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Created: 2003-03-05 08:16:24
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Synopsis: Ages of darkness ruled the land, before the Gods we know as Darden, Isonia, and Foret had begun. At first there was peace in the lands. It had lasted for some time. But soon as all religions, do strife begun to rise among God and mortal. Each God began to desire more power and more worshipers. Soon the Land spiraled in to warfare Guilds rose taking up the banner of the God or Goddess and rode upon bloody fields of honor.
But some still managed to stay between the factions and move between them all mortals of all faiths. Some of these were of the black caste. They were the ones than no one openly spoke of doing business with, but most of them did. They were the slavers; they roamed the outskirts of cities and keeps. Preying on those that could not stand for themselves. Hunting and capturing human as items of labor and pleasure.
Some of these slavers had created large Shadow guilds themselves. Large kingdoms hidden away in the furthermost reaches of the known realms. Two such Slavers were Jarl Dorack and Armitages III these slavers were two of the strongest slavers. They worked together closely in their business endeavours. They both had an honor to themselves that many outside the society they lived would understand.

Creation: Dark clouds crept across the skyline, as two slavers know to many as Jarl Dorack and Armitages III, tracked a few escaped slaves to a mist-covered valley. They were far from their normal trails and known home lands. Slowly they made their ways through the dark and deep foliage, following a trail of bare feet. Soon they would be upon their quarry. The trail seemed to fade as they reached a streambed, rocky area where footprints would almost be impossible to follow. After a few minutes of talk, it was decided to do a search and not give up on the hunt as of yet. Jarl Dorack and Armitages III were indeed disciplined and tenacious.
They continued on till they came across a small hillside that was in the foothills of the steep walled mountains. Thinking that this would be a good place to hide, they both ventured in to inspect the cave. As they moved forward they found a small tunnel just enough for one man size form at a time. Jarl Dorack turned to Armitages III and spoke quickly that he would take the lead.
He pulled an ebony blade from his scabbard, slipped into the crevice, quickly followed by Armitages III. The sound of her deadly blade could be heard unsheathing. Reaching the other side their eyes scanned the near area, but still no sign of the fleeing slaves. Stepping deeper in to the darkness, each of them pulled a torch from their shoulder bags, using flint and steel the torches were lit. As the flame grew and the light exposed the darkness, a strange sight began to emerge from it.
A large structure looked to be a temple. A large black temple aged by time. The symbols of Darden came into focus. They stepped forward; their fingers caressed the symbols, outlining the great artistic details of the carvings. The symbols began to glow with a faint burn of flames. Pulling their fingers back they glanced to each other. But there was no heat to the flames; it was as if the flames were ice. Seconds later the old torches of the temples flamed to life, eliminating the temple. The temple looks like it was abandoned ages ago, left in almost perfect condition but for the wear of time. Jarl Dorack and Armitages III stepped back slightly. Fingers gripped the weapons they held tightly readying for anything.
A few moments a voice came and invited them in. It was a voice of power that seemed to move their body to the inner sanctum with out thought. Soon they were face to face with a swirl of fire and ice, the swirl slowly made it's self to a humanoid form. Eyes seemed to flare as it looked upon them.
Welcome Jarl Dorack and Welcome Armitages III. I bid you both greetings to UnderMountain, and to the high temple of Darden. You are the first in many years to venture to here. You have done well for Darden.
Jarl Dorack and Armitages III arched an eyebrow slightly. The being spoke as if knowing what they were to say before they spoke, which disturbed both of them. Aye; I know you understand. But the slaves you take of the heathen peasants create much anarchy and fear. You have been working for Darden with out knowing it. But it is time that you step from the shadows and into the light as a power of faith.
Armitages III quickly spoke with out hesitation. We have not followed Darden we follow none. We are our own free from any restraints beyond our own.
Oh But you have Armitages III you have indeed. Where do you think most of your info came from to find your prey that you enslave? Why do you think you have had such great favor in your battles? For Darden has looked down upon you both and smiled. Your kingdoms have brought order to chaos and chaos to order. You both have created such fear with your raids; you have made the heathens move forces from well defended areas to protect the population. Leaving it open for the forces of Darden to over run. But now you are both in grave danger for the forces of the heathens are coming for you both. Even now your kingdoms are under siege.
The being moved one of his arms and a shimmer formed, with in it images of their kingdoms afire. And their follows dead or being lined up and butchered like cattle. Each kingdom had troops of Foret and Isonia standing in their homes their streets. Jarl and Armitages III where shocked, as they gazed upon the scene. It was something they knew could happen but planned so carefully to keep their cities hidden and strong. The being looked upon them showing them this was heart breaking the being knew this, but it made it's point well.
The being spoke calmly to them… I know the images I show you bring anger and sorrow to both you. And I also hear the denial of your thoughts what you gaze upon, but it is all to true. But Darden shows you the way to rebuild and to gain revenge, I ask you now to stand in the open. Bring your skills of order and strength to Darden. And unleash your anger upon those heathens that have brought you such pains.
Jarl Dorack looked to the being his anger shown through his eyes… Why should we follow Darden? If he is so powerful and desired our service, why didn't he stop this?
The being bowed it's head slightly, then spoke… We have you are alive, and some others have been saved. Darden can not openly involve himself or the heathen false Gods would do the same. If that would happen nothing would be left. But this place is offered to you both, rebuild and grow strong striking them down that have scorned you both.
Jarl Dorack was not to pleased with such an answer, but he felt the hand of Armitages III upon his broad shoulder. Dorack my friend I think it is time for us to take a stand. We have walked in the shadows far to long. And we owe it to all that followed us with such honor and loyalty to kill and enslave every damn heathen that has scorned us. We raided them and enslaved them so we knew this could happen. But this has brought something else to us, a purpose and a desire of revenge.
Jarl looked at Armitages III he nodded slightly. Aye Armitages III what you say may be true. Perhaps it is time that we did take that stand. I shall serve but in my own way.
Armitages III grinned hearing his words she looked to the being they stood before them, her words were strong and unwavering…. We shall serve Darden but as Dorack said in our way. And those heathens shall hate the day we stepped from the shadows and into their faces.
The being nodded to them…. Darden only desires loyalty and service and worship how you do it is your own. Welcome home followers of Darden, This temple and its surroundings are yours. Serve well be blessed unto the songs of Darden.
With that the being faded and all that was given was known to them. And soon the rein of the guild of GOR shall be known to all.


