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Created: 2003-02-25 05:40:07
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The sun glistened off the shattered glass as Killie walked slowly through the debris of an old tower. His homeland was in ruins and only the arrival of his sister and her forces had saved his realm from being lost forever. The battle had raged for several days but those who followed Angelique had finally been defeated. Now though he was counting the cost, many a friend had been lost over the last few days. Sighing, he slowly made his way down the corridor into one of the few remaining halls and smiled slightly as he saw the old League of Fear pennant hanging from the wall. The League had fallen many generations ago with the death of his ancestor and namesake but still he remembered the glorious days of his familyís history. Even now the ancient ruins of the Leagueís central fortress, Stromgarde still lay within the borders of his realm.

This civil war that raged had finally reached his own borders as the destruction around him proved. He had followed the tradition that his family had followed since the end of the League and had tried to remain outside the conflicts. Now though it was obvious that he could not hide, he would need to fight. History dictates that he should follow the man known as Leto for it had always been to Leto that his ancestors had prayed, yet Killie did not truely believe that the three who had started this war, were the god's made mortal so he would follow the person whom he believed would be a better ruler.

Angelique, it had been forces loyal to her who had devastated his home and people and his hatred for her would probably never subside.

Leto, a man he had heard about and a man he held some respect for. However, he felt that Leto was prone to rashness and he believed that this would be dangerous for the future of the Empire.

This left Barnabas, whose forethought and dignity appealed to Killie. It would therefore be Barnabas that Killie would follow, for now at least.

Many months later...

Lak looked in amazement at the message that had been sent from her brother, "Sister, I believe it is time we did something more than sit and wait for someone to attack our homes. Already we are repairing the damage done to Tyrania, but also I have ordered the rebuilding of Stromgarde itself. Our family once fought to protect our own people and those of our neighbours and friends, so perhaps it is time that we do so once again. I plan to resurrect the League of Fear itself."

Putting the message down slowly she gazed out the window and smiled.


GM: Scottish Drunkard
AGM: Wee Cheeky Ned
Squad Leader: Dobber
Full Member: Saucey Monkey
Member: poor fruitfly
Newbie: Fud


We have been around on and off in Canon and Monarchy for 7 years. We try to have fun every age.


Guild Name: League of Fear (LoF)

GM: Lak
ICQ: 35394583

AGM: pyrana
ICQ: 264709435

Guild Ranks
Guild Master=War Chief
Assistant Guild Master=Chamberlain
Diplomat=Knight Errant
Squad Leader=Man-At-Arms
Full Member=Pageboy
Junior Member=Pageboy's Sister

To be promoted then just do what Lak says... thatís about it. If you do what she says then she knows that you can be trusted and therefore given more responsibility within the guild.

Rules of Conduct:
Simple. Obey all Tempers Ball rules which are...
Do not make an ass of yourself.
Do not post accusations of cheating
Do not post bug reports.
Do not post kingdom numbers or names.
Do not post redundant messages (no spamming).

Fail to follow these rules and we will boot you from out guild then feed you to a pack of rabid Leto followers, or the voices and admin, whichever are easier to find. No multi-account people will be tolerated, the frequently banned, or other generally annoying people.

Applying Procedures:
Because Lak is a suspicious fiend, all members must have ICQ or other form of communication resembling instant (no, mobile phones do not count), be insanely loyal to her, and enjoy the consumption of large quantities of alcohol. An email warning her of your intent to apply, if you use a kingdom leader name that isnít familiar, would be a nice idea. Send it to lak82@yahoo.com or ICQ her at 35394583, Chances are that if you donít sound as if you know how to have a good time, you wonít be accepted. So there.

Co-Gm Failures:
Should one of the Co-GMís fail in their responsibility to the guild then the other Co-GM can call a meeting with the guilds AGMís. They shall decide by vote if the GM is to be removed from his position and then decide if a new Co-GM will be needed or if the other GM should now GM alone.

Other Stuff:
If one of our members does cross the borders of an enemy then that enemy should first run away before he gets hurt lots and then get in contact with Lak at 35394583 before he gets hurt some more.