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Created: 2003-03-23 03:28:01
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One day a Foret child was born along with his brother. One gleaming with joy, the other saddened, almost knowing of the dangers of the world already. This child remained so and through time the people of foret questioned his faith. He sought justice, and held great pride, however with his gloomy appearance, people found him as though unpure and unloving.
His brother Japo, smile on his face, traveled the lengths of Tismad smile on face sharing the love, hope and justice he had so within him.

*However it may seem that a story of two, is but a story, it is a question of faith. Faith is the matter at hand, and faith shall judge your outcome only the true remain. If only all where true as the faithful. –exept

It would appear Japo would learn of other factors in witch he may have been unwise to. Having met Isonia during his travels, he crossed the great mountains to meet only Darden. It was not long before he too feel into his bowl of despair. Seeing the world from another angle he looked over the mountains forgetting about justice, pride, and righteousness. He followed Darden. Never questioning the truth behind his tales.

*One who leaves the faith, should remain on the other side. It's most likely where he truly belongs. It was time for him to show his true colors. A tale says so much, it explains why we follow our beliefs. –exept

Japo's brother Chris. Decided to follow after his brother one day. He now saw the horrors in which he worried about since his birth. And he followed his brother secretly watching him lose faith in Foret. Slowly, but surely. During his travels he wrote his own philosophies about faith, it was the world as he saw it. His book eventually became know as the Exept, which is the book we follow to this day. Not to follow it by words but as a thought, upon reading the except one knew of his true faith, and he understood his beliefs.

*I cannot stand here to bury my brother, he seems to be in deep sleep, I am too afraid he'll rise and tell me of the atrocity I am about if I were to bury him alive; though it's obvious he is gone -exept

The time came and the god's raged the worlds to claim their souls. Chris still soul searching himself had been hiding amongst the rocks of the mountain path on his attempt to return to Foret. To his very own horror he saw his own brother be taken by Darden not by choice as Japo had decided to return to Foret, but by murder so he may claim his soul. Chris shocked remained hidden until Darden took off to claim more souls. though never close, Chris took his brothers death to heart. Thought not always showing complete faith in foret at all times, he did have a love for his brother. He took great pride to be associated along with Japo before his departure. It was then when Chris realized while Japo had been so happy during all his time. To be smiling and cheery, to love.. it was a quality of foret, one thing to be shared. and cannot be giving through battle not deceit. Though it appeared Japo had turned to Darden having heard his words. Japo in truth had been only expanding the Faith of Foret.

*Sometimes all you really need it to look at something to understand. If only there didn't have to be a cost. I may still have so much, and less of memories I wish I did not own. –exept

Burying Japo's body seemed the noblest action to take, seeing how no action could clearly be of japos approval now. Chris had returned to Foret who now fights for a cause of peace. Chris opened up his arms. "I am ready Foret, claim my soul and let me aid you in your quest for greater peace!"
This was an end for sure, though the battle begins now.

*There is no pride in dying for your faith, How can you act out your beliefs if you are not alive to do so. –exept

However it would seem Foret wasn't as pleased with chris as he'd hoped. Instead he was banished, to roam the lands on his own for deserting Foret along with his brother. Traveling the lands Chris had met Isonia for himself. she had taught him to survive. As the collection of souls continued Chris was taken by Isonia. For her shall he battle for equality. The chance he never had.

- Sometimes something must be proven. -exept


Squad Leader: COMMAND
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for vengeance


As for the internal structure. There are no real officers within this guild,

If any, your degree of privilege is base of the trust between you and your GM.

There will always be an AGM who can take place should the GM go missing. The more participation a player gives and notes trustworthy to the guild. He will have access to most options.

For a new member all you really need to do is show that you’re playing for the fun of the game and do not commit acts which could have any real effect to the guild itself. You look like an ass, we’ll look like asses. Those people will not be tolerated. The GM could answer any questions you might have.
You must follow the Tempers Ball rules. They are as follows:
- Do not make an ass of yourself.
- Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC unless asked specifically by staff.
- Do not spam or post redundant messages.
- Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.
- Pornography, Piracy or other illegal material is not allowed.
- Do not post links or advertisements to hate or Anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.

Rules are subject to change and will be added as needed every reset.