A Chance Meeting

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Re: A Chance Meeting

Postby Colvin Darkwater » Sat Oct 01, 2011 2:00 pm

In this building which is my home. As I said I have had problems in the past so I keep it under surveliance. You have some pretty interesting sides to you Sernia. I actually think if you could somehow combine them or something you would find out a lot about yourself and how you can deal with people. After all there is a side of you that is really confident.

I smiled at her and my hand touched hers, and my thumb ran over the back of her hand. I was looking at her and started to think back many years ago. The only thing that had saved my life was the fact that they had seen someone else leave with blood on them. It was back then I had actually met a few people from Pallia. It would not hurt to put in a call and see what could be found out. I also knew that one of them was also married to a doctor. Maybe they could be of help. For right now though I knew I had to gain her trust, and make sure that what she needed was going to be taken care of. I was not going to let them end up back locked up not if I could help it. I had to call someone though and get her advice. I could have a hell of a lot of legal ramifications.

I will see what I can find out about their surveilance systems at the asylum. I know one of the best in the business, and does not hurt who he is married to. I will also see later about getting you both clothing that will fit for now though your clothes will be washed the best that they can be as I need to do mine as well

I handed her the remote to the tv that was in the room too.

So what are you thinking about?
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Re: A Chance Meeting

Postby Sernia Chance » Sun Oct 02, 2011 7:13 am

*Sernia looked to his hand and then back to his face, she sighed softly and nodded softly*

"I think that it would be a good idea to find out more from the asylum surveliance...and maybe if it's possible you might be able to find out more from the records they kept on me in there also...but i'm not sure how you would get them..."

*She lowered her eyes and watched his thumb run across her hand. She listened to what he said about getting some clothes for her and Khan as well as washing their own.*

"I'm thinking about if I did do what they said to those people...why didn't they keep me in lockdown in a straightjacket...it doesn't make sense....because if i'm so dangerous...shouldn't they have done that in the first place?"

*She looked to him, her blue eyes showing her confusement. She gently took the remote from him and placed it down beside her*

"I don't think it's a good idea for me to watch tv...because i'll just want to watch the news to see what they say about me and Khan...and I don't think that it's a good thing to do...do you?"
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Re: A Chance Meeting

Postby Colvin Darkwater » Sun Oct 02, 2011 10:45 pm

I know of some people that might be able to get them. I got some friends that are known for doing certain things.

Now you may ask how I know certain people but really it is no ones business. Except I have kept myself out of the spotlight of a lot of things. I have not been mentioned in any records that I know of. Now it was time to call in a few friends I picked up the phone and made a call.

Taltos its Colvin, I need you and your red headed witch doctor to meet me at the house. Look who I am going to show you stays just between us. I gave my word on certain things.

I smiled over at her and I knew that I was putting Taltos in a spot but she needed help. Who better to help than the ones I knew could. I knew that they would too.

Yeah I will talk to her.

I paused as he handed the phone to Leyla. A grin came across my face.

Hey beautiful I need a favor from you and your husband. I got someone here that is in some trouble. Part of it is I do not think she knows what she is capable of but it needs to be kept between the few that we bring in. You know that attack at that asylum? I think there is more to it than anyone is saying. Do you think you could have someone look into it?

I was not stupid I know exactly who Leyla was related to and what I was getting at. I also knew that I could trust her and Taltos not to turn the tables on things. Just because someone is not mentioned in the histories it does not mean that someone was not there. They knew where I lived and I knew it would not be a big to do made of anything.

If they knew you were so dangerous yes they should have kept you locked down. I think there is more to it than what meets the eye, and that is where those friends that are a bit away come into it. I am sure one of them can find out certain things. So for now we just wait
Colvin Darkwater

Re: A Chance Meeting

Postby Sernia Chance » Mon Oct 03, 2011 11:49 am

*Sernia sat there silently while he was on the phone, her eyes lowered, she bit her lip and picked at her thumb nail in a nervous manner, she looked to him and then lowered her eyes once again. Once he spoke to her again, she lifted her eyes*

"So you think they wanted something to happen? They wanted me to hurt people?"

