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Created: 2006-10-25 10:03:03
Game: covenant
Faith: Barnabas



It has been a time of turmoil and change for the people that crowded on the ships. Their land had been torn apart by earthquakes, tidal waves and volcanic eruptions. Millions of people had perished – cut down in the chaos and terror of an island sinking below the waves. New priests had appeared offering hope to any who would listen. Some refused to believe, others lashed their hopes to the new goddess and her clergy with a fervor that spoke of fanaticism.

At the Southern Port of Ra’Kur a flotilla of ships was assembled by many of the Lords and Ladies who now followed Angelique and the great exodus began. Their were no maps to follow, no plan at all really except to lay course for the east – and to follow the brilliant blue star that had only recently appeared in the heavens.

While they traveled the priests roamed the ships spreading the gospel of Angelique to her new followers. They taught the people the history of their goddess and the great battle that she fought against her brothers. How Olander had been slain and Barnabas cast out of heaven for the crime. How Leto had secretly built a heavenly army and attacked Angelique across the ether of heaven. The priests also told of the future for their people; the place waiting for them and the destiny that had been laid upon them.

Waiting for them in their new land would be a keep, nestled in a towering mountain range – impregnable to any who sought to go against it. There they would find teachers and companions who would guide them in the ways of Angelique and this new land. They would also teach those who waited for them their own special knowledge of weapons both seen and unseen. Together they would spread the faith of Angelique, laying waste to their enemies and bringing freedom to those who suffered under the yoke of oppression by the usurpers.

The moon shone down on the small boat as it cut through the surf towards the beach. Out in the bay a fleet of ships lay at anchor, ravaged by their long journey their sails hung limp and tattered. Many months had passed since the great ships had fled their homelands in search of a new land; the land promised them by their new goddess Angelique.

A man stood above the high tide mark, a torch in hand. His cowl pulled up against the cool wind coming across the bay’s waters. The leader of the refugees jumped out of his boat and splashed through the waist high water towards the man, followed closely by the priestess who led the order of priests that journeyed with them.

The cowled man bowed deeply to the leader of the refugees and the priestess. As he stood he pushed back his cowl revealing a shaved head and piercing blue eyes.

“Welcome to the lands of Tonan. May Angelique bless you and yorn. My name is unimportant, we of the brethren do not use our heathen names, and instead we call each other by what we have achieved in the services of our goddess. I am simply known as the Hand.”

The priestess took a step backwards at the sound of the man’s name for she now knew where it was that they had journeyed to. They were in the lands of the Asa Vestrin – a monastic sect of warriors, sorcerers and assassins. She made as if to speak and the Hand’s blue eyes bore into her, stealing her breath away.

“Come my friends, we have much to discuss and your people must come ashore. Once everything is off of the ships we will burn them to the waterline and you will truly be home. Welcome to the war torn lands of Tonan, welcome to the Asa Vestrin.”

So the refugees were welcomed into the lands of the Asa Vestrin. They lived in the great keep of the Asa Vestrin called the Sheathe. There they lived and breathed, learned and taught, were born and died. Many years passed and where once there had been two separate people united in faith – there was now only the Asa Vestrin descended from the brave people of a dieing land, and the monks who took them in by the will of their goddess.


Time marches on for everyone, no one is immune to time. So it went for the people of the Asa Vestrin. The land was good to them for a time as was the goddess Angelique, but as has been stated previously – time moves on, change happens. Plague happens.

The plague had ravaged all the lands of the Asa Vestrin from their mountain retreat to the hidden valleys where they grew their food and tended their livestock. Thousands died and no sign was given from Angelique in the form of a cure, a word of praise, or a sign of her displeasure. The rumblings began then, the call for change. The call for the sword to be taken up in earnest and waste laid to those who had brought the plague to these lands the Sekhet Aaru and the goblin hordes.

The temples to Angelique were torn down, the people having lost faith in her protection. In place of the Angeliquian temples, new houses of worship were built, to a new god to the people of the Asa Vestrin. He was a good of revenge, a god of war.

All praise Barnabas – the breaker of worlds.


GM: Hand
AGM: Hilt
Squad Leader: Guard
Full Member: Blade
Member: Steel
Newbie: Iron


History is written by those who win



1. Hand (GM): The Leader of the Asa Vestrin.
2. Hilt (AGM): This position is one of high trust and accomplishment; they may be in charge of diplomacy, war planning, development, or training.
3. Guard (SL): In charge of a group of military forces.
4. Blade (Member): A full member, a warrior, mage, assassin or a combination of the three. The Blades have full voting rights.
5. Steel (Novice): A member of the Asa Vestrin with limited voting rights, each Steel has a ½ vote.
6. Iron (Petitioner): New Members: untried- untested

Rank advancement:

Advancement in rank is only warranted when there is a need for advancement. This need arises out of commitment to the Asa Vestrin and the Barnabas Faith as a whole, as well as the delegation of authority within the Asa Vestrin.

