my people to me, for there sorrow is painful and I desire them to be at
peace.” And so I set out to find others to help me.

I have spent the many months prior to me finding you in the city of Tismad
trying to get brothers with the same purpose as I, but it is chaos, all is almost lost
no one would take up with my plea to join me and help save the world…My last
hope is in you my brother, that your sense and reason will guide you into the right
decision, for I know Darden lead you to me as a sign not to give up. You are truly

That is why my friend you must join me on my divine quest to show the
world the sanctity and love of the only deity worthy of our praise, but since the
heathens do not speak the language of love we must show it to them in blood, for
their sorrows must first fill the bowl of Darden before we can end that bowl being
filled, and create a perfect world with everyone following the high-power of Darden.

Our brotherhood is named after the smartest of the creatures of Tonan, the
ravens, for they like us are stained black with the pain of the world. For we like
the ravens are clever in ways and deep in our introspection. It is these
characteristics that Darden himself possesses and most values, and these are the
ideals we shall bring to the world until we can change it into a place free from all
pain. Join me my friend if you fear not the long road to absolution and redemption.


Squad Leader: Councelor
Full Member: Ambassador
Member: Member
Newbie: Canidate


This will be our third age altogether after a 5-6 age break



I. Temper’s Bell Behavior:
A. Do not make an ass of yourself.
B. Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in the IRC room
Unless specifically asked by the staff. C. Do not spam or post redundant messages. D. Do not post realm numbers or names on the board. E. Pornography, Piracy or other illegal material is not allowed. F. Do not post advertisement or links to hate or anti-evernight sites.
These include racial, ethnical, or sexually related sites.

II. Contact Information:
A. ICQ #: 66374901
B. E-mail: igneousgreen@icqmail.com

III. Promotion:
A. Everyone will begin at the lowest level, after one week if you’ve proven
Yourself worthy by being active and moving up on the scrolls you will
Be promoted to the next level.
B. After every week thereafter on Saturday night I will view everyone’s
Activeness and rank and give promotions and demotions weekly. The
Highest rank you can achieve this way is the ambassador position.
C. The counselor and AGM postions are limited to one each per 10 members
And must be applied for, if you think your worthy, join the guild, and aviary
Me your application and tell me why you think you deserve that postion.

IV. Hierarchy:
A. GM- guildmaster, rules the guild, plans wars, leads attacks, organizes.
B. AGM- assistant guildmaster, #2 in the guild,may do everything the GM
Does, in addition he will lead either the scum or war faction of the guild.
C. Counselor- #3, can edit banner, he will be in charge of foreign guild affairs
He must listen to all the guild members complaints and suggest to me what
Action should be taken. If 1 of our guild members is attacked, or attacks
Another guild, he must try to resolve the situation.
D. Ambassador- Can view other guildmates kingdoms, Ambassadors are the
Backbone of the guild, they are the most trusted and skilled members.
E. Member- Has access to the guild list, one step below ambassador, waiting
For their next promotion.
F. Shadow- new member, either just joined, or a member that has been demoted

V: Emergency:
A. If the GM disappears or must quit the AGM takes over if he wishes, if not the
Counselor may. If he does not want to the guild will be dissolved.