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Created: 2003-03-04 06:40:58
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History of the Twisted Police Of Peace:

It is rumored in the past that the Gods powers were draining. Not because they grew weak with age, but because they grew weak from lack of devout. The Simple Sin consisted of a follower of Foret was being manipulated into killing a follower of Darden. The Last Sin was a sign of terror to mankind; storms, floods, hurricanes and rock slides. Disasters of all kinds struck home while the three Gods fought. Order was hoped for a few weeks after the battle, but order did not wish to come.

Militaries grew much bigger as noblemen wished to please their chosen deity. Cities began to enforce the law, with government ordained officers. These officers soon became corrupt and instead of protecting the people, they used them to their advantage. Families lost crops, their possessions, and lastly their dignity. They were told to shut up or do something about it, and no one ever did do anything. Well... at least until a band of Isonian rogues happened by.

The group of bandits called themselves Twisted Police Of Peace. Mainly they were fresh of out Jiamsi Military Academy, and had been previously pushed around by such corrupted officers of the law. Isonia was the most gorgeous of all, and with her beauty came a need for war and revenge. The knights of TPOP, if they could be called such after deserting their titles and governments, decided to follow in their Goddess' footsteps. Everywhere they went they tried to bring peace to the land. Mainly they caught groups of officers of guard, and killed them as quickly as possible. They burned flags, looted the powerful, and attacked the corrupt governments. Soon armies were assembled, and the knights of TPOP were tracked down.

The men of TPOP were about to set fire to a government owned warehouse by the docks. This is the place were the officers struck. Taff was standing outside the door when the attack first began. He was leading the perimeter watch, and was seen to have taken out many of the officer scouts. Their bodies lay heaped beside the door; however, Taff was somehow lost to the TPOP. No one quite knows where he went, or even if he was captured, but to this day there has been no news about one of TPOP's greatest leaders.

Sid Rotten was investigating the contents of the warehouse, and instructing his group to do the same. Papers flew everywhere, and crates were heard to be creaking open. Shuffling was heard outside the back door, and Sid organized his men behind a row of crates and barrels. When the door burst open he nodded to his men, and sent a volley of arrows into the hearts of the enemies. The bandits picked up their swords and axes, and soon began to hack their way through the gathering of vengeful officers.

Fireslash was busy organizing his men on where to splash the animal oil and wax. As soon as Sid was finished with his business, Fire was going to make sure the place was destroyed. He noticed RTR had a puzzled look on his face, and realized why when he saw a dagger sticking out of the oil bucket. With a whistle Fire directed his men drop the remaining buckets and prepare for the enemy. The enemy soon rushed into the light where Fire and his men could see. He was said to have dropped a match to light the oil on fire, before sending his men into the battle. The officers had found all of TPOP's men, and now it was only a fight for survival.

It cannot be said about how many of each group died; however, it is known that both sides suffered immense casualties. The battle only lasted a few hours and soon the blazing wood came crashing down upon the battle. In the end the officers gave up their posts and left the remainder of TPOP to continue on. The loss of their brothers; however, left them with a gaping empty hole. They only know of one way to fix this, to attack those who do not follow their Goddess.

Present Condition of TPOP:

Fireslash and Sid Rotten still lead the Twisted Police onward toward the heathen lands. They hope to bring justice to the places they visit; however, anything that will fill the gap is welcome. Taff is still lost, either in a grave somewhere or captured by the heathens. They no longer attack the governments, as times have changed and the politics are less corrupt and evil. Instead they attack those that wave the heathen banners high and proud, for none should be prouder than Isonia and her followers.


GM: Chief Of Police
AGM: Porky Pig
Squad Leader: Deputy
Full Member: The Man
Member: Patrolman
Newbie: Rookie


This is our first age of bringing our justice to Tonan.


As twisted police, our rules supercede those of the outside world.

1) Follow the Rules of Temper's Ball and Canon. These rules are simple, and are pretty easy to follow and remember. If the rules are broken not only can punishment be expected from the guild, but from the community at Evernight as well.

The Temper's Ball Rules are as follows (Note that certain forums also have additional rules):
No vulgarity or Profanity
Do not make an ass of yourself
Do not post accusations of cheating
Do not post bug reports
Do not post realm names or numbers
Do not post redundant messages (no spamming)

2) Treat your friends and opponents alike, with respect and honour. These are real people playing and spending time on this game; however much you feel it, you are not the Gods' gift to Canon - but neither are they. Remember that we are all playing for enjoyment, and talk to the other members of the guild (and other guilds) - most of the enjoyment from this game comes not from defeating heathens on the battlefield, but from relating stories of valour and conquest to your mates, heathen or not.
3) Although roleplay is not compulsory in TPOP, give it a go! If you do, remember that when posting in roleplays, that all writing must be -unless stated- in character.
4) Be an active player and login to your kingdom at least once every other day. There is only one thing worse than the guild dragging around inactive members, and that's booting active members who have disappeared without telling anyone! So if you're going on holiday, make sure you notify one of the GM's or Agm's.
5) Obey the orders given to you by your superiors. We'll try not to be too stupid or insane in what we're ordering you around with, but if you don't do anything we ask you to there is no sense in you being in the guild. If you disagree with an order or request, that's fine - we're reasonable and we may reconsider it, however if after reconsideration we still order you to do it, do it! (Remember, the Gods act in mysterious ways)
6) Do not attack unless given leave or ordered to. This includes sorcery and scum along with war, though you may of course attempt to scout heathens by your own leave - just don't do anything else to them.
7) Read all the rules, not just the last one. You will be expected to know all of the above so that you cant use the excuse 'I didn't read the charter' to get out of trouble.

If both GMs disappear for 3 days, for a period two weeks the Agm's will lead in their stead, and their council shall be considered as a GM's and the guild business will be conducted as well as possible until a GM returns. If, after that time, the GM is still missing, the Agm's will vote in a new GM (from any member in the guild) permanently. Twisted Police Of Peace is then his or her responsibility, and our blessings go upon him or her.

Chief of Police (COP) - The Co-GMs of the guild who are responsible for the guild, and the leading of it.
Porky Pig - An AGM of the guild who will have responsibilities given to him/her by the Co-Gms. Second in command.
Deputy - Deputy is a rank of respect within TPOP. All members who reach this rank, have been loyal to the guild and are considered good friends.
Sarge - A position for those who know how to play their realm efficently and are very active. They have the ability to be squad leaders if they choose.
Patrolman - The everyday member of the guild who is trusted and proven themselves capable.
Rookie - A new and untrusted member of the guild, they have no privileges until such time that they are trusted, which will not take long if they are active and friendly.

Contact Info:

GM: Fireslash
Email: fireslash@hotmail.com
ICQ: 92735754
AIM: ticallus
Co-GM: Sid Rotten (Memnock)
Email: poopdaddy666@hotmail.com
ICQ: 34581976