*She frowned worriedly*
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Re: A Chance Meeting

Postby Leyla Lockheart » Mon Oct 03, 2011 8:47 pm

Leyla had been perfectly happy being wrapped in the arms of the detective who had been so kind to walk her to her car, thoughts of a bathtub full of hot water made even hotter by the man who was going to be in that bathtub with her made her more than ready to get home. But all of that was going to have to wait.
When the first ring of the cellphone rang sounding through the parking lot, she got that feeling that was telling her they weren't going to be doing anything like what she had running through her mind.
She listened to Taltos talking and let go with a sigh when she was handed the phone.
Somebody better be dead or damn near close to it...
Hearing the voice on the other end caused Leyla to react in a way that was not typical for her. Her eyes went wide and she looked up at Taltos while listening to all that was being said through the phone.
Taltos nodded his head, almost like he was already telling her whatever it was that Colvin needed, she had to make sure he got it.
How to explain Colvin Darkwater... she smiled thinking about him... that was easy enough.
Taltos had Orry, and would always have Orry as his partner and best friend...
Leyla had Colvin.
Leyla breathed his name, hearing his voice warmed her heart and reminded her just how much she missed her own partner in crime, Colvin had been a part of a great many cover ups and clean ups when Leyla did her "other" work, providing her the time she needed to establish alibis that didn't come from family or the Elite, making it possible for her to be seen when she needed to be just in case she was ever questioned by the police... which didn't happen often at all anyway, and when it did happen usually it was someone she knew... and she knew damn near everyone in Pallias PD. Oh it didn't make anyone a dirty cop Taltos would not tolerate that, but knowing who she knew and her name being what it was... did make a difference.
Taltos and I are coming to you Vin. No arguments. After we've talked face to face and I see this mystery person of yours then Taltos and I will decide if we're bringing in someone with us who will be able to tell us more than anyone else would ever be able to.
Leyla mouthed Guinevere Kensingtons name to Taltos. If anyone would be able to get a clear picture on what happened at the asylum it would definitely be her.
Remember Vin, you called us for help... so you need to let us do what we do okay? We'll see you in say... oh about an hour...
She ended the call just like that and without saying a word Taltos opened her car door for her.....

True to her word an hour later Leyla and Taltos Deamons were knocking on Colvin Darkwaters' front door......
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Re: A Chance Meeting

Postby Taltos Deamons » Mon Oct 03, 2011 9:37 pm

He calls you beautiful again I may have to break him.

I grinned though yes I am my Father's son I do not show much emotion or anything. Though I knew I had nothing to worry about Colvin. Just like Leyla knew she did not have to worry about Orry. I had my arm around her and I grinned.

You know Doc you owe me a hot bath with you too. I know we got to go but he had to pick tonight of all nights? Really the first one we have had off together in how long?

I shook my head, of course if Colvin needed something we were going to do what we had to. I saw her mouth Guinevere Kensington and I nodded. I was sure that if need be Guinevere would be a help too.

Well lets see what is going on before we call anyone else in.

We were there in the hour like she promised and when we walked in I muttered.

Well I will be damned. What have you gotten into Colvin?
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Re: A Chance Meeting

Postby Colvin Darkwater » Mon Oct 03, 2011 10:22 pm

Don't worry my friends will help it is what we do. They will need to meet you and talk with you though.

When they did get there I smiled seeing Leyla and leaned over and kissed her cheek. I was not sure what to tell them so I just brought them up to meet her and Kahn. I smiled slightly looking over to them.

I do not think we know the whole story. I had to get her some help you know she is not going to get treated fairly if caught. I think there is more to it than what is being said. I also know we should be able to get records from the asylum maybe not exactly legally.

I was looking at them and caught them up to date what I knew so far. I was not sure about much else.

So you keeping him in line or is he keeping you in line?

I laughed slightly watching the two of them, it was clear that something had been interrupted and I grinned a little sheepishly.

Sorry if my timing was not the best but I know you have resources I do not have.
Colvin Darkwater