Missing GM:

When the Hand is not available then the Senior Hilt is in charge of all the military forces of the Asa Vestrin; like wise if none of the Hilts are available, then the Senior Guard is the head of all the military of the Asa Vestrin. If for any reason a position becomes vacant then a vote will take place in order to fill said vacancy from the ranks of the full members who are eligible. No one below the rank of Guard is allowed to set policy or negotiate on behalf of the Asa Vestrin.

Rules regarding the game:

1. Attendance to all meetings and war strikes is a must. If you are unable to make a meeting or strike then notify the GM’s by e-mail or ICQ, send a notice to both of them, not just one. You will not be penalized for missing a meeting if you notify the officers, if you miss and have not notified and officer then you will be demoted, and or removed from the guild.

2. You will not be a rogue kingdom in the Asa Vestrin guild. You will not attack others without a declaration of war by us or them. Do not expect us to be sympathetic to you if you do either of these things, we will remove you from the guild.

3. We expect the best from our members. If you can not or will not attempt to participate and endeavor to create the best RP and the best kingdom you can then we do not need you and you will be demoted and or removed from the guild.

4. You are not required to Roleplay, but it is strongly encouraged.

General Role Play Rules:

1. Post. The Asa Vestrin asks for two posts per week. We realize that we all live in the Real World and as such we will not ask you to post more than this, but at the same time we encourage you to post as much as possible.

2. RESPECT (Like Aretha Said!) You must have respect for your guild mates, and those in authority in the guild. You must have respect for the Administrators and Moderators of Evernight. If you do not show the proper respect that is due, you will be warned, possibly demoted and or removed from the guild.

4. Enjoy Yourselves!! We play this game to have fun, so have FUN!!!!

Rules regarding Temper’s Ball:

1. Do not make an ass of yourself.
2. Do not post bug reports.
3. Do not spam or post redundant messages.
4. Do not post kingdom numbers or names.
5. Pornography, piracy and other illegal materials are not allowed.
6. Do not post links to hate or anti-Evernight sites; this includes racial, ethical or sexual sites.

Policies and Views:

We abide by a strict Code of Conduct in terms of game play it is as follows:

Issue 1: Scum Troops

The issue of using Scum in and out of war is left to the personal decisions of each respective Guild Master. Any problems that such actions may bring upon a guild that chooses to use Scum troops in a questionable manner i.e. burning a guild that is at war with another guild, - is solely the responsibility of the guild that used the Scum troops. If you choose to play in the shadows, you must be willing to face the light.

Issue 2: Joining in on Wars

The issue of joining in on others wars is a complicated issue. A guild must be asked to join the war. The war being joined must have been started by the heathen guild. A guild may only join in a war if the following criteria are met:

A. The war is unbalanced. Unbalanced is defined as any war that results in the heathen guild having the decided advantage in numbers and/or strength from the start.

B. The action of joining the war will not swing the issue of unbalance over to the Isonians – the battle must be fair either in number or strengths. Strengths are to be calculated by initial attack networth.

Issue 3: Silent Peace/Ceasefires:

There is no silent peace with the Asa Vestrin. Peace is unconditional in all regards.

Issue 4: Breaking a Treaty:

No breaking of a treaty. Only heathens break treaties. In the case of a Faith War, treaties are null and void for the duration of the faith war and can be renegotiated after the faith war if either party desires it.

Issue 5: Cross Faith Hits:

Cross Faith hits are allowable as long as the numbers and strengths are kept balanced.

Issue 6: War Role Play Threads

This is a war game, but it is also a Role Play Game. We must Role Play in order to continue to develop the history and magic of the world in which we play.

We believe in the right of other guilds to dictate their own policies and as such we will not abuse them verbally for their personal policies, but we will take note of guild policies that have an effect on the over all enjoyment of the game by everyone.

We expect to be treated with respect by other guilds and their members, as we will respect other guilds and their members.

Application Procedure:

Send a message to the Hand, or any other appointed representative (listed below).

If you have never RP’d that is not a problem. If you are accepted you will.

We will need to know the following information sent to us:

1. Kingdom name
2. Kingdom number
3. Contact information (E-Mail, ICQ,)
4. Kingdom type (war, sorc, scum, combo)
5. Race

If you have any questions, any at all, you may contact any member of the guild.

The Hand: Bran
ICQ: 32797422
E-mail: terranfox@centurytel.net