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Created: 2003-03-16 02:28:01
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Excerpt from chapter seven of The Book of Equality:
“…The end is near. On the forty-ninth day of the darkening, the people of Isonia shall arise, united under the leadership of the great seer, empty the world and achieve the ultimate true equality. … In the end, over the heads of the living creatures, there will be a dome, shining like crystal, on top will be the almighty Goddess, overseeing her land, blessing those who followed her will. …”

The only way to achieve true equality is to empty the world -- this is Isonia’s will, and it shall be done. To empty the world is to destroy everything; true equality can only be acquired by having total emptiness -- this is Isonia’s will, and it shall be done. Such emptiness can only be achieved by first destroying all non-followers of Isonia, for they, the heathens, will obstruct our path to the ultimate true equality. At the end, we shall remove ourselves from this world; we shall commit mass suicide in the name of Isonia. Only then, can our Goddess’ will be done.

To achieve the ultimate true equality will require the sacrifice of millions. It will be painful, blood will be spilled, children will die, kingdoms will fall, and the world will end; but in the end, peace and emptiness will be with us -- no more pain, no more anger, no more injustice, no more inequality -- all sacrifices will be worth it.

Some deem us as the misbelievers, the fallen ones. Do not listen to the heathens, true followers of Isonia! We are the one who will be favored by her at the end. We are the faithful followers of the one true Goddess, the Almighty Beauty, the Goddess of equality -- Isonia. We follow her will; we study her words from our sacred book; we await the prophesied great seer; we ensure the will of Isonia be done; we are the one to determine the future’s end. In the name of Isonia, we will succeed!

“Go, then, rejoice! for the great seer will gather you from all nations, he will show you her greatness, the gate to equality shall be open. O followers of Isonia, acknowledge the Goddess, for she is the ultimate end. Be not afraid when day darkens into night, for that is the end time, the end of suffering and inequality. Go, now, and seek the equality that is promised! ”     –  C5.13-5.17 Book of Equality


GM: Cult Master (GM)
AGM: Cult Elder (AGM)
Squad Leader: Acolyte
Full Member: Senior Cultist
Member: Cultist
Newbie: Initiate


This is the Cult first appearance in the world of Acanthus.


Joining our guild:
Future’s End will accept anyone who shows interest in our guild as an Initiate (rank 6). Promotion to Cultist (rank 5) will be considered after sufficient performance observation and liability checks in order to protect the confidentiality of our guild information. Promotion to higher rank is likely after worthy participation in the guild.

Guild Rules:
1. Do not hesitate to contact the GM (ICQ-244133241) and/or the AGMs (ICQ-TBA) when (non-stupid) questions and/or complaints arise. AGM(s) takes temporary control when the GM is absent.

2. Do try to check your kingdom at least every 2-3 days, seriously inactive low-ranking kingdoms (2 weeks no-show) is a useless burden for the guild and will be kicked out.

3. Be responsible. i.e. Report extended inactivity (eg. a 7 days vacation) and/or mistakes you made (eg. accidentally attacked a guilded kingdom).

4. Try to be respectful to everyone. (eg. do not be too much of an ass and get the guild into a war)

5. Do not release sensitive guild information (attack plan, kingdom#, etc.) in any way.

6. Follow the rules for posting in Tempers Ball:
        I. Do not make an ass of yourself.
        II. Do not post accusations of cheating.  
        III. Do not post bug reports. 
        IV. Do not post kingdom numbers or names.   
        V. Do not post redundant messages (no spamming). 

7. Posting in Tempers Ball is not mandatory.

8. According to your judgment, always direct any necessary problems to GM or AGMs. (eg. Someone attacks you in peacetime, someone disrespect the guild really badly in TB and you think we should do something, etc.)

9. Apply common sense.

10. Have fun.

Rank 1:  Cult Master (GM) 
Rank 2:  Cult Elder (AGM) 
Rank 3:  Acolyte 
Rank 4:  Senior Cultist 
Rank 5:  Cultist 
Rank 6:  Initiate