Re: A Chance Meeting

Postby Leyla Lockheart » Mon Oct 03, 2011 10:55 pm

Leyla turned on her husband with a sly smile, and a look on her face that she knew he would recognize... it was her "if you do what I ask you to, you'll get anything you want" look.
Run home demon of mine...
She dropped the word demon on purpose, because she could already tell that Vins' little friend looked scared enough to jump right out of her skin, and she could see that the one called Kahn... which made her grin a little at the name... was not all that he seemed... he might have been one of the biggest men she ever saw... and that was saying a lot given the size of the men in her family... but from her quick observations of him... he was more like Rennas Mark.
And please bring this boy some clothes that will actually fit him. I'm going to do a little conversing while you're gone. And don't worry... I won't bite anyone...that's for later.
Another bit was laid down for this Serena to understand that she was not dealing with normal folk. Leyla kissed her husband not caring that they had an audience and sent him off knowing he would be gone maybe twenty minutes tops. Like his brother Stryder, Taltos was one of the fastest Shadowwalkers.
Part of the reason she sent him off was she knew how to the point she was and sometimes Taltos tried to reign that in, not to control her but he knew her and he tried to keep her from going over the top. If Colvin was involved in anything that could get him killed... she was going to go as over the top as she damn well pleased.
As soon as Taltos was gone she stood with her arms folded and her head cocked to the side, she crossed the small space between her and Colvin and brushed her lips against his cheek, put her arms around him to embrace him and then she smacked him right in the back of the head. For a few minutes, from her perspective there was no one else in the room but them, even though this Serena and Kahn were sitting right there.
Have you gone mental? Your one of the best BloodSharers and BloodSeekers I know... instead of playing at guessing games... why haven't you just done what you do? Don't even tell me it's a matter of trust Colvin because if that was the case these two wouldn't be sitting in your living room right now. And if you had any sense left in you at all instead of calling us and having us decide that call warranted us coming all the way here... why in the hell didn't you call Jade and have them brought to Black Rose? You know how she is Colvin and you know she wouldn't allow one hair on either of their heads to be touched while they were on her lands. Have you forgotten everything you learned with us?
Leyla sighed heavily, the grin was back on her lips.
You knew what you were getting yourself into when you made that call Vin... and I did warn you...
She turned to look at the woman and the man child sitting there both of them looking like they were ready to run for their lives and when Leyla smiled the points of her fangs showed. People often forgot that Leyla was a vampire because she could walk in the light of day... so long as it wasn't too bright and even then if she used a black umbrella and some sunscreen she'd be okay... it seemed that children born of Ancients and Purebloods possessed that ability... unlike those that were turned and reborn into Darkworld.
As for you... Taltos, that would be my husband... and I will do what we can to help... but understand... my reasons for doing so are personal... you see that man I just cracked like I was his mama? That is my best friend and I will kill or be killed for him... as a matter of fact I have killed for him.... so you little girl... are going to start from the beginning and tell me in your own words everything... and I do mean everything that you possibly can... and then we will all decided where to go from there... and if anything... ANYTHING... happens to him... don't think I won't come after you myself...
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Re: A Chance Meeting

Postby Colvin Darkwater » Tue Oct 04, 2011 6:38 am

You know that I have not been back there in awhile, and I was not going to take the chance of moving them again. As far as why I did not do anything well you know I will not do that without someone else there. You know how easy it is but how it can be at times too. So I wanted to make sure. I planned on doing so once she trusted me to do so.

I smiled at Leyla rubbing the back of my head with a bit of a grin.

Well I have been listening not talking much she did not know what I was just yet but guess the secret is out. If you did not get the hints earlier Sernia I am a vampire. I could go in as Leyla said and see for myself but I was going to talk more about that another time. You hear so much about vampires and stuff that I first wanted you to know me so you knew you had nothing to fear.

I was watching Leyla and listening to her. Yes my friend was protective of me but isn't that what it is all about

Sorry Leyla is a bit over protective. Leyla that is part of the problem she does not seem to remember a lot of stuff. The reason I think is different sides to her, I have talked to one side and was much different than she is now. So I am not sure what fully is going on. Sernia Leyla is right about something I probably should have brought you two to Black Rose and to the lands of Pallia but those lands can be rough if you are not used to all that is there too.

What had led me away from Pallia was actually a need for solitude. See there were many lost when people went on that vampire hunt that resulted in some deaths. Including the one that mattered most to me.

I would not have called them if they could not be trusted. I knew what I was getting to when I called them though. She is right you need to tell her everything that you know.
Colvin Darkwater

Re: A Chance Meeting

Postby Sernia Chance » Wed Oct 05, 2011 7:50 am

*Sernia sat there silently cuddling upto Khan, Khan sat there silently with a protective arm around Sernia's shoulders. Sernia frowned and lowered her eyes listening to what was said. She shuddered the moment the threatening tone of Leyla's words came from her mouth, Sernia looked upto her, her eyes flashing to the emerald green of her vampiric side, a small smirk coming to her paled features.*

"You do not need to threaten my human side, she is no threat to you or anyone else....there are more dangerous sides to her than the human."

