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Created: 2003-02-25 09:05:59
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She watched, discontented and disturbed at this foray into Her sacred lands. She made sure it was fraught with dangers and defeat, the soldiers' army had been all but wiped out. Though now She found herself looking on bemused, as to what would surely be these foolish mortals' final moments, as interlopers into Her realms... Flying the arrant banners of a devious god the mortals trampled through Her cities and fields as if they were their own. The soliders rode through, following a wide creek, realizing too late that they had ridden themselves further down into a valley, surrounded now by sheer granite walls.

As the sun slid down below the horizon, the shadows began to close in. The horses reared sensing the coming danger, the soliders armed themselves and took flanking positions ready to fight. A long, sharp wail pierced the night, freezing the mortal soliders in absolute fear...Her keepers were upon them. In what seemed a swarm of flesh and furious screams, the soliders were slaughtered, their lifeless bodies left to the Night. All but two, who ran into the darkness during the fray.

The two had been seperated, he went one way, and his buddy another. Alone now within deep forests, cut off from all aid, he drove himself on with purpose to find shelter and hide from the forces at work that had so easily cut down their ranks upon invasion.

A distance away carried by quickened footsteps and racing heart, he was led by the forces to the mouth of a mossy cave. His trip here spurred on by fears for the shapes that drifted about him, lithe forms that hid within the dark recesses of shadows just beyond his sight. Glancing about nervously he ducked inside, content that he would be safe within, from the creatures that would do him harm out in the open. He was more frightened than he had ever been on any battlefield.

In time he grew confident that he was safe, he started to settle back against the cool, moss-covered walls. Suddenly he heard a giggle that echoed from deeper within the cave. A girlish squeel, followed by laughter and happiness. Curious to investigate, he climbed and ventured further in to see what was happening.

A soft suffuse glow lit this portion of the caverns, and there before his shocked and startled eyes, he witnessed girls dancing about, drinking, and celebrating, laughing and re-enacting the battles that had just transpired. His mind went blank at the possibilities that the entire army had been wiped out by... women!!! Impossible. Stepping out from behind the stalagmite he'd been hiding behind, he pointed a finger at them and yelled.


The women stopped a moment to stare at him then broke into fits of laughter, one of them stood forward. "Silly man," she said, before she giggled and did a twirl as if to annoy him further.

The solider yelled back, "I should teach you all a lesson!"

Laughing, they bounced around and made fun of him. The drawing of his sword, brought silence. Then another woman took a step forward, grinning and pointing a long, taloned finger at him.

"Off with his head!"

Staring a moment, the brazen fellow stood his ground and gave a sneer at this command.

Chortling, the women merely moved the focus of their eyes downwards almost in concert.

Confusion came over him followed by a horrified realization, only a second before these vixens sprung at him and carted him off kicking and screaming like a baby.

These were Isonia's girls. She had picked each and everyone one of them, as they delighted in the wars on men, enjoyment of life, and love for making hell for the opposite sex. They were beautiful each and every one of them, a joy and pleasure to all who found themselves close by. Though somtimes, they could be a real bunch of.... er.. pains.

The forest was serene and peaceful, a small creek running nearby caught his eye. Making way towards it, he then heard the sound of some falls was just a bit further..staggering his way to the calm waters that lay in a pond beneath the falls that poured over the wet exposed rocks. Falling to his knees he looked into the waters, cupping his hands he was about to dip into the life giving waters, but beneath his reflections upon that cool surface he saw another face not his own appear.

Her eyes seemed to take up residence where his own had been in the reflection, and she came close to the surface, her features flawless, eyes deep as pools and violet in colour held him frozen where he was, enthralled by it all. A calm look upon her face, she gave him a stare that told him she wanted so very badly to touch him. To kiss, the corners of her mouth upturned and reassurring. From out of the peripheral of his eyes he caught a glimpse of several others coming to the surface, six in all there...his mind locked from rational thought at this.

The first of them let her finger tips grace the underside of the water as though it were glass, and he in turn touched his hand to hers, the tingling in his fingertips exciting him, his heart racing so fast he could hear the beating of it in his head. She moved closer, her lips trembling, a quiver, her eyes keeping him entranced and held in her sway. Leaning in, he came to within a haisrbreadth from the surface where she lay beneath... so inviting.. her hair, eyes, her perfect form.

He surrendered to the temptation and leaned in to kiss her, the waters cool upon his face, eyes closed now he let his lips touch hers, and her hand came to either side of his face to embrace him. His entire being became that one kiss, he felt her tongue grace the edges of his lips and her touch to take him away as he was seduced to their underwater world, where he slipped into oblivion....


GM: Vixens
AGM: Syren
Squad Leader: Nymph
Full Member: Charmer
Member: Boy Toy
Newbie: 'da Trout


This is the 5th age we have graced Guilds with our presence.


