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Created: 2006-04-29 19:27:42
Game: covenant
Faith: Barnabas


Even in a land ruined by war there are those whose concerns lay in a higher place.
Even in a land devestated by the greed of men there remain those who strive for peace.
Even in a land torn apart by the will of bickering Gods there are those who hold to a different set of principles.
To many people, peace is a distant dream or a tattered thread of memory. Even for we Elves, whose lives run so much longer than the common races, many seem to have forsaken the times of peace we once held dear and embraced the path of war as the singular truth.

However there are those amongst us who still remember the old ways, there are those amongst us who recall the words of our elders and cling to the teachings like ship wrecked sailors would cling to flotsam. We remember a time of great peace, a time before even the wars that split the Heavens asunder.
We remember this time and we take it upon ourselves to accept an ancient responsibility once more. In ages long forgotten our people were tasked with the care of the most sacred places upon the planet, the places where magic flowed most strongly.
In these places we built glorious monuments to the history, present and future of our race. We created gardens of such unequaled beauty that our race looks back longingly upon them even now in these times of great strife.
Yet the -reasons- for such glory have been forgotten! Only we melancholy few remember the blessed task we were charged with, and we weep at the failure and betrayal perpetrated by our race in turning these places to the art of war. Our original pride at being so favoured slowly turned to arrogance, and when the war between the sibling Gods poisoned the Heavens above and the planet below we were quick to join the fray; using the power of those sacred places as a weapon to crush any who opposed our beliefs. Brother fought brother and many of our kin died by the very power we had once contained and now wielded with such casual abandon.

Much time has passed since our initial betrayal yet never have we tried to claim back that which was ours. The lesser races sully those same sacred places with their tainted foot falls yet we stand idly by and allow them free reign until it suits our current, fleeting purpose to remove them.
Yes, much time has passed, yet things remain depressingly similar. Our race has fallen lower than any other and now, with war once again tearing at the foundations of civilization it is time for those among us who remember the old ways to step forth and attempt to lead our people back to greatness.

We are the Guardians of the Blessed Places, and we are the last of our race who remember the old task given to our people in a time when the Heavens were united and the people knew true peace.
We will take back that which belongs to us no matter who holds it in their grasp and we shall make sure that non who are unsuitable are allowed to wield the power that is inherently ours. The war that sweeps the land shall provide the distraction that we need to amass our strength. Already there are those of us who have taken control of sacred places within the territories of he who claims to be Barnabas and our support continues to grow as word of our mission is spread.
Glory will return to the Elven race with the reclamation of the sacred places that rightly belong to us and if we must pander to a fraud to ensure our success then so it shall be done, at least untill we are whole again and capable of truly standing on our own.


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Newbie: New Member


Old glory reborn



1.First and foremost you must follow ALL rules of Temperís Ball. These are as follows,

a. Do not make an ass of yourself
b. Do not post bug reports on the baords, over ICQ, or in IRC, unless specifically asked to by staff.
c. Do not spam or post redundant messages.
d. Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.
e. Pornography, piracy, or other illegal material is not allowed.
f. Do not post links or advertizements to hate or anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.

2. Obey the chain of command at all times. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.

3. Actions taken without the consent of the ruling council will be dealt with harshly.

Failure to follow these rules will result in various disciplinary actions from verbal warnings to expulsion from the guild.


Archmage - The Archmage is the first among the Court of Equals. He acts as the voice of the Court to all not a part of the S\\\'argten d\\\'lil Du\\\'ased K\\\'laren and is the figurehead of the group for all intents and purposes.
Should the Archmage be unable to fullfill their duties for any reason they will be replaced by another member of the Court of Equals, this promotion shall be decided upon by a vote amongst the Court members.

Mage - Each mage is assigned an area of responsibility and are expected to ensure that things run as smoothly as possible. They also, along with the Archmage, make up the Court of Equals that is responsible for setting the policy of the S\\\'argten d\\\'lil Du\\\'ased K\\\'laren.

Sorcerer - Sorcerers are the scions of the Court of Equals, they ensure that the orders of the Court are carried out quickly and efficiently. Each Sorcerer will be responsible for a cell of Adepts or Apprentices, the Sorcerer will be responsible for the performance and safety of their cell.

Adept - Adepts are the trusted members of the S\\\'argten d\\\'lil Du\\\'ased K\\\'laren and make up the bulk of the guild. Each adept will be assigned to a Sorcerer dependant upon their area of expertise and space available in existing cells. Adepts must respond quickly and without question to the orders given to them by their supperiors. On a rare occasion that an adept has proven themselves to be espescially skilled they will be permitted control of a cell consisting of Apprentices should there be no Sorcerer available to take charge.

Apprentice - The apprentices are the new members of the S\\\'argten d\\\'lil Du\\\'ased K\\\'laren and will be subject to a probation period of membership. The sole responsibility of apprentices is to obey orders given to them by their superiors.

Gaining rank within the S\\\'argten d\\\'lil Du\\\'ased K\\\'laren up untill the rank of Sorcerer requires only dedication to the guild and willingness to follow orders. The Council of Equals will meet regularly to discuss promotions and the like before handing them out accordingly. Requesting promotion during your transition from Apprentice through to Sorcerer will result in immediate removal from the guild.
Once the rank of Sorcerer has acchieved the only way to move up is through dead man\\\'s boots, so to speak, once a Mage passes on in one way or another Sorcerers may put themselves forward as a possible replacement. Each candidate will then be discussed by the Council of Equals untill a suitable replacement is decided upon.


S\\\'argten d\\\'lil Du\\\'ased K\\\'laren will not accept applicants born of the lesser races, any non elven kingdoms seeking refuge with us will be rejected without question.
All applications must be accompanied by an email introducing yourself to the Archmage. Any applications submitted without these will be rejected without question.


The Archmage can be contacted in any of the following ways:
email - wraith134@hotmail.co.uk