*She smirked but then lowered her head, her eyes closing before she lifted her head again and opened her eyes, they would be back to the blue of her human side. She looked to Khan and then to the others, confusement written across her face. Khan looked to her and whispered*

"It's okay Wolf girl. No one hurt wolf girl cause Khan not allow it."

*Sernia nodded and sighed softly. she rested her head against Khan's chest. when she was told to tell all that she remembered, she frowned and lowered her head whispering*

"What exactly do you want to know....do you want to know the entire story from before i was in the asylum or....do you want it to start when i was in the asylum?"

*She looked to Layla with her head lowered only those blue eyes staring at her with fear and unsureness. She looked just as scared as she had when Layla and Taltos had first arrived. She kept her head lowered, her black hair falling into her face.*
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Re: A Chance Meeting

Postby Leyla Lockheart » Wed Oct 05, 2011 2:06 pm

Leyla might have been looking at the girl on the couch called Serena but the words that came out of her mouth were definitely not meant for her. An arm shot out and a delicate hand met with a strong chest. Leyla had heard him return and the low soft growl that rumbled from him let her know he had seen and heard the exact same thing that she had.
Easy Detective...
Taltos was back. She didn't need to see him to know, she could smell him all around her, could hear his breathing, felt how tense he was.
Her eyes shifted for a second going to Colvin, a red brow shot up with curiosity and red locks swayed with the shaking of her head.
Did that little girl just run her mouth getting a little uppity with me? And did that little girls eyes just go green? I swear to god Vin... if she turns out to be another Shadow or Connor gone wild...
This time it was Colvin giving her a look like she sprouted wings. She rolled her eyes to the ceiling and sighed.
I take it you've been so wrapped up in whatever the hell this is that you didn't hear? See... this is what happens when you don't call, you don't write and you don't come home to visit. Christ Colvin... Shades alive. Not Aidans Shade. Kiara and Losas Shade... he's been right under all our noses for years. And a certain Captains' daughter calls him husband.
Leyla told him what she needed to without dropping any more names than were necessary, usually she didn't speak of family matters in front of strangers, but really what did it matter? The Elite, the whole damn royal family was known and were favorites of the tabloids. Still old habits died hard.
So she gave Colvin that little tidbit and her eyes shifted again falling back to the girl and her "guardian".
Little girl... I get that you have these... moments... that you don't remember... but if you have anyway of communicating with whoever... whatever... else is running around in that little body of yours... you need to let them know... I only have one side to me...
That was all that Leyla was going to say about the little incident that had Taltos wound up.
I said I wanted to hear everything. In order for me and Taltos or anyone else that might be able to help we need to to know everything you can tell us about your self. Starting from your earliest memories. I will not put my family into a situation without having all the details. We can help you... hell we've dealt with demons, vampires, elves, werewolves, shapeshifters, little girl we've gone up against Gods and came out on top... what I am trying to get through to you is... it doesn't matter how many sides you have or which sides of you think it's a bad ass... the bottom line is... if you really want to get to the bottom of this... and you're really that scared... if you really want help... start talking, and when you're done, we'll figure out what to do next.
Hell she was already annoyed. When Colvin called for some help she had no idea her and Taltos were going to be walking into a hot mess like this. She looked at Colvin again and again her head was shaking.
You really thought only a few people were going to be brought in on this? Really? Colvin you really have been gone for far too long. You know this is going to turn into an Elite matter, you should have known that from the start. I can't help here Colvin. All our resources including what I need in order to do the job right... it's all in Pallia and again... do I need to remind you they'd be safer there? I don't want to hear about the things that go bump in the night back home either... your girl here just went multi on me... I think she'll survive on our lands.
Another sigh and Leyla shifted into take over mode. She turned to the demon standing next to her and finally lowered her hand from his chest.
Her green eyes were sparkling, they always did whenever she looked or even thought about Taltos, it didn't matter if he was right there or a hundred miles away. Taltos was the only one who could bring out her softness.
You have some work to do Detective. Find out everything you can about this Serena Chance. I know I don't need to tell you how to do your job. And baby...
Her arms snaked around his neck, the grin was back on her lips.
You know I love it when you get all protective... when we get back home you are so getting that bath I promised you.
As much she wanted to stay right where she was, she dropped her arms from around Taltos' neck and went back yet again to the girl on the couch. She dropped down on the floor in front of the girl and crossed her legs sitting Indian style.
Everything Serena. You don't have anything to be scared of, not from us. Now talk.
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Re: A Chance Meeting

