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Created: 2003-05-27 03:00:17
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Eyes of Despair (EoD)

In the beginning Darden had come forth with His great bowl filled to the brim with the seeds of Despair. Fingers cast out the seeds in all directions. Watering these seeds with the fluids of His body and the blood of those who walked and crawled upon the face of Tonin. Under His watchful gaze did those seeds grow and bear fruit. Darkly bloated things which seemed to whisper of sorrow unhindered. The roots went deep into the ground, seeking those dark places and prying fingerlike tendrils into them, exploring in an ever widening net of tangled turmoil. Those creatures which ate of the fruit were twisted out of shape, warped into a myriad of shapes and sizes. Each with a secret knowledge that they dared not share with those beings which spilled across the world in the violence of war, for these secrets would bring only further devastation and destruction and they were sorely afraid. They protected the fruits, devouring them and carefully hiding the seeds where none tread save those wizened creatures.

Time changes everything, and, as was the way of Despair, the creatures failed in their task, for the seeds they had hidden had found way to take root. Despair is a hearty thing, it survives where all others things wither and fall to dust. It endures in the fallow soil with a tenacity which surpassed all boundaries. In their secret places they bloomed and sought the surface to better spread their seeds to be sewn across the face of Tonin. It flourished in those places where all else was rot and death. Sprouting between the slack jaws of long forgotten men and women. Curled about discarded swords and shields and armor until it covered the ground in all it's foul finery.

As time passed it happened that a group of nomads came upon the vast field of bloated dark fruit which had run wild and free as far as the eye could see. Those were the days of hunger and only a fool passed up such wealth, even if it seemed exotic and strange. The nomads feasted upon the fruit. The pulp of which was bloodred and seemed fleshy and the seeds which spilled as black horde once it was split open. The juice ran as dark and thick as vitae but was a sweet as anything that had ever passed over lips. They devoured the fruit until they could eat no more. In the process some had gobbled the seeds. Those who had swallowed the seeds fell to the ground screaming agony. Blood running from eyes and ears and nostrils until they lay lifeless. Returning to the ground to feed that which they had eaten. Those who had eaten the fruit but had not swallowed the seeds were sent into a deep sleep.

While they dreamt there came to them great visions. They were awakened while they slumbered. A third eye was opened inside their minds. This eye saw beyond their small world, it showed them secret things and secret ways. When they woke they were greatly changed. For the touch of Darden was upon them. They woke to discover a third eye which had sprouted upon brow. A milky white orb which saw the truth in all things. They knew that they must protect the fruits of Despair and tend its seeds. Thus they drew away from all humanity, becoming a secretive lot. They deigned never to speak aloud ever again, but to remain silent, for their tongues might betray the secrets and cause the fruits to be plundered. They built and harvested the fruit, collecting the seeds. In their silent secret ways they began to sew the seeds. Thus they do to this day.


GM: Prophetess
AGM: Visionary
Squad Leader: Seer
Full Member: Oracle
Member: Soothsayer
Newbie: Awakened


This is EoD's first age


EoD Charter

Guild Charter:

The Guild of the Eyes of Despair holds a very stringent structure. No races are turned away in this Guild. No bad behavior, pointing fingers, acting out, name calling, or any other bad manner will be put up with in this Guild. Members who post do so in a manner which shows maturity and intelligence. We will not put up with ANY OOC childish squabbling. It seems that is all the Boards have become, thus our silence will speak for us in all matters that do not involve Role Play. Period.

AGM's will be responsible for making sure Squads are active and with keeping the channels of communication open with the Squad Leaders. A high standard of posting and activity is expected for this position.

Squad Leaders will be chosen based on their performance during times of War and Building, as well as posting performance. Squad Leaders will be expected to keep that standard of performance up by way of attendance at wars and in posting in Threads. Communication must be kept open in each squad.

Members will be accepted and put on a probationary period until they prove their loyalty. You must have at least a one age experience minimum. Members are expected to be active at all times in War and Building. Those members that fall into inactivity will be removed after one week. This includes posting in Thread.

If the GM is detained or has to step down the second in command will take her place and will act as the GM.

Rules for the Guild:

  1. Do not make an ass of yourself.
  2. Do not spam or in any other way ruin the Guilds reputation.
  3. Do not attack guildeds without permission. Those caught doing such without good reason will be removed from the Guild.
  4. Do not undermine the authority of people ranked highter then you.
  5. The GM's Last word is final. Do not make an ass of yourself.

Temper Ball's rules:

  1. Do not post accusations of cheating.
  2. Do not post bug reports.
  3. Do not post kingdom numbers.
  4. Do not post redundant messages (no spamming).
  5. No trials involving smirking or Decae.


Prophetess - GM
Visionary - AGM, acting under the GM they are given duties and are responsible for those beneath them.
Seer - No difference from an AGM. Able to change the banner. Often Squad Leaders.
Oracle - An officer.
Soothsayer - Trusted members, a position given once loyalty is proven.
Awakened - Probationary member.

Contact information:

Tayla- ICQ: 00000000