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Created: 2003-05-27 09:34:21
Game: guild
Faith: Barnabas


So long forsaken,
Three Souls rise again.
Priests gone astray,
Are cast away.
Angels halt their hymns.

Thieves and beggars,
Soon will seek revenge.
The mourning sons,
The evil ones,
Who never made amends.

Keep close your sword,
Invoke thy Lord,
And sleep with open eye.
A swarm hath formed,
You've been forewarned,
Ravens soon shall fly.

Intrigue had drawn us to unfamiliar new lands to seek out the truth of a religious phenomenon which had become fashionable to the masses. In the end, our continued search had led us to disappointment.

Our searching souls were bled dry of the desire to seek any further for a greater knowledge or higher purpose than that which had been revealed to us all long ago. Many of us returned to the old lands, waiting patiently for the others to come to their own revelation. We knew that over time they too would return, and so would the wars.

It appears that the time is now upon us.

To some we are people of unutterable anguish, horror and despair. Moon and stars may illuminate the darkness for our enemies as they seek our shrouded temples for the lure of a perishable fortune and short-lived fame, but in that soft glowing mist their confindence slowly withers; their arrogance is paralyzed.

Although our battlefields are popularly regarded as a place of torment to which our enemies are consigned to the depths of misery, some still come intent upon provoking our wrath.

We are guided by an impressional awareness of future events, refined and progressive techniques coupled with a keen and piercing knowledge. Simply belonging to such a union gives each member, be he of noble birth or that of a slave, a compelling sense of confidence and brotherhood which is undoubtedly a powerful reason for our continued ascent.

It is in this union which we find an infinite comfort and solace. It is in that union which we find sanctuary. Not a sanctuary of good fortune, but a sanctuary of earned fortune.

And now the nights are troubled by ominous winds heavy with the beating of the innumerable wings of birds; birds of ill-omen presaging woe.

Returning with the bitterness and hostility of a thousand winters.


GM: Masters
AGM: Conspirators
Squad Leader: Rogues
Full Member: Not Used
Member: Not Used
Newbie: Not Used


How old you are only matters if you have some big ass ego and that's the only way that you can define yourself.



For the need of all Masters, Advisors, Clergy, and Brothers-In-Arms to be bound by the same tenets and convictions. Be it written that all initiates brought forth from this day forward shall be so sworn to these tenets before affirmation to the ranks of The Raven Collective.



That such just cause exists, as evidenced by recorded history, to exact vengeance upon any and all who stand against The Raven Collective, without restrictions as to method or manner.


Acceptance of Duty and Resolution of Secrecy.

Thou shall make war from the darkness of night against the infidel without cessation, without pity, and without mercy. Seeking out the markets, guildhalls and temples of thine enemy thou shall commit them to the flames ensuring that there be no gold in their coffers nor goods in their stores, and that our Brothers-In-Faith shall be misled not by fog, nor mist, nor haze of enchantment during their endeavors.

In the hands of thine enemy thou shall be conscious of disgrace and struck dumb. Even in the agony of certain death, it shall not be enough to stagger thy faith.

Even fallen, we shall not be crestfallen.



Thou shall disregard any and all attempts made by our enemy as acts of diplomacy unless commanded by the Master or Conspirators of the Guild. Thou shall not accept or recognize resignation or surrender, for the elimination of our enemy is the only sanctioned course of action by which thou is bound by word to execute faithfully in the spirit of The Raven Collective.

We recognize no limits set by fools with concepts of "Honor" in regards to heathens.

Plainly stated, we recognize no boundaries. Looting Runs, Arson Sprees, Multi-Guild strikes, Inter-Faith Conspiracy, and Suicide Missions are all tactics regularly employed and encouraged by The Raven Collective. Not being restrained by ethics, we achieve our goals the most efficient way we can.


This is "invitation only" guild.

This means that if you are not a current member, past member, or currently have an invitation from the GM, your application will be summarily dismissed. If you wish to gain an invitation, there are ways to do so. I suggest that you seek out a current member and get them to recommend you to the GM as a potential member.

Guild Structure

There are three ranks in The Raven Collective; Masters, Conspirators, and Rogues.


The Guild Masters direct the daily activities of the guild.


The AGM's are referred to as Conspirators, and they do exactly as their title indicates: they conspire with the Masters to determine our course of actions.


Every other person in The Raven Collective is considered to be one of our Rogues. Rogues are given full access to all sensitive information. There are no secrets in this guild, and there are no ranks lower than Rogue.

PASSING THE TORCH: If the GM is unable to tend to the guild, the current Conspirators will have the option to adopt the guild. If none of them chose to do so, this guild is to be dissolved.

TB Rules:

1. Do not make an ass of yourself
2. Do not post bug reports on the baords, over ICQ, or in IRC, unless specifically asked to by staff.
3. Do not spam or post redundant messages.
4. Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.
5. Pornography, piracy, or other illegal material is not allowed.
6. Do not post links or advertizements to hate or anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.
7. Do not post accusations of cheating on the boards.

If you need to contact the guild, contact Pretender on ICQ (198332402) or contact him at oldandintheway [AT] gmail.com