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Created: 2003-03-17 04:10:57
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Wheel of Morality turn turn turn... tell us today what we shall learn...

The world is false, the Tismad a lie, and those who dissent shall die die die.

Foret was the first, and he ruled all, till his siblings came and ruined the ball.

Tonan was pure, uncorrupted and true, then came Isonia with her chaos too.

Isonia wanted power, she made her claim, wanted so that chaos would reign.

Isonia brought conflict and wars within, it was she who brought upon the first sin.

Then came Darden, with his dispair and pain, and he too wished for himself to reign.

He seemed benevolent, nice and kind, but soon enough his subjects would find.

He brought evil, corruption and death, he brought suffering with his very breath.

The people believed, salvation was then, that it lie with Isonia and Darden.

The people were tricked, for the two had lied, even as they slowly died.

But the truth we found, so others were told, so that we could bring them into the fold.

So who are we, this group this guild, for you wish to know and be fufilled.

We are the many, we are the few, we shall rebuild the world anew.

With a turn of the wheel, destiny shall unfold, the story of truth will be forever told.

How Darden the false, and Isonia the whore, fell from the sky and were no more.

Banished from the heavens by Foret the great, for they were full of strife and hate.

A battle waged, a glorious fight, in the end there would be silver light.

Foret will be, Foret will win, Foret will absolve us of our sin.

The threads of fate , the wheel will turn, and then the imperfect world will slowly burn.

Tonan will be new, Tonan will be pure, and the Wheel of Morality shall forever endure.


GM: Fantastic Dan
AGM: Fantastic Dan
Squad Leader: Fantastic Dan
Full Member: Fantastic Dan
Member: Fantastic Dan
Newbie: Not so Fantastic Dan


We are the future, we are the past, and in the end, we'll be the last.


1.To join, an email must be sent, only then will membership be lent.

2. ICQ is a must, ICQ must be , AIM is but optional but you will see.

3. First Strikes are important, first strike a need, for we want the enemy to bleed bleed bleed.

4. Orders must be followed, obedience a must, else the guild shall turn to dust.

5. Do not attack and random, or at will, we will have enough to kill.

6.All races are nice, all races are fine, for in the end we follow the sign.

7.The rules of Tempers ball must be followed, obeyed, and this is what they say:

No Vulgarity or Profanity

Do not make a fool out of yourself

Do not post accusations of cheating

Do not post bug reports

Do not post realm numbers, realm names or account names for ANY games.

8.On the boards, we must always play, the characters and what they say. Our character is easy, our guild sublime, we must always rhyme rhyme rhyme.

9. Know your place in this league, this guild, you will be given time to build.


Rank is given, no room to contest, we will decide who is best. No arguing, no dissent, you'll stay in line, else you will given to others to dine.

When missing is the leader, the head, the Second will rule in his stead.


The Leader (GM): The one who rules, the one who leads, he will decide who shall bleed.

The Second (AGM): The one who pushes, and shall not conceed, the one who shall negotiate the peace.

The Zealot (Squad Leader): The one who leads a squad of four, he is the one who does a little more.

The Preacher (Veteran): The one who reminds, inspires with words, the one who shall say and be heard.

The Horde (Member): The masses who fight, the masses who slay, they will attack and bring us the day.

The New (Initiate): The New are untrusted, unknown, the ones who are not alone.