~Contact Info~

  • Co-Gm-Elfie: Email-evernightelf@aol.com. ICQ: 61252320
  • Co-Gm-Tara: Email-tarawenchie@yahoo.com ICQ: 8901528
  • AGM contacts T.B.A.

~Application Procedure~

  • Contact Elfie or Tara by ICQ prior to applying so that they know that you're coming and can confirm whether you'll be allowed in, otherwise you may find yourself rejected.
  • PMS will only be GM/AGM'ed by women. In our 4th age (June. 2003) it was decided by majority to accept men, by personal invitation only of course. These we will call our Cabana Boys..Man Toys, 1 per member, or 2 for special case wenches who need that little "extra attention."
  • Include in your application, former guild(s), experience, kingdom name, TB name, and methods of communication if you are new.

~Guild Ranks~

  • Vixens~Guild Mistresses:
    • In the event that either GMette should disappear for weeks at a time (at least two weeks), becomes unable to fulfill their duties (due to not being able to get online), or any other horrible scenario, a vote will be held by the next rank down below Gmette, and a temporary replacement Guild Mistress taken, and will then carry out the duties of Guild Mistress, and likewise place another person in line incase the same thing happens to her as well.
  • Syrens~AGMs:
    • These women are given specific roles to fill within the guild and answer only to their Vixens and their Goddess. -It is only from the ranks of the Syrens that a replacement Guild Mistress can be chosen should the need arise.
  • Nymph~Rank 3 Members
    • These are the long-standing former members of PMS. From these ranks the Syrens are chosen.
  • Charmers~Rank 4 Members
    • These women are the newer members to PMS. If need be they will be given over to a Syren or Nymph for proper training.
  • Cabana Boys/Man Toys~Rank 5
    • These special members have two duties and they are very simple - to keep their Mistresses happy and fight for us without regard to their own personal safety or welfare. In return, they are daily graced with our presence.
  • There are no rank 6 members in PMS
~Temper's Ball Rules~

These following rules will be met and upheld, failure to keep them in mind will result in "no guild for you!".. or "no choco chip cookies for you either!"

  • Do not make an ass of yourself.
  • Do not post accusations of cheating.
  • Do not post bug reports.
  • Do not post kingdom numbers.
  • Do not post redundant messages (no spamming)

  • Account Bannings: You will be given 3 warnings for excessive violation of this rule. Keyword, excessive. After that third warning, you will be banned. First set of 3 warnings: 24hr ban. Second set of 3 warnings: 48hr. ban. Third set of 3 warnings: Just leave.
  • Account Refunds: If your account is banned, you will not receive a refund. If you decide to leave this community and have not played over half of your paid for days, you will receive a refund. If you have pre-paid for a year, and only played two months time, you will be refunded for the remaining 10 months.
  • COPPA Compliance - You must be over the age of 13 years old to register an account with Evernight Games. If you are not over the age of 13, you must have parental consent which consists of a written agreement by your parent mailed to us.
~Extra Rules to Play By~

  • First and foremost, no party hosted by PMS in Temper's Ball shall begin any earlier than Midnight EST. Because some of us only come out at night. And because Tara said so ;>
    Now then...
  • All members of PMS are equal as women and followers of the Goddess and will be treated with respect.
  • Support on the posting boards of your guildsisters is encouraged both in the Guilds forums as well as the rest of Temper's Ball. PMS is not "just a guild" we are sisters above and beyond the Game.
  • Anyone found to be disrespecting another sister anywhere on Temper's Ball will be removed from the Guild, hunted down and beaten to a bloody pulp with a wet stinky Trout.
  • If you have a disagreement with one of your sisters bring it to her on ICQ or email, not on the posting boards. If need be, ask Elfie or Tara to interceed and make everyone happy again (or else).
  • Ranks and promotions are based on loyalty and long-standing membership as well as the desire to take on a leadership role.
  • Multi-account players are illegal. If found they shall be reported immediately to the Administration, regardless of what role they play in the guild.
  • No member of PMS shall launch an attack without authorization.
  • In the words of Lady Katalyna, "Embrace thy bitchiness!" *heh*
  • Isonia demands loyalty and so shall we.
~Roleplay Rules~

  • Posting lengths: Roleplay posts are to be three lines minimum ...meaning three (3) full sentences.
  • Abbreviations: Such as :), ;) etc. Don't use them. Don't be lazy-write it out.
  • Booting threads is not allowed. Period. No exceptions.
  • Do not re-edit your post after a Staff member has edited it.
For Ages to come, we leave this list of PMS' Charter Members.
Isonia guard yer wenchly hearts.

Lady Elfie
Lady Tara
Lady Alhana
Lady Belle
Lady Katalyna
Lady Lyssia, but only in Tara's most evil dreams
Lady Redhead
Lady Hatred
Lady Lylack
Lady Renna
Lady Liv
Lady Katharsis
Lady Candy
Lady Carey
Lady Lust
Lady Lialia

PMS was founded in July 2001.