Postby Sernia Chance » Thu Oct 06, 2011 4:53 pm

*Sernia frowned and sat there still looking confused, she looked to Colvin then to Khan and back to Leyla, she sighed heavily and moved so she was more comfortable as Leyla sat on the floor. Her blue eyes staring at the woman, she sighed softly and lowered her head*

"I remember finding my family in the living room of our home...all dead...i was covered in blood but i don't remember how i got blood on me....I laid down with my head on my mothers chest....before she ran her fingers down my face where the marks are on my face before she actually died....i lay there all night with my head on her....the police found me with them the next day..."

*Tears gather in her eyes and slide down the markings on her face, she lowered her head. she sniffed and continued*

"When they found me...they took me to the orphanage...which was ran by nun's....I was taken in, cleaned up and fed before i was out to bed....that night...some of the kids in there beat me with soap bars in towels....i woke up but then blacked out....when i woke up the next day...i woke up to find one of the boys hanging from a sheet that was wrapped around his throat like a noose..."

*She frowned deeply and whispered*

"I don't see how....this is going to help you learn anything..."

*Everyone around her would see that she was getting more and more upset. it was hard for her to remember all of this*
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Re: A Chance Meeting

Postby Colvin Darkwater » Thu Oct 06, 2011 5:32 pm

Sernia listen to what Leyla is telling you. This is putting her husband in a position. They are going to help you but there needs to be no secrets and no holding back. There may be something that you do not think of that might be more important than it seems. You have to realize that Leyla would not be here if I did not think she would be able to help. Leyla is not someone to test the patience of. No one is going to hurt you as long as you are with us. Questioning her and the reasons why it should not matter whether you think it is important or not. Obviously it is important to Leyla to try and find out.

My hand reached out and touched her hand and smiled softly.

Listen we all have been through things that are not easy. We have not had easy lives. No one here has by the sounds of it. Now listen we can all work together and try and help you. Telling her things is going to help her be able to think about things. I was asking the same thing. There are other ways but coming from you is going to be easier than the others. Well actually there is another way as Leyla said earlier.

I sighed and maybe I was not sure what I had got myself into. So there I was sitting there and smiled slightly thinking about what Leyla had said about things.

Yeah I guess it has been awhile since I came home, but you know you can always come visit here and tell your husband Mr Talkative there to let someone get a word in now and then.

Anyone that knew Taltos knew there were few people he talked to at all, and even fewer that he would say more than a few words to.
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Re: A Chance Meeting

Postby Sernia Chance » Sat Jan 21, 2012 10:07 am

*Sernia looked to Colvin and to the others around her, as Colvin's hand touched hers, she frowned slightly looking back to him listening to what was said to her by him. She sighed and closed her eyes before lowering her head.

*Khan looked to her and then to the other's silently, his facial expression showing that he was protective and worried for his "Wolf Girl".*

*Sernia lifts her head again before opening her eyes, those around her would notice that her eyes had changed colour once more, her voice holding a growl as she spoke but it was obvious that there was no threat towards anyone*

"The human side of us remembers nothing of what we had seen or heard. Our parents and siblings were killed by Vampires and Lycan's that worked together to try and defeat a threat to both there kinds...."

"Their target was us but our parents and siblings had made sure that we weren't able to be found but we came out of hiding as we heard the fighting and cries of pain....we attacked the attackers of our family. Some of them lost their lives and eventually the others ran...our parents were injured so bad that we knew that they wouldn't survive...our siblings were dead before we attacked the attackers..."

"Our father died taking down a lycan just at the door of the house....when the threat to our human side was gone we let her take control once again....she screamed and ran to our mother as she lay dying on the floor, the markings on our face was a last gift from our mother....It took four hours, 40minutes and 56seconds for our mother to die from her injuries as we held her."

*She gave a low growl of sadness before continuing*

"Twelve hours later, the police, ambulance and other emergancy services came and a female human police officer known as Payne gently took us from our mother's dead grip and took us to the nunery..."
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