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Created: 2003-06-04 02:20:31
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Toph Smiles as he rounds the corner to his old home. The spires are still standing, the great hall still appears sound. Good. This should be easier than he thought. He had been worried that his castle might, after over three ages, have fallen into disrepair. Thankfully, through Isonia's blessing, his castle appeared unchanged. Isonia must be smiling on her School. The fact that Isonia was a warrior godess had made her an easy choice as the patron of the school, and Toph was glad that he had made the right choice.

Toph turns to one of his aides,
"Ride forwards to the school, and see if it is still standing. I want to open ourselves back up as soon as possible."
The aide nods and rides off towards the far side of the valey, where, barely visible, another building stands.
Toph smiles, remembering when this valley had been filled with people, people coming to the Golden Combat School to train, grow, and share. Many of them had been students at first, but as time progressed, many of them became Toph's fellow teachers, leading their disciples onwards to both knowledge and glory.

Another Aide rides up.
"The Libraries are still standing and full, milord."

Those libraries were full of knowledge from years and years of Tome and Scroll gathering, and included a few spells that Toph needed to brush up on... including one that would finally perfect his lightning bolt spell. Toph's eyes glinted as he thought about the future.

Ages ago, Toph had finally grown restless, and went off to train with other guilds himself, putting any further teachings at the School on hold. But now he had returned, and the school would be reopening, with open enrollment for everyone.

Toph reached a suitible spot, and sat down to write an announcement.

'The Golden Combat School is now reopened. Any teachers or students who wish to come need only apply.'
"Here... get the scribes to work, and spread the message. The School is reopened."


GM: Centurion
AGM: Black Knight
Squad Leader: Teacher
Full Member: Knight
Member: Student
Newbie: Apprentice


After a Hiatus, GCS is back.


I. Joining GCS
Please Apply! However, know that GCS is a guild that emphasizes teamwork, communication and dedication to both the game and the guild. If you cannot take the time to log into your kingdom and play your turns on a regular basis... then maybe you should look elsewheres.
As GCS IS a school, all skill levels are invited to apply. Training WILL be offered to anyone who wants it, as long as they, again, show dedication.

In addition to applying in game, please send an email to Christoph285@yahoo.com, with the following info.
1. Kingdom information: including name, number, leadername.
2. Contact information:ICQ, MSN and AIM are accepted.
3. Game experience: both experience of Canon in general, and which guilds you have played for. If you have held any rank in Canon guilds, please indicate which ranks and in which guild.
4. Times you normally play the game, and which timezone you are in.

NOTE that you do NOT need to have huge amounts of experience to join GCS, however, the GMs will use any information you can give them to better the guild as a whole.

II. GCS' Power Structure.
Centurion(GM)- The leader of the guild, and, ultimately, has the final say on wars, diplomancy, membership, etc. If the GM is absent, and can not be reached, then the Black Knight of War shall take over his duties.
Black Knights (AGMs)- In charge of various aspects of the guild, such as War, Diplomancy, Training, Scum... Will assist the Centurion.
Teachers- Trusted members of GCS, who act as trainers and squad leaders.
Knights- The largest group of members, those who act as the might and strength of GCS.
Students- Those members of GCS who still need some form of training, to allow those of a higher rank to easily find them to train. THIS RANK can be requested if an individual wishes to be trained, or if the Centurion decides that training would be beneficial to the member. Otherwise, Apprentices will progress directly to Knights.
Apprentices- New members of GCS, who have yet to gain the trust of the rest of the guild.

III Promotions and Demotions
Promotions will be given for displaying skill, loyalty, and activity. Getting to know your guildmates helps too!
Demotions will occur if a member acts inapropriately or is inactive for over a week without informing the GM of why
A member will be booted if they betray the guild.

IV. Rules
1. Respect all opponents, allies, rules and leaders (Everybody)
2. Any attacks MUST be against a target GCS is at war with, an UG, or an approved target by the GM or AGM of War. Personal attacks and Vendettas will NOT be tolerated.

V.Rules of Temper's Ball
1. Do not make an ass out of yourself.
2. Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in the IRC room unless specifically asked by staff.
3. Do not spam or post redundant messages.
4. Do not post realm numbers or names on the boards.
5. Pornography, Piracy or other illegal material is not allowed.

VI. Contact Info.
Centurion: Toph. Email: Christoph285@yahoo.com ICQ: 170532659