GM: Master/Mistress
AGM: Sir/Madame
Squad Leader: Tarnsmen
Full Member: Raider
Member: Rogue
Newbie: Kajrae


First age for the guild of GOR, but has ages of experience


Jarl Dorack-GM
Email: metalmartian@yahoo.com

Armitages III-GM
ICQ: 61731500
Email: amazonia@rocketmail.com

Ranking tier:
Master/Mistress= These are the GMs . (There will be two GMs)

Sir/Madame=These are the AGMs and members of the Inner core; They will spread the words of the Master/Mistress, and train to take over as an Master/Mistress should one of them leave for any reason.

Tarnsmen = Training to replace any AGM in absence or death; assist in relations with other guilds, and in the overseeing of guild matters both internal and external.

Raiders= Squad Leader= Maintain communication with squads and follow all commands of the Master/Mistress and inner core. Also keeping high displin with in the squads.

Rogue= Full member= Maintain kingdom, and assist Kajrae in transition to become Rogues.

Kajrae= slave member= Build and maintain a strictly disciplined kingdom. And also to follow orders with out question and learn the ways of the guild.

Gnosis Ominubus Raiders (GOR) is open to those of any race. Those of you who wish to join (GOR) must find a sponsor within the guild. The sponsor will be willing to take responsibility for your actions and will be, in essence, vouching for your activeness as a player. It is not hard to find a sponsor...all you need to do is contact one of the membership and get to know him or her. This will also serve to better communication within the guild and will assist you in getting to know the members better. In addition to your guild application, send an email to one (or all) of the GM's email addresses stating whether or not this is your first game in Evernight, what guild you were in before (if you are a veteran player), and whether or not you have any special skills that may aid the guild (icon making, etc.), and who your sponsor is. This email is not a request...it is a must for ALL members, new and old! If you do not take the time to follow the rules and email us, your application will not be accepted! THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE!

Master/Mistress and Inner Core will make all decisions regarding wars. Any and all suggestions will be accepted, and discussed. The Inner Core consists of GMs, AGMs and Chancellors. In the event of the demise or inability of one or all of the GMs to continue in his/her duties, the Inner Core will appoint a new one to take his/her place. This will be done by a special vote and majority will rule.

Promotions shall be awarded based on participation, performance and attitude. DO NOT, AND I MEAN DO NOT, PESTER ANY OF THE Inner Core ABOUT PROMOTIONS! Annual reviews shall be done at the end of every age to determine promotions (except for rare occasions when a field promotion will be awarded).

1)Obey ALL Evernight Rules (incl. Temper's Ball. VERY IMPORTANT and listed after these rules)! If you do not follow TB rules you will be booted!
2)Follow orders and chain of command.
3)Report attacks or scumming to either of the designated AGMs or GMs. (Do not return fire without consent of the Council.)
4)While everyone likes to be on the winning team, remember this is only a game and it is meant to be fun.
5.)While roleplaying is not mandatory for this game, it IS mandatory for this guild, as it tends to bring people closer together and we are striving for a family atmosphere.
6.)Any unauthorized attacking of another kingdom will not be tolerated, and shall be grounds for either demotion or booting, at the GMs discretion (see rule 3 above).
7.)Attendance for wars is MANDATORY! If you cannot make a war when it is announced, then you MUST contact one of the GMs and explain why. Repeated occurrences may be grounds for demotion or booting at the GMs discretion.
8.)This is last, but definitely not least. You must be active within the guild and your kingdom in order to remain a part of GOR. This guild will not flourish if we don't all do our best to play at least every other day, if not daily (preferred). The GMs do occasionally check to see who is active. If you are not, and have not sent a message explaining your absence, you may be booted without warning or explanation.

TB Rules:
1. Do not make an ass of yourself.
2. Do not post accusations of cheating.
3. Do not post bug reports.
4. Do not post kingdom numbers.
5. Do not post redundant messages (no spamming).