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Created: 2005-11-30 13:04:24
Game: debacle
Faith: Angelique


There are many stories that tell of the death of a loved one and then the revenge that follows leading to a guild forming but this will be different as every organization has its start, this one started long ago. The latest movement by the Hall of Shadows has to do with the coming together of two very strong personalities, that of Kiara Jade O’Connor and Losa Shadow. There are many versions of the story of Kiara and Losa but let this be told from the point of view of me the mage that has consulted Losa over a long period of time. I know now that of Kiara’s upbringing was in the Hall of Shadows, as one of the elite and one of the ones that was to take to leadership. Losa grew up further away from that life. He learned to be balanced between a warrior, a thief and a mage. Losa’s greatest talent was that of being able to work with and in the Shadows. It was a gift that served him well through his years. Then wars happened awful wars one where Losa was hurt badly, he does not remember it much, and what he does remember is not good for him. He did not want me to unlock the secrets of his past for him. He worked to build a new life taking over some land; eventually his travels led him to the land of SAO. He pledged loyalty to them. Kiara came to the door, as striking as she was he did not figure her to be anything more than just a peasant woman wanting him to change his mind about taking her brother, or father or husband onto the battlefield. As was the decision was made and he would not sway his mind about needing the men for the upcoming battle. Well as it turned out Kiara was not there for that she was there to get Losa for a job that they were to accomplish together. Along the way they were separated somehow. When he found her she was sick and hurt. He instead of risking taking her back to the lands of war he took her to a more secluded spot. He took care of her, as the story would happen while he was carrying her she threw up on him. It was not pleasant but little did either know what would be started. The sicker Kiara got the more Losa worried; she even at one point asked him if he was the angel of death. Losa laughed about it, even if he was he would not let any harm come to her he said. He remembered how to heal so he did that, something happened. Losa and Kiara became one, not only in healing but eventually in all ways. Somehow it happened that Kiara ended up with her Angel as she came to call him. Losa found a fitting nickname of Spitfire for her. The name was perfect for her in Losa’s mind. Losa would come to prove he was no real angel. Some couples get to live happily ever after, if their world was not constantly attacked with chaos, it might be the case for them. Losa wanted no part of the Elite or the Hall of Shadows and he believed that his wife should be able to keep the two worlds separate. The elite was made up of skilled fighters but even more so skilled assassins. Losa felt that world was not to be his world. There came great threats to the Shadow family, some were so great that key members died. Even Kiara’s twin had found death due to the attacks made. Some stay on the outside of the elite and stay in the town that thrives not far away. Amongst the deaths were Kiara’s right hand man and one of her most trust friends Alec. Alec made Losa realize it was time for him to step up and be the person that Kiara needed. Things happened that made the reality sink into Losa. The reality was that together Losa and Kiara were a big force to reckon with. The elite was fairly depleted and would need to be rebuilt, and training would need to start to advance people to what they needed to be. One key for Losa was to be able to have me there. He knew that there were secrets he needed to have unlocked from his past. I had not mentioned his skills with the shadows before. Though I am sure with his memories unlocked some of if not all of his old training will slowly come back. What a gift that boy had for the workings of the Shadows. I am currently a temporary resident at the Hall of Shadows to oversee how Losa is doing and to help him with the task of regaining his memory. Losa did tell his wife that he wanted to do this with her. He was tired of fighting with her about different worlds when he knew all along as long as she was part of his world that is what mattered. How they lasted so long with his lack of interest in the Hall of Shadows and her needing to do so much is beyond me. Where we are now is the Hall of Shadows needs to grow, and needs to become something like it once was. An elite group of men and women that will be able to fulfill duties that are commanded and that are willing to give their very life if that is what it takes to be successful. There are dangers abound in the world today. Though much has tried to destroy the elite and the Shadows nothing has been successful on it. There is much work to be done, new members waiting to join and other members to train. The Shadows and the Council of the Elite are hoping to make the Hall of Shadows once again be a force to be reckoned with in the world.


GM: Master/Mistress
AGM: Council of the Elite
Squad Leader: Elite Member
Full Member: Elite in Training
Member: New member
Newbie: unknown member


This is the Hall's first appearance in any game. It was formed based of RPs of the past.


As a member we expect: 1) You follow all the rules set forth by Admin for Tempers ball and in game. 2) Read the banner and pay attention to orders listed! 3) Show up for all guild wars possible and let someone know if you are not going to be able to attend, emergencies are the only reason that would be an exception to this rule. 4) You do not attack on your own, if there is a problem with another guilds member doing Rogue attacks leadership will handle it and talk with the other guilds GM. Promotion/Demotion You will be promoted as you prove yourself to the leadership. Leadership roles implemented will be a decision made at the start of an age.If you wish to take on a higher role let one of the Gms know and you will be considered when something is available. Also if you wish not to be a higher rank we need to know this as well.If someone is continuously not doing their job they will be given a warning and then demoted. Cheating is an automatic dismissal from the guild. There is no need to cheat.Ranks are as follows 1 Is the Master/Mistress 2 The Council of EliteRank 3 Elite Member 4 Elite in Training 5 New Member who has contacted us 6 will be a rank only used until a leadership member is contacted Should the heads of the hall disappear the council (agms) will take over till such a time that the head is able to come back. When posting in Temper’s Ball you are expected to follow the rules there are only 5 1.Do not make an ass of yourself. 2.Do not post accusations of cheating 3.Do not post bug reports. (Use the email address for this)4.Do not post kingdom numbers. 5.Do not post redundant messages (no spamming). If you wish to join, please send an email to hallleadership@gmail.com or contact one of the leaders in Tempers Ball or on icq Somethings that are helpful for us to know 1) How long you have been playing Canon or if you’re new 2) A brief summary of your personal Canon history if any 3) Your character's name 4) Contact information for Aol Instant messenger or Icq 5) Whether or not you have an interest in Role-play, a brief description of your character, we do rp in this guild and would like all members to join in from time to time. Contacts:Losa Shadow icq 149937795 Aol Condrikshadow Email: hallleadership@gmail.com