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Created: 2003-06-04 05:40:59
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Defenders of The Free Republic


We, the Defenders of the Free Republic- grateful to our forefathers for the civil, political and religious liberty which they have provided us to enjoy and seeking their blessing upon our endeavors - in order to ensure that we remain vigilant in protecting the safety and welfare of the people; ensure a representative and orderly government; help eliminate poverty and inequality; assist in legal, social and economic justice; help provide opportunity for the fullest development of the individual; maintain domestic tranquility; help provide for the common defense; and defend at all costs, the blessings of Freedom and Liberty to ourselves, our families, our communities, and our posterity- do ordain and establish this, the Constitution of the Defenders of the Free Republic.

Looking up from the notepad, Boz looks at the door as though expecting someone to walk in any second.... after a few moments, he looks down and reads what he has written... somewhat pleased, he sits back and closes his eyes.

The radio playing in the background suddenly interrupts the strains of Creedence Clearwater with a man’s voice announcing severe thunderstorms and a tornado warning for the following counties. Boz’s head drops forward, chin on chest and the man’s voice recedes into the backgrounds of dreams of lovely receptionists, dressed in short skirts taking notes on constitutions….


The building lurches. Boz is thrown from his chair onto the floor of the new DotFR Headquarters building. The windows explode, bursting from the pressure of the storm outside. There is a great creaking and groaning, then another lurch as the building tilts.

“What the?!?!”

“Boz! It’s the tornado. We’re in the middle of it. It’s sucking us up.” Comes Cru’s voice. “Boz. Are you there?”

“I’m here. Hang on! It’s gonna be one hell of a ride.”

A crate of ammo slides by Boz, followed by his cup of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, which tips and rolls towards him. He catches it, turns the top and takes a swig.

“I’m hanging, I’m hanging…literally.” Calls Cru, who is swinging from a beam which used to be vertical, but which somehow has now become horizontal.


“Ohhhhhhh… shioooooottttt!!!!”


The building lands with a jolt. More silence.

“Cru! You okay?” Boz asks as he gets up, coffee still in hand, unspilt.

“Yes. I’m okay.” Cru comes out, brushing plaster dust and pieces of drywall from her clothes and hair.

“The building seems to have made it relatively intact. You start tidying up, I’ll go assess the damage.” He says, after making sure Cru is uninjured, knowing Cru doesn’t let little things like bullets or tornados bother her. (How he makes sure is none of your business and has nothing to do with the story…)

He takes a look around, noting that the electrical and plumbing systems are shot, which is not surprising considering the building has been lifted from the ground and the pipes and wires have been torn apart. There was going to be some water damage in the bathrooms. Finally he opens the door to check outside.

What Boz sees makes him stop in the doorway.

The building has landed in the middle of a town. But, not just any town…must be one of those Ren Fair places, because this town looks like it should be in medieval Europe somewhere. He doesn’t see anyone at first, just a bird, which flies over crying “Fockawi…fockawi”.

“Yeah”, Boz says. “Fockawi. Where da fockawi?!?”

Well, after this point, it all got ‘curiouser and curiouser’. Boz and Cru and the other DotFR members who had flown via tornado lifted headquarters, gradually realize they aren’t in Kansas, anymore…they never were, but it makes it’s point…they aren’t even in the U.S.A.

Boz being the open minded scientifically inclined being that he is, realizes that they may be in an alternate reality or may have been sent back in time, because it is now obvious that this isn’t a Ren Fair, not even a movie set. This is the real deal.

Now, the heroes of DotFR are faced with a dilemna and their toughest battle yet. The battle to find the way home. They have asked the native townsfolk if they know of anyone who could help them.

The natives told them, “The gods may help, Foret, Darden or Isonia, or decay.”

“Well yes, we could possibly decay here, if we don’t find the way home before we die.” Boz agrees. “What god would you suggest we try first?”

The towns people answer, “Darden. For he is the true god, far more so than those wannabes Foret and Isonia, whose followers wanna force us into giving a dole to their poor, so they don’t have to work and they wanna take away our weapons, which would make us totally helpless against the powerful Foret and Isonian nobility. They would be able to do whatever they want and we wouldn’t be able to stop them. We won’t surrender. Will you help us? Maybe by helping us, you will find your way home to this land of the free, Usa, you talk about. It sounds like a nice place.”

Boz asks ”Sounds like they are a bit liberal in their attitude.. and monarchists hmmm…It’s time the power in this land was returned to the people. Me, and my friends will teach you and show you how to turn this land into a free republic.”

For the moment, Boz forgets about finding his way home. DotFR has a new mission.


GM: Commander
AGM: Colonel
Squad Leader: Major
Full Member: Captain
Member: Lieutenant
Newbie: Cadet


This is DotFR's first age.



The DotFR charter will evolve as the members define it, based upon our preamble.

The leadership positions in DotFR, after the first age, will be elected positions, with the exception of AGM of War which will be appointed by the elected GM. These include, the GM, the AGM of Scum, the AGM of Diplomacy and the Quad Leaders.

An election will be held at the end of every age with the new leaders taking over going into the next. A position may not be held for more than 3 consecutive ages by the same person and members must have been in the guild for at least one full age and/or have held a minimum of Quad Leader, elsewhere, or within DotFR, before running for election.

Should the GM be unable to complete his term, the AGM of WAR will step up and an election will be called.


Mr/Ms President, Sir/Ma'am: GM and leader of the people.

Three Star General: AGM of WAR as appointed by the President

Commander: Elected officers as described above.

Senator: The quad leaders, an elected position.

The People: The most important part of the guild.

The Applicant: Just what it says, an applicant to the guild.

Anyone is free to apply to DotFR. However, you should know that because of our political leanings, only those who share the desire to turn this land into a free republic will be accepted. Experience is an asset, but so is the willingness to learn. Applicants should email the current gm with their experience within the game, positions they have held and the reason they feel DotFR is the right guild for them. Also included must be your icq uin and email address. If you don't do this you won't be accepted.....unless, we have invited you to join us.

DotFR members are required to abide by the laws of the land...

The primary ones being:

Have fun. Communicate. Participate. Promote Liberty and Justice for All.

TB Rules: