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Created: 2006-06-30 13:36:09
Game: debacle
Faith: Angelique


His body racked back and forth in the wind unable to be still. Cold circled his naked form... Where am I?

The Moon beat down, wrapping him in blue. Is this the power of the Gods? He wondered, teeth chattering in the whimpering winter.

His skin felt like it was being scratched by the pounding of arrows and spears. It felt as if a thousand men dragged their swords across his flesh. He knew at once that the cold symbolized the power of the enemy.

Angelique showed herself in the warmth of the blue moon.

In the distance he could see a Tavern, shelter. Warmth. True warmth. As soon as he got down into the valley no longer could he tell which direction to move. The Moon was mostly blocked out by the tree tops. He felt his eyes well with water. He tried to swallow back the tears.

"Angelique, guide me to warmth. Take me towards heat, I pledge myself to you." He felt the tears that he hadn't been able to swallow down spill over his cheeks and form into crystals of ice. "Show me the way and forever I battle in your name."

Even his soul felt cold.

From the forest came a Wolf which he began to follow, stumbling through frozen eyes and numb fingers. Heart racing to warm the body. His mind wondered as he felt the cold slowly seep into his thoughts, as well. He would pass out soon.

He woke. Body covered in sweat. Mind wrapped in agony. Flesh twisted in pain. Warmth of a fire kissing his cheeks. Pierced by the power of Angelique--the first Dreamer was born.


Squad Leader: Squad Leader
Full Member: Soldier
Member: Trusted Member
Newbie: New Member


This is the first age of our return.


Officers -
Officers will be choosen based on loyalty and skill. If you do not make War Chats you will not be choosen as an officer. Dreamer Leadership is based on play-ability.

Ranks -
Rank 1 - Dead Dreamer:
The Dead Dreamer is the GM of the Guild. At no time shall a Dead Dreamer ever share leadership. The Dead Dreamer is in complete control and has final say over all matters.

Rank 2 - Dream Seer:
The Dream Seer(s) are the AGMs of the Guild. Officers whos roles are to aid members and lead offical avenues of Guild Relations.

Rank 3 - Zealots:
Squad Leaders. Zealots keep control of Squads at all times. Zealots are usually asked to help train new players.

Rank 4 - Acolyte:
Full member of the Guild with View Privilages.

Rank 5 - Holy Dreamer:
Full Member.

Rank 6 - Dreamer in Darkness
New member.

Rules - -Follow orders at all times. -If you don't know, ask. -Inactivity gets you booted. -Failure in duty gets you booted. -Do not make an arse of yourself. - Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC unless asked specifically by staff. - Do not spam or post redundant messages. - Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards. - Pornography, Piracy or other illegal material is not allowed. - Do not post links or advertisements to hate or Anti-Evernight sites. (This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.)

Applying -
Apply to the guild through the Guild Application tool (Join). After you've been accepted, please be sure to send your contact information to the GM or AGM who requests it. ICQ or